Enduring Your Pain Doesn’t Mean Enduring Your Foolishness


I wanted to write about this because a lot of people are getting it wrong. I know it’s biblical to carry the burdens of others to fulfill the law of Christ. However, I believe it means that we are to show sympathy and have empathy  when others are going through. I believe it means to be there for one another in the time of need. I also believe it means to help our fellowman (man, woman, child, etc). We are to be servants of others.

I do not believe in doing all of the above it means to deal with another person’s foolishness. If I don’t have drama in my life, why would I want to be burdened with someone else’s? Don’t get me wrong, we should help other people when they’re going through, but helping them and dealing with their unnecessary foolishness is a whole other story.

Too many of us constantly and without fail go through things with other people and take ownership of those things as if they’re our own. No! Stop allowing people to put their problems on you. Stop allowing them to make you feel guilty if you say no.

There are many people in this world that repetitively makes bad choices. They have been shown a better way, they know a better way, but they choose to constantly do it the same ole way even though they are getting the same ole results in the process. These are the people this post is referencing. They live a life of comfort, contentment, and chaos, and they often feel other people should be a party to their foolishness.  Life can be difficult enough to live on our own; therefore people must stop allowing the bad decisions and choices of others to wreak havoc in their lives.

Know the difference between enduring and or bearing someone else’s pain versus their foolishness. By knowing the difference it can relieve a lot of unnecessary stress in the lives of many. There are people who think you are supposed to deal with their foolishness and some of you have been. It enables people when you continuously cater to them and their foolishness. It doesn’t teach them how to take responsibility for the choices they make. It shows them that you have their back, but it doesn’t help to implement change; it’s enabling them to continue whatever they are doing.

Some people think because its friends and or family they’re obligated. This is not true. You’re not obligated to always put yourself in the middle of someone else’s foolishness.  I can understand the fact that we all have made bad decisions/choices. However, for individuals who willfully choose to not learn from the consequences of their decisions or actions and continue to make the same or similar bad choices; no one else should feel obligated to constantly deal with the foolishness.

This is my own personal opinion, but I strongly believe I am right. People can and will do as they please, but I think it’s important to begin looking at the man in the mirror when a person keep on going through unnecessary stress because they’re constantly dealing with the foolishness of other individuals (who keep making bad decision). No matter what you do; you can never ever change another person.  Change must be wanted, accepted, and embraced by the individual who needs it. By all means be there for people who need you, people who are sincerely going through, but in the midst of it all stop putting up with the foolishness of those who are constantly involved in mess. You don’t have too!