You Created a Monster


Many people are in unhealthy relationships due to starting out in ways and accepting things they shouldn’t have. They did everything under the sun to get who they are with and even more to keep them. I’ve said it a million times, “no matter what you do you can’t make who you love, love you back.” If you have to work hard to make a person love you, then you’re obviously with the wrong person. It’s a clear sign many ignore!

Too many individuals are in relationships where one or both involved are doing their own things. What type of relationship is it when you’re supposedly together, but doing your things separately as if single? Seriously, how you start a relationship is most often how it will end. Too many accept things they know aren’t good for them and they do things they know aren’t good for them in the name of what they think is love.

If you are giving into immoral sex acts to please your significant other, sooner or later you will be completely disgusted and grow tired of what you’re doing. Another issue here is people sometimes agree to involve other people, but later realize it was a bad idea. However, truth is you willfully created that monster. You were too wrapped up into pleasing the other person you made it all about the him or her and what would please them. How you truly felt was put on the back burner, because you made it completely about the one you were with. Yes, you created the monster! This is no way to build a healthy relationship.

I’ve mentioned in many posts the fact that if you start out by buying him or her material things to please them or to get them, you’re only “creating a monster.” People will take from you as long as you give. If you start your relationships off by trying to buy his or her love, that is what they will know you by best. They will expect those things to keep coming and as soon as you stop doing it, you will see the truth of what your relationships are built on. It’s the same with money period! If every time you have to give them money for this and that; “you’re creating a monster.” You started it and it will be expected. You have set yourself up as Mr. or Ms. “Savings and Loan.” Yes you did it to yourself!

There are many women who are in relationships with guys who could not rub two pennies together, but they allow how he looks or how he makes them feel to dictate how they feel about him. She has no support from him, but she doesn’t seem to mind, until “ding” a light comes on. She then realizes how ridiculous it is to take care of a grown man who doesn’t want to work , because he’s pure lazy. She begins to realize how draining it is and grows tired of clothing, sheltering, and feeding him; then she wants something different. Well, the truth is these women “created that monster.” Men do it too! They fall for women who they are trying to save. They get with low esteemed women who have a lot of issues, no drive or ambition. These men are like some women, they’re blind by their emotions. I know the Bible says the man is the head of the house, but it doesn’t mean he is a slave for his wife, no more than it does she’s a slave to him. We all create many of the monsters in our lives.

I must also talk about women who get with men who pretend to be into them, but  are really into their children. Yes, you read it correctly. If you don’t believe me, please research it for yourselves. We are now into 2016 and it’s time people start making better decisions for themselves and their children. Stop trusting people with your children that you don’t even know. It’s tough enough trusting anyone, but to trust these men you just met can turn horrific. I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read on last week on the subject of men raping and molesting infants and children. A lot of people are into child porn, their main interest are children so they get with women they know are gullible and eager for someone to love them in order to get next to their children.  These men are embedded through societies all over the world. Some women know their histories, but they still make the terrible decisions to be with these men. Again, if you think I’m fabricating anything research it. It is time these types of women make better choices. The same logic goes for people who continue in relationships with any type of  an abuser. They created their own monsters.

People; it’s no big secret at all. A person will treat you exactly how you allow. Millions in this world are in terrible relationships. There are many who’ve had to deal with the consequences of their bad decisions. The reason people are stuck in these types of relationships is because they allowed their hearts to lead them into their relationships without using their brains. If people could and would only accept this concept their lives could be different. I know I can talk about it and write about it until I die, people still will be led by how they feel about someone versus reality of what’s happening right in their faces.

These monsters come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. They are from all walks of life, populations, and cultures.  They are lurking and seeking whom they can devour. They are waiting on the right person to come along so they can get them where they want them in order  to do what they do. No one have to fall into their traps! Stop thinking you can save someone unless they want to be saved. Stop giving your hearts to people who don’t even have one. Stop seeking love when you don’t even love yourself or know what love is. Stop wearing your hearts on your sleeves like a neon light, making yourselves vulnerable targets for those seeking to devour you. Stop allowing your pasts to dictate your futures because of your inability to let go of something that’s already gone. Stop allowing your feelings about someone to lead you astray.

I can go on and on, but the bottom line is stop giving power to others. I guarantee you if you stop, the monsters lying dormant waiting will never have the opportunity to pounce on you. You do this by loving you first and by not allowing your hearts to lead you into places you shouldn’t ever be.

Read carefully, if you don’t allow your hearts to lead, you will not get all caught up in your feelings over the other person. You will be able to see right past your emotions to the truth that’s staring you right in the face.  Whenever you’re feeling all caught up in your feelings about your significant other that is the time to step back and reassess yourself and the relationship. If you don’t learn to put what you’re feeling aside and focus on the big picture,  it will be like seeing through a cotton ball (impossible). You will miss or rather dismiss all of the signs that have been right in your faces. It’s a  New Year and today is another chance to get it right and do better!!!! I pray that you make the right choices and decisions in 2016. Peace and love!!