The Enemy Dwelling Within


For as long as I  can post I will hit on subjects such as domestic abuse. There are many campaigns against domestic abuse this is my thoughts on that. I believe it’s always a wonderful and excellent  thing to educate the public about the topic, but the truth of the matter is society can’t stop it, it starts with the individual. Unfortunately I believe society goes by it the wrong way. I believe in society if we talk about subjects that helps shape character, morals, and values, there would be hope for a greater tomorrow.

Domestic abuse/violence is an issue that affects all races, genders, ages, populations, nationalities, and cultures. It starts with the individual self. Those who inflict the abuse are people who are suffering from issues they need to deal with. Those who accept abuse are people who also have issues they need to deal with. All of it comes from what lies within. What lies within each of us can be our own worst enemy.

A person who haven’t come to the realization of who they really are,  deal with whatever issues they have, and grown to become better individuals will forever be individuals who will either give crap or take it, point blank! Once a person accept and deal with their demons they can grow into a much better individual. No one can change if they don’t first accept they have issues that need to be faced and dealt with.

I believe a very high percentage of things derives from a person’s past in some form in and in some degree. Those issues more than likely began early in life through one’s environments and social circles; which creates our experiences and ultimately dictates behaviors. People can always chose to not allow negative experiences ruin the rest of their lives or  choose to accept they are broken due to those experiences and events but want to stop allowing it to ruin their lives . If they fail to acknowledge something is wrong they will always live a lie. They will portray themselves as one thing and live another. They will either do unacceptable things or get unacceptable things done to them.

No one is exempt from troubles in life but how we deal with them makes the difference. Many are crippled by their pasts. They allow what has happened or didn’t happen to them ruin their entire lives. So you know what I mean I will give a few examples ( a person raised without their father, a person abused for years = verbally  mentally . physically. sexually, abandoned as a child, neglected as a child, etc etc, received no nurturing, no structure or discipline coming up, etc). No matter what; how a person allowed things to affect them will affect the rest of their lives, but it’s still a personal choice. It may sound cruel but I’m here as a witness it’s the truth. The enemy lies within and it will always surface to the top when people do not deal with what’s causing them dysfunction.

We’ve seen the fall of people from all walks of life; they do things such as commit rape, engage in child porn, molest, form immoral sex acts, kill, cheat, steal, commit suicide, and other terrible things. The reason they do these things is because although they were products of their environments they allowed it to completely affect and taint them. As they grow up and age these people either become the ones who victimize or they live their lives as victims.

These types of people fall in love in all of the wrong ways with all of the wrong people. They have low self esteem, issues with co-dependency, depressed, unhappy with life, they bully people,  they are suicidal, homicidal, no confidence, trust issues, hold on too tight, weak minded and easily persuaded, allow all types of nonsense in their lives, they are either abusive or abused which includes controlling tendencies, and the list goes on. As I’ve said many times before, these types of people are embedded all throughout the world in statuses high and low. Some of them have hidden their demons so long they’ve become quite good at it, but eventually the truth reveals. It always amazes me at how surprised people act when people are revealed to the world.

Some think they have it all under control, but the truth of who they really are always shows up in their decisions, actions, and behaviors (it never fails). They pretend to be this when they are really that. It’s a fact of life! However, when a person deals with the core of who they are and stop pretending and trying to hide their demons; they can then fix what’s wrong. A million like Dr. Phil, Oprah, Ayanla, Dr. Drew, myself, and many more can’t change someone who isn’t acknowledging change needs to occur. We can encourage, enlighten, inspire, motivate, etc, but true change comes from the individual who is willing to change.

Stop being a victim and or stop victimizing. No other human may know what you’re doing, but YOU do! You live with you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, thirty or thirty one days a month, and three hundred and sixty five days a year. You deal with you every single second of your life, it’s time to stop pretending to be what you know you are not and start dealing with who you are. Pretending does nothing but eventually get you revealed. It also keeps you in your own self made trap. Regardless of what happened to you or what you done, you can change your ways and your lives on today. Stop giving your power to your past, stop giving your power to people and things! Today is a new day, a new beginning; embrace it and  use it for your good.

Society do psych tests, background checks, etc. Truth is although to a degree it shows some tendencies, etc ; it will NEVER be 100 proof, because people know how to hide their demons. They are good at showing what they want you to know. This why people get into positions and they molest,  get caught in child porn, or rape children. This is why people commit work-place violence (they blow up while at work or get fired and go back to their jobs and kill). This is why healthcare providers are drugged up on the drugs they provide (psych meds and pain killers). This is why people get into jobs and they completely use it as a source of power and authority over others – they are individuals who are internally broken, but are pretending to be strong. There are correctional officers sleeping with inmates or doing things for them, this why you see police officers misusing their power. I can go on and on and on. Bottom line these are people that are hired on jobs. The test they took to get those jobs didn’t reveal the truth of who they were.

If our school systems would teach esteem, confidence, what abuse is and isn’t, and other things to build and develop a strong individual, I believe children would be better equipped and therefore more capable to deal with those things they deal with in and outside of their homes. Reality of it is most aren’t getting it at home, because many parents have their own issues, children learn from what they see and hear. They are our future, because children grow into the adults we see that has all of the issues I’m addressing in this post. It’s only my opinion but I believe I’ve seen enough travesty in this world to believe it’s true. What’s being taught in our schools today is good, but it teaches one to excel academically/ professionally but not necessarily how to deal with the world of today. Another thing is  many of the one’s who teaches are some of the very ones with issues. This is across the board with every profession on earth. We’ve seen it over and over once people are revealed.  I know there are many such as myself who learned early  in life to look beyond what they endured and realized no one dictate their lives unless they allowed them too.  As for me, no one gets to choose my happiness, only I get that privilege. I am one who went through a lot, but instead of being broken, I learned from every experience and it’s my duty and honor to share the fact that no matter what; people can choose better for themselves.

Nothing you do, think, or feel is something new or hidden. You may feel it’s just you; that you’re alone, but it’s not the truth. People across the world has done it, thought it, and experienced it in some way to some degree.  If  you want to change the choice is yours and you have to take one step at a time towards change, but it can’t happen if you’re standing in the same spot, thinking the same and doing the same things. My prayer is that you let go and give up your old ways of thinking. If you change how you think everything else will follow (how you feel and how you act). The way we think, feel, and act makes us who we are. Once people understand this, they can look at the man in the mirror and no matter how dark , broken, sad, etc of a person looking back at them; they can become a new creature and start living better lives in better ways. My prayer is that you do!