Miracle of Life


I understand many people don’t believe, that is your prerogative and I’m not here trying to push anything on you. However, it is my duty to write what I am writing.

When I think about how people don’t believe, to me that’s unbelievable. To think about life and death, that in itself is enough to make one believe. Think about it, scientist have been trying to figure out the miracle of life  and many workings of the universe for years and years. They can’t and they never will. It’s simply not meant to be known by man. That is just the way it is. All they can do is speculate, postulate, estimate, theorize, hypothesize, etc. etc. They will never ever know the truth. If it wasn’t something to it all, don’t you think by now there would be some concrete answers?

It takes a man and woman to conceive and form a fetus. Scientist may clone, but they can’t produce a fetus from scratch, it will always take a egg and sperm. I’m sure they can form something, but it won’t be a fetus that grows into an infant, with a life system and is a breathing, living being. Something will be off, because it’s not the ability of man to create life. To see something so tiny grow into life, that is able to survive in amniotic fluid for nine months without drowning is nothing short of a miracle. A fetus is attached to a mother’s umbilical cord, where it gets all it needs to survive its time in the womb. I think it’s amazing and definitely a miracle!

We are born vibrant with bright eyes and then we will age and our eyes don’t look as bright anymore, they begin to get dim looking or grayish (something). Our bodies won’t stay the same, we change and sometimes look different as we grow older. Our senses become dimmer and our footsteps are a little shorter and slower. I don’t care how much plastic surgery a person gets that body will age. This is a miracle!

Think about something as simple as sleep. We have to sleep at some point or another, if a person never slept they would go insane. Why is this? It’s because that’s how God created our bodies. We have to rest or we will break down. It’s a miracle most don’t think about. It’s not by chance that we get to a point where we have to close our eyes and get some rest.

When you look at the sun, moon, and stars; how they hang  perfectly without crashing down killing us. It’s a miracle. Scientist can theorize and hypothesize as to how and why, but that’s all it is. They don’t really know! They never will! That is the way it was meant to be. All of the space is our universe is there for a reason, but it’s unknown to man.

Death is something to think about too. We are housed in this shell and then one day we are gone. Everything we worked hard for and have accomplished no longer has any meaning to us or for us. To me that is so deep! Our organs stop working and our life is gone from this earth.

God is real and He shows Himself to us every single day. He doesn’t beat us over the head to believe, but he hopes that we would believe. He loves each and everyone of us and has no respectable person. The choices we make are the choices we make, but with our choices and decisions are consequences. May you have peace in your life!





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