Life Goes On With Or Without You


A lot of people inspire me to write about certain things. Today I want to tell you don’t give up! No matter the situation; no matter who, DON’T GIVE UP! There are many people in this world who are brokenhearted and completely at a point of giving up. In the whole scheme of things it’s not that person nor is it any particular situation that has caused you to feel this way or caused you to get to the point you’re at; IT’s YOU and how you’ve allowed things to affect you!!!!

Many times I’ve posted about how not to give your power to people or things. If you do; you can lose yourself in your situation if you’re not careful. Too many people have that save and fix it spirit. They want to save or fix the person they love so much; who by the way are causing them stress, anxiety, depression, etc. How can a person save someone else when they too need saving? It’s like the blind leading the blind. People do a lot of what they think is right in the name of love, until they find themselves messed up because of the situations they’re involved in. No individual can be in a healthy relationship if they’re carrying baggage from their past or previous relationships. We will always have the memories, but even memories fade IF we allow them too. Pasts are gone forever, it is the memories of people’s pasts that they continue to hold on tightly too. The memories are what fuels the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors/actions. It messes up many people for a life time.

If you’re in a relationship and the other person wants to get out, let them! You have no right to force them to stay. Stop giving your power to others and to your situations. Life goes on whether you roll with it or not. If you don’t roll with it, you’re stuck. You can find yourself in a place of misery, sadness, and confusion. Stop allowing people and things to define you. If a person no longer loves you, love yourself and have enough dignity and pride to move on. Life isn’t over. It didn’t begin with them and it won’t end with them. We as humans put too much stake in other people and by doing so we oftentimes end up in situations we regret.

No matter what is it; keep moving on. Troubles come and they go. Remember; if you process situations as if they’re unbearable and as if it’s the end of the world, then that’s how you will act towards those situation and it will show in your behaviors. People get twisted and tangled over their relationships and other situations, because they put too much stake in them and give too much power to those people and things.

I would never say not to love the one you’re with, but you have to understand it’s two in the relationship and you can’t make anyone love you no matter what you do UNLESS they choose too. Many people make their lives all about being loved by someone or loving someone,  when they don’t even love themselves. This is a clear sign something is wrong here!

People make life way harder than necessary. When it comes to relationships nothing is a surprise if you accept the truth as it’s presented and not lead blindly by emotions. Stop allowing your hearts to lead you where your brains are not following! Too many people want to give up on life when their relationships don’t work, this is VERY sad and it’s very clear these types of people don’t love themselves. These types of people are lead by their hearts and they’re seeking something to satisfy what’s missing in their lives. These are the types of individuals who are constantly dealing with emotional issues.

Same goes for different situations, no matter what; life goes on. If you didn’t get that promotion or job, then there are others. If whatever it is didn’t work out for you as long as you live there is another chance around the corner. It’s NEVER the situation or the person you love; it’s you! If you lose yourself in the midst of it all, then you have given up something valuable. That something valuable is your the ability to maintain the power that belongs to you. Any time you give it to someone or something; you will always find yourself on the short end of the stick.

Trying to Put God on the Fence You’re Straddling


Yes you read it correctly. I am so sad how people want to place God on the fence they’re straddling. Read very carefully, God will never be on the fence. You may be on the fence, but He will never be on the fence, so stop trying to put Him there.

The only reason people do this, is because they want to straddle the fence and dangle their legs on the both sides. They want to do good to please man and do good to please the world.  We may have good and bad in our environments, but if you’re on God’s side then you know the right choices to make. If you aren’t ready, then clearly you will straddle the fence, but stop trying to place God on that fence with you. He clearly says in the Word; He’d rather you be cold or hot, NOT lukewarm. That means either you choose his way or your way (anything against Him is the devil’s way). There are no in between. You can’t do both, you will love one more and that is who you will serve. Many of you reading this may not like the words, but I didn’t say them nor did I write them first. It is written in the Word (Bible).

People keep trying to compromise when it comes to the Word of God and serving Him and His Son Jesus. The ONLY comprising going on when it comes to God is whether you choose to serve him or not. That’s it! If your choice is Jesus Christ as your Savior, there is NO compromise, but it’s exactly what people are trying to do. If you’re not for Him, you’re against Him; point blank! End of the story!

I’ve been hearing people who are claiming to be on His side, debate on whether or not something should be acceptable that is clearly against God. This is a clear and irrefutable sign that you’re not where you claim to be when it comes to being on His side. There are no sometimes or in between about it; either you hate the way of the world or you don’t. If you love the ways of this world, then you don’t love God the way you claim.

I know somebody is probably mad right about now, but I will not sugarcoat the truth to please no man none of the time. I stand on God’s Word. There was a time in life when I too straddled the fence. I did what I wanted when I wanted, but it was because I was walking sideways and talking out the side of my neck. However, now that I know better, I certainly do better. I chose the side I wanted to be on. I planted my feet and I am here to stay. No man, woman, boy, or girl can come along and tell me anything that I know is contradicting to his Word and make me wonder if it’s okay, etc. No, not at all!

The Word says, “many are called, but few are chosen.” He gives the opportunity to everyone of His children, He has no respectable person. He doesn’t wish for any of us to perish. However, just because the lifeline has been given doesn’t mean everyone will grab hold.

As a gospel singer I am seeing more and more how secular and non-secular are intertwining. NO, that’s not God’s way at all? He said we must separate ourselves. They want to claim they’re trying to reach a certain genre of people; if that is what soothes you then tell that lie, but it’s not of God. Music is very persuasive and seducing, the devil knows just how to use it against God. A true Saint wouldn’t want to intertwine the two. How can you join with someone who doesn’t believe to make others believe?  What persuasion will that person have in bringing people to Christ when they themselves don’t know Him or serve Him? It makes no sense! Those who do aren’t on God and His Son Jesus’s side, they’re looking at spreading their music further and it’s about personal gain. Too many artist do this in today’s world.  God may have sat in the midst of thieves, etc, etc, but not once did He do what they did to get anything across to them. Not once did He waver to the left or right to prove a point! He is the same God; today, yesterday, and forevermore. It’s people who are wavering not God! People are trying to put Him up on the fence with them and it just won’t work!

There are many people who claim to be called by God to do this or that. The Word says “He qualifies whom He elect.” When you examine the walk of people it clearly shows they’re not who or what they claim to be. A new creature is a new creature indeed. There will be no wondering, no scratching of the head. Everything about them changes. They won’t try to do what they once did nor will they want too. This is the point I’m trying to get across. When you are truly on the side of Jesus Christ and Our Father God, you will not want to entertain your old ways and certainly not the ways of this world. You will see things completely in a new way and nothing about you will be the same.

Own up to who you are and what you are when it comes to serving God. You’re NOT fooling Him! Many want the prestige of dealing with the form and fashion of it all, but don’t want the true benefits of eternal life, because they aren’t ready to give up this world. They want to stay on their fences. One day you won’t get to make the choice.  As I’ve said before, I pray people stop playing church, because God isn’t playing with you. He’s giving people the opportunity to get it right, but one day your opportunity will no longer exist and if you didn’t choose the right side when you die you are dead. You won’t get the opportunity to live again, because while you lived you chose to gain the whole world only to lose your soul.

I don’t know how else to write this post other than to the point! Time out for trying to please man and be apart of man’s click; because it’s all the agenda of the devil.


Giving Up on God


I wanted to write about this, because it’s happening more and more with people who claim to love God and His Son Jesus, yet they live in ways not according to His way. I have talked with numerous amount of people throughout the years who have turned their backs on God and simply lost faith.

People are quick to give up on God, but He never gives up on us. He never let’s go of our hands, it’s us who let’s go of His. Through all of our trials and adversities, He’s always there. The problem is we have the tendency to let go of His hand in our most trying times. We tend to separate ourselves and distance ourselves from God; when during our trying times is when we need Him ever the more.

What never ceases to amaze me is the fact that people will quickly give up on God during their trying times, but they hold on with all of their might to people who are no good for them. They will go through unnecessary ups and downs; when they should have let those people out of their lives. Yet, when it comes to God many people are in that right now God mode. If they don’t get their prayers answered right away, they want to give up. If they go through their trials too long, they want to give up. If they lose someone they love they want to give up on God. When they are going in and out of their peaks and valleys they want to give up. When tragedy strikes in any form they want to give up on God.

People want to curse God, they want to blame God, they act as if because there is bad in this world it means God doesn’t exist. This world in full of both good and evil; it’s a fact! However, many people want to raise the issue of God’s existence when bad things happen and innocent people are hurt or killed. No matter what; He’s still on the throne and no matter how bad it looks, He’s still in control. The devil is the prince of darkness, but God is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The devil has some power, but God has ALL power to include all power over the devil! They both coexist in this world of ours, but it’s up to us to decide whom we will serve.

People want to curse God through bad times, when they barely have any connection with Him doing their good times. You must have a daily relationship with Him through good and bad. Bad times makes us strong if we believe. Good can come out of bad and even if it doesn’t at any particular time; we must still stand on the world of God and His Son Jesus.

People give up, because from the start they’re not as connected as they say they are. If you have surrendered completely, then you’re no longer wishy washy nor do you wish to be. You’re no longer straddling the fence and you certainly won’t waver in your faith. You will live, think, and act as if you know God is watching you! People give up, because they haven’t ever completely given in. When you’re straddled the fence then you’re not all the way in it to win it. You will falter in your faith and in your walk as soon as something trying comes into your lives.

A person who is sold out to God and His Son Jesus knows trials and tribulations will come. They know they will be tried by the fire. They know their storms will come. Through it all they will stand firmly on the Word of God and they won’t let any man or tragedy shake their faith. There are so many stories about it in the Bible, but the one that sticks with me the most is the book of Job. He lost everything, yet he stayed true to his faith and belief. No one EVER said the road would be easy or smooth. As long as we live, we will deal with something. We will go through our hills and valleys. Tragedies will come and they will hurt, it’s all a part of life. I’ve lost many friends and family I couldn’t count them with my fingers and toes. I’ve known many who have taken their own lives. I’ve personally gone through things that could have broken me IF I would have allowed. Yet I stand tall and proudly on the Word of God. None of our hard/bad times means God loves us any less or that He isn’t covering us. He’s there through it all, if we believe. If you hold on to Him, He got you!

People want to give up on God when they go through their storms, yet they hang on to significant others who are proving everyday they don’t love them or want to be with them. No matter how bad they’re mistreated, they love the individual’s they are with and want to remain with them. Some are abused on a daily basis physically, mentally, and emotionally, yet they cling to these people with everything in them.  Yet, some of the very people who profess Christ are very quick to lose their faith in Him during trying times. This isn’t a true believer. It’s a person who speaks great things from their lips, but their hearts are far from Him. By the way this is Biblical, the Word says this will happen. I see it every single day of my life. I see and hear people professing this and that, but living the lives of hypocrites. As soon as something tragic happens in their lives who they really are surfaces.

God is the same today, yesterday, and forevermore. People are trying to change things up and pretend it’s of God, but the devil is a lie! This is one reason the Word says “I’d rather you hot or cold, if you’re lukewarm I will spew you from my mouth.” God wants soldiers who will stand firmly on the battlefield. He want’s soldiers who will stand no matter what comes their way. We can not grow if we wither and falter every time a storm comes. As believers choose whom you will serve and stop playing church and stop straddling the fence. One day that building will pass away and your fence will fall; what will be left is you (body, soul, spirit). How you live now and what you choose now determines where you will spend eternity. I’m praying those who know in their hearts that they aren’t living what they profess get it right before it’s too late. Tomorrow isn’t promised and as I always say, all we have is this very moment. Each moment we get is a chance to get it right. Peace and love to you all!



I know this post will step on many toes and I’m hoping it hurts enough that someone will want to change. I wanted to write about this, because this is happening all over the world to so called people who are professing Christ in their lives.

People are very faithful to many things and many people. They go out of their way to show their faithfulness and will not waver from it. They are faithful and true to those things and people.

Millions are faithful to their name brand material things. They will not walk out of their homes unless they’re matching from head to toe with their named brand clothes and accessories. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with looking good and there’s nothing wrong with purchasing what you can afford, but when it’s an obsession, then that means it too far. Some women carry named brand purses, but don’t have any money to go in them. This is sad, because what a person has doesn’t define who they are and for many it’s a camouflage to cover something else.

For many bigger is better. There are many who have big homes and big cars but no money for gas for those cars. As far as the homes they don’t burn their heat in the winter or air in the summer, because it’s too expensive. This makes no sense, if you can’t afford it why have it? It’s  sad people freeze in their homes or burn up in their homes because they can’t afford to burn their heating and cooling systems.

As for sports, wow! People go crazy for sports teams and memorabilia. Millions are spent on items to include tickets, etc. People go bonkers to keep up with their teams, etc. They spend hundreds and thousands to see their favorite teams play. It’s like they’re possessed or obsessed by these things.

Those who go to church go faithfully, they pay their tithes faithfully not even understanding what tithing is truly about, who it was initially intended for, and how it was performed. They have no clue in Malachi when it talks about a storehouse that there were storehouses intended for keeping crop and meats fresh (like a modern day refrigerator). They are brainwashed by the church leaders of today. They go to church every Sunday and when they miss they feel guilty. This is because they are praising and worshipping their church leaders and not God the Father and His Son Jesus. Many churches of today are business oriented and not about gaining souls for their heavenly home. They are too worried about losing souls from their church homes. If you lose members then you can’t finance the sanctuaries, those nice homes, cars, and the lifestyle period! I know someone is mad and all I can say from the heart is if it hurts then it hurts for a reason. Take a closer look at why it bothers you. If it doesn’t pertain to you at all, then it shouldn’t bother you. People don’t get hurt by the truth unless it’s the truth! Get it????

Millions are faithfully engaged in things that are not of God the Father and His Son Jesus, but they profess them in their lives. They are committing adultery, fornicating, idolizing, stealing, killing, lying, involved in drugs, drunken with alcohol, deep into gambling, lovers of themselves, sexual immoral, and you name it. None of it is of God, at least not God the Father and His Son Jesus. Anything you do that dams your soul is a sin. If it has a hold on you, it’s a sin. The biggest problem in these situations is people want to say no one is perfect. Well, don’t the Word say “we are made in His image? When we surrender our lives to Him, then we take on His ways, because our ways aren’t His ways. We become new creatures and our old filthy ways are no more. That is; if you truly surrender. You won’t think, feel, or act the same and you will know without a doubt that you can live Holy. You can’t enter into the Kingdom of God unless you live Holy. Many leaders don’t live Holy, because although they’re leading their flocks, they themselves haven’t given up this world. The things they’re doing behind closed doors is no secret to the Father. To say no one is perfect is an age old excuse to keep doing what one wants to do, but as mentioned in an earlier post it can’t be used as a get of hell free card!

There are many things I could mention, but the last thing I want to write about is how people are faithful to worshipping other people. This is one of the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. People seem to lose their minds over celebrities and other people of status, when the only difference between them and those people are money and lifestyles. They still have the same issues in life (relationship issues, emotional issues, mental issues, self esteem and confidence issues, sickness, and death etc). Yet many go out of their way to worship them, (literally).

You can’t accept what you don’t know. You can’t receive what you don’t believe in. However, when you profess to believe and you live something else, then you are a liar. This post is intended for those types of people. You don’t realize that nothing is hidden from God. The playing and perpetrating will get you no where but damnation. The Bible  says “gain the whole world and lose your soul.” My question to you; is it worth it? It may seem so while you are living and breathing, but one day you won’t be. If heaven is your goal, then you must live now while you have the chance, so you can have a seat at the welcome table in Heaven.

Where is your faithfulness? Many of you abuse your temples (bodies), your sanctuaries by doing things in them that’s not of God, and you’re too worried about your earthly homes and not enough about gaining access to your heavenly home. None of us knows the day or the hour that our time on earth will come to an end. If you’re not ready, then it will be nobody’s fault but yours. This is an individual thing, no one can do it for you and you can’t do it for no one.

If you’re faithful to everyone and everything else, then you can’t be faithful to God. Well let me rephrase this statement. You are being faithful to your gods, but not God the Father and His Son Jesus. You probably wondering why I keep stating it as such. I write God the Father and His Son Jesus, because you can’t get to the Father less you go through the Son and together they make one. Another reason I phrase it as such is because many worship gods, but not the one that begins with the big G (God the Father and His Son Jesus). They profess it, but the truth is in their daily walk which reveals who they really are and what side they’re really on. Remember you can fool some people some of the time, but you can’t fool God none of the time. Where is your faithfulness??? If you’re above the ground and not beneath it then today is your day to get it right, you may not get another one!