Giving Up on God


I wanted to write about this, because it’s happening more and more with people who claim to love God and His Son Jesus, yet they live in ways not according to His way. I have talked with numerous amount of people throughout the years who have turned their backs on God and simply lost faith.

People are quick to give up on God, but He never gives up on us. He never let’s go of our hands, it’s us who let’s go of His. Through all of our trials and adversities, He’s always there. The problem is we have the tendency to let go of His hand in our most trying times. We tend to separate ourselves and distance ourselves from God; when during our trying times is when we need Him ever the more.

What never ceases to amaze me is the fact that people will quickly give up on God during their trying times, but they hold on with all of their might to people who are no good for them. They will go through unnecessary ups and downs; when they should have let those people out of their lives. Yet, when it comes to God many people are in that right now God mode. If they don’t get their prayers answered right away, they want to give up. If they go through their trials too long, they want to give up. If they lose someone they love they want to give up on God. When they are going in and out of their peaks and valleys they want to give up. When tragedy strikes in any form they want to give up on God.

People want to curse God, they want to blame God, they act as if because there is bad in this world it means God doesn’t exist. This world in full of both good and evil; it’s a fact! However, many people want to raise the issue of God’s existence when bad things happen and innocent people are hurt or killed. No matter what; He’s still on the throne and no matter how bad it looks, He’s still in control. The devil is the prince of darkness, but God is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The devil has some power, but God has ALL power to include all power over the devil! They both coexist in this world of ours, but it’s up to us to decide whom we will serve.

People want to curse God through bad times, when they barely have any connection with Him doing their good times. You must have a daily relationship with Him through good and bad. Bad times makes us strong if we believe. Good can come out of bad and even if it doesn’t at any particular time; we must still stand on the world of God and His Son Jesus.

People give up, because from the start they’re not as connected as they say they are. If you have surrendered completely, then you’re no longer wishy washy nor do you wish to be. You’re no longer straddling the fence and you certainly won’t waver in your faith. You will live, think, and act as if you know God is watching you! People give up, because they haven’t ever completely given in. When you’re straddled the fence then you’re not all the way in it to win it. You will falter in your faith and in your walk as soon as something trying comes into your lives.

A person who is sold out to God and His Son Jesus knows trials and tribulations will come. They know they will be tried by the fire. They know their storms will come. Through it all they will stand firmly on the Word of God and they won’t let any man or tragedy shake their faith. There are so many stories about it in the Bible, but the one that sticks with me the most is the book of Job. He lost everything, yet he stayed true to his faith and belief. No one EVER said the road would be easy or smooth. As long as we live, we will deal with something. We will go through our hills and valleys. Tragedies will come and they will hurt, it’s all a part of life. I’ve lost many friends and family I couldn’t count them with my fingers and toes. I’ve known many who have taken their own lives. I’ve personally gone through things that could have broken me IF I would have allowed. Yet I stand tall and proudly on the Word of God. None of our hard/bad times means God loves us any less or that He isn’t covering us. He’s there through it all, if we believe. If you hold on to Him, He got you!

People want to give up on God when they go through their storms, yet they hang on to significant others who are proving everyday they don’t love them or want to be with them. No matter how bad they’re mistreated, they love the individual’s they are with and want to remain with them. Some are abused on a daily basis physically, mentally, and emotionally, yet they cling to these people with everything in them.  Yet, some of the very people who profess Christ are very quick to lose their faith in Him during trying times. This isn’t a true believer. It’s a person who speaks great things from their lips, but their hearts are far from Him. By the way this is Biblical, the Word says this will happen. I see it every single day of my life. I see and hear people professing this and that, but living the lives of hypocrites. As soon as something tragic happens in their lives who they really are surfaces.

God is the same today, yesterday, and forevermore. People are trying to change things up and pretend it’s of God, but the devil is a lie! This is one reason the Word says “I’d rather you hot or cold, if you’re lukewarm I will spew you from my mouth.” God wants soldiers who will stand firmly on the battlefield. He want’s soldiers who will stand no matter what comes their way. We can not grow if we wither and falter every time a storm comes. As believers choose whom you will serve and stop playing church and stop straddling the fence. One day that building will pass away and your fence will fall; what will be left is you (body, soul, spirit). How you live now and what you choose now determines where you will spend eternity. I’m praying those who know in their hearts that they aren’t living what they profess get it right before it’s too late. Tomorrow isn’t promised and as I always say, all we have is this very moment. Each moment we get is a chance to get it right. Peace and love to you all!