Life Goes On With Or Without You


A lot of people inspire me to write about certain things. Today I want to tell you don’t give up! No matter the situation; no matter who, DON’T GIVE UP! There are many people in this world who are brokenhearted and completely at a point of giving up. In the whole scheme of things it’s not that person nor is it any particular situation that has caused you to feel this way or caused you to get to the point you’re at; IT’s YOU and how you’ve allowed things to affect you!!!!

Many times I’ve posted about how not to give your power to people or things. If you do; you can lose yourself in your situation if you’re not careful. Too many people have that save and fix it spirit. They want to save or fix the person they love so much; who by the way are causing them stress, anxiety, depression, etc. How can a person save someone else when they too need saving? It’s like the blind leading the blind. People do a lot of what they think is right in the name of love, until they find themselves messed up because of the situations they’re involved in. No individual can be in a healthy relationship if they’re carrying baggage from their past or previous relationships. We will always have the memories, but even memories fade IF we allow them too. Pasts are gone forever, it is the memories of people’s pasts that they continue to hold on tightly too. The memories are what fuels the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors/actions. It messes up many people for a life time.

If you’re in a relationship and the other person wants to get out, let them! You have no right to force them to stay. Stop giving your power to others and to your situations. Life goes on whether you roll with it or not. If you don’t roll with it, you’re stuck. You can find yourself in a place of misery, sadness, and confusion. Stop allowing people and things to define you. If a person no longer loves you, love yourself and have enough dignity and pride to move on. Life isn’t over. It didn’t begin with them and it won’t end with them. We as humans put too much stake in other people and by doing so we oftentimes end up in situations we regret.

No matter what is it; keep moving on. Troubles come and they go. Remember; if you process situations as if they’re unbearable and as if it’s the end of the world, then that’s how you will act towards those situation and it will show in your behaviors. People get twisted and tangled over their relationships and other situations, because they put too much stake in them and give too much power to those people and things.

I would never say not to love the one you’re with, but you have to understand it’s two in the relationship and you can’t make anyone love you no matter what you do UNLESS they choose too. Many people make their lives all about being loved by someone or loving someone,  when they don’t even love themselves. This is a clear sign something is wrong here!

People make life way harder than necessary. When it comes to relationships nothing is a surprise if you accept the truth as it’s presented and not lead blindly by emotions. Stop allowing your hearts to lead you where your brains are not following! Too many people want to give up on life when their relationships don’t work, this is VERY sad and it’s very clear these types of people don’t love themselves. These types of people are lead by their hearts and they’re seeking something to satisfy what’s missing in their lives. These are the types of individuals who are constantly dealing with emotional issues.

Same goes for different situations, no matter what; life goes on. If you didn’t get that promotion or job, then there are others. If whatever it is didn’t work out for you as long as you live there is another chance around the corner. It’s NEVER the situation or the person you love; it’s you! If you lose yourself in the midst of it all, then you have given up something valuable. That something valuable is your the ability to maintain the power that belongs to you. Any time you give it to someone or something; you will always find yourself on the short end of the stick.


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