A person’s attitude can work for them or against them. When a person change their negative attitude it can alter their life. A lot of people walk around with bad attitudes and it’s an ugly sight to see. They point blame at everyone else for their situations, yet they forget to take a good look at the fingers pointing right back to self.

Sometimes we have to look at ourselves instead of always wanting to blame what we’re going through on others. Regardless of what, in order to move beyond any situation we must look at how we’re approaching that situation. If we have negative attitudes we will look at things in negative ways and will have negative actions; which will always make things more difficult than they have to be.

There are many people who are negative all of the time. These types of people bring gloom to their surroundings and they’re the type of people others don’t want to be around. Negative thinking breeds negative thought, talk, feelings, and actions. A negative party isn’t one positive people want to attend.

Bad attitudes comes from brokenness. The good news is anyone can change their life by changing their negative ways of thinking. Turn your frown into a smile and know that only YOU have the control to make a change in your life. I guarantee anyone if you consciously take charge of how you think and begin to monitor your negative ways of thinking facing them head on to foster change, your whole outlook on life will change. This begins and ends with you!!!!

You can blame whoever you want and the truth of the matter is it may have started with someone else, but it ends with YOU!! Don’t let what you’ve gone through cause you a lifetime of unhappiness because of your refusal to let it go. Many people are mad for a lifetime over things that happens many years ago. It’s a sad state of mind to be in. You use a lot of energy up holding on to negativity. If you hold on to it, it will keep you tied up and in bondage. I pray that you choose to let whatever it is go on today. Today is a new day for a new beginning!!!


No Support


A lot of people have gone through a lot of things both good and bad. Many people end up depressed because they received no support from their family and friends. I wanted to write about this issue. I know it can be difficult to deal with, but remember one thing; this is your life and it belongs to no one but you. It’s a good feeling when people acknowledge your accomplishments and let you know they’re proud of you or when someone is there for you when you’re going through troubled times. However, a lot of people don’t have this type of support. One thing I learned years ago is that because of who people are, some aren’t able to be happy for others. In my life whatever I do or have done, I did it for me and that’s the bottom line support or no support. There won’t always be support for you and you can’t let it get you down.

When people can’t say congratulations or be happy for you, it’s not you, it’s them. Some people can’t be happy for others because they are allowing jealousy, envy, and that ole hater’s spirit to interfere. This happens because some people aren’t happy with who they are or where they are in life. It affects their ability to be genuinely happy for others or for them to be there for others. Life goes on and you can’t let people cause you to lose your drive or your joy; it belongs to you NOT anyone else.

The same goes for when you’re going through and no one is there for you. Some people don’t want to be bothered with anyone else when they themselves are going through, because they’re too caught up in their own troubles. A lot of people don’t understand when an individual is there for others it can oftentimes help deal with their own problems. Some people are just plain selfish, but the fact of the matter is; if you don’t get support you must keep on striving. Don’t expect it; this way if you get it great and if you don’t it won’t affect you. You must be able to stand on your own and oftentimes that means standing alone.

I encourage you to be strong! Don’t let the actions of others dampen your spirit. If you do; it means you’ve given power to others allowing them to affect your ability to be the best you that you can be! When people give their power to others they sometimes lose confidence and faith in self. Never allow this to happen to you. There are plenty of people who can’t seem to function without the support of other people. These types of people often have difficulty functioning in life. Your life belongs to you and no matter how much people say they love you they won’t always support you or show happiness for what you’re doing or for what you’ve done.  No matter the case, don’t let it rock your world, keep on keeping on!!

Shall A Man Rob God


Malachi 3:8 in all of my years of going to church, this is the verse most church’s go to when it comes to tithing. What I don’t understand is this; church leaders are VERY adamant about tithing, but they don’t stress something even greater; which is how to accept Jesus as a personal Savior and how one can live holy.

They preach and teach damnation, curses, and bondage due to a individual NOT tithing or NOT tithing what they think they should. It’s out of control in today’s churches. Churches has gone as far as having ATM’s and online tithing capabilities. Some churches asks for your bank statements etc. It’s out of control! They are so focused on gaining the world while their flocks are losing their souls.

People must first understand they are the church, the church lives in you. If you have that personal relationship and daily walk with Jesus you will know that tithing is between you and God, NOT the church. The church shouldn’t treat you like a criminal or damn you if you don’t pay or if you don’t pay what they think you should. Let’s be real about it; no where in the Bible was tithing EVER ALL about money! No where!!!! For the churches of today it’s NOT about robbing God, it’s all about robbing the sanctuary and the preacher! I know what I’m saying is the truth, but I also know many won’t like it.

Shall a Man Rob God! Robbing God and His Son Jesus is what you’re doing when you’re serving man and brainwashed by him. Robbing Him is what you’re doing when your MAIN focus is tithing to the church because of your leaders, yet you’re not following God’s word. Robbing God is what leader’s do when they go one Sunday without telling someone what it takes to be saved and how to live holy. Robbing God is when they teach material prosperity over spiritual prosperity. Robbing God is when you live your life straddled the fence. Robbing God is when they focus on worldly possessions and laying up our treasures here on earth and NOT seeking ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Robbing God is when they don’t teach values and morals in the church. Robbing God is when church leaders (preacher, teacher, evangelist, bishop, apostle, rev, prophet, Dr. this or that or whatever you want to be called) don’t live what they teach or preach. Robbing God is when church leaders are allowing anything in their churches and they are keeping tight lipped about it, because they don’t want to lose their members (tithers).

I can go on and on, but my prayer is that you understand this message. Paying your tithes isn’t going to get you into heaven or keep you from heaven. You must be born again and you must live holy not some of the time but ALL of the time! Nothing matters when we close our eyes for the last time; other than how we chose to live while we yet lived. What side of the fence did you choose, because as I’ve said before straddling it just won’t do!

You can pay tithes to the church, but remember that it’s not all about money. Church’s of today have made it all about money and they are angry if anyone says otherwise. Sad part is people believe it. If leader’s say “shall a man rob God.” Then certainly one must have the sense to understand that Jesus Christ and His Son Jesus, goes beyond the walls of the church. People need to get it together and understand what’s going on. Wake up!! Learn what tithing is about, where it derived from, who it was first intended for and how they tithed back in the biblical days. It sure doesn’t fall in line with what they teach today in churches around the world.

Love and Abuse Don’t Go Together


I felt a great need to write about this subject once again. In the past few days women have been killed by the men who supposedly love them. Today it happened about 15 minutes away from the city I live in; both were only twenty years old, she died and he tried to kill himself. This post is for both men and women. Although we don’t hear about it as much, men get abused as well.

If you accept anyone in your life who is abusive SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU! I’m not here to condemn or judge, I’m here to help someone. If you allow any type of abuse SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU! Please seek help! Too many people are dying at the hands of those who supposedly love them. This isn’t love!!!! Harming or killing you is the last thing someone who truly loves you would imagine or even attempt doing.

People who show love by controlling you in any way has an issue and those who allow these types of people in their lives has issues as well. Love isn’t controlling, demanding, or abusive in any shape, form, or fashion.

If you get with someone and they are abusive, you need to exit the relationship from the start. Do not go any further. Don’t play with fire, because not only can you get burned(metaphorically speaking), you can end up dead!!!

Stop allowing abusive men and women into your lives. You think it’s special that they’re bad boys or bad girls, etc until they turn that same energy on you. Look at your situations and the people you’re involved with; and truly examine yourselves. If you’re being abused in any form you need to get out. It’s not love, it’s not funny, and is sure isn’t cute. You need to get out!!

It’s not love when you’re controlled or when you’re afraid of who you’re with. If that’s you, you’re in a bad situation and you’ve been there too long. Never give anyone the opportunity to think abusing you is okay; it’s not!

Abuse isn’t just physical, it comes in many forms such as mental, emotional, verbal, sexual, controlling, isolation from others, overbearing (they appear to be protecting, but they’re actually controlling and dominating you).

When a person gets involved with an abusive individual not only do they put themselves in harms way, they put those around them in harms way. A person can only fool you for so long. An abusive person will ALWAYS show who they really are, people miss it because they feel too much with their hearts until they dismiss signs of a potential problem. The signs are ALWAYS there! People have the tendency to see it when they’ve gotten in too deep and by then for many it’s too late. Your lives are precious and you only get one. No one has the right to abuse you, but too many of you give abusers the green light to do so.

The first mistake people make is going forth in relationships with those who have abusive tendencies. The second mistake people make is not walking away at the very first sign of abuse. The third mistake people make is accepting “I’m sorry” after the first incident. Stop giving another opportunity for something else to occur; when you do this you have given up your power and the abuser knows it. They know EXACTLY how to treat you, because you taught them how to treat you!

If you’re the type of person who is eager to love and have the willingness to take anything in the name of what you think is love; then anything is what you will get and at any time. The person you’re with will treat you exactly how they want too, because they know you will take it. They will manipulate you, because they know what it takes to keep you where you are.

It’s sad seeing women with their faces slashed, bodies burned, because they got gasoline threw on them, beat up publically; it’s all so very sad! It never ever should get to this point. Don’t allow your wrong way of thinking and loving put you in this situation.

Stop making excuses for staying, NONE of the excuses are worth it. People make excuses to stay, because they’ve lost control and power of their own lives. Why? It’s because they freely gave it from the start. People seek love in all of the wrong places and in all of the wrong ways. Why do you think this is so? I believe it’s because people are tainted from their pasts. Many seek love because they never received it as a child, etc. There are a million reasons fueling these types of behaviors (for both the abuser and the abused). The bottom line is people have to take responsibility for their lives regardless of what they’ve gone through. Stop blaming the way you are on other people or other things, because you have a choice to be exactly how you are. We all have the power to change if we choose too!!!

Not all people lose their physical lives, but many lose themselves to anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, low esteem, etc. etc. They lose themselves because they gave all they had to loving someone who wasn’t deserving (in the name of love). They gave their power to someone who took it.

Abusers comes in all shape, sizes, and colors. Regardless of who they are or what they do; abuse is abuse and abusers always show who they are in some way or another. Those who are are caught up in what they think is love will be led by their hearts into bad, unsafe, unhealthy, and draining relationships.

Learn how to build self esteem and confidence in yourselves, this way you won’t seek false love and security in someone else. If you don’t know where to begin there are many resources for help online, professional counseling, local social work services and community activities. Seek help!!! Learn to love you!!! If you do this you won’t EVER allow ANYONE to come along and mistreat you in any way. People treat you EXACTLY how you allow.