Shall A Man Rob God


Malachi 3:8 in all of my years of going to church, this is the verse most church’s go to when it comes to tithing. What I don’t understand is this; church leaders are VERY adamant about tithing, but they don’t stress something even greater; which is how to accept Jesus as a personal Savior and how one can live holy.

They preach and teach damnation, curses, and bondage due to a individual NOT tithing or NOT tithing what they think they should. It’s out of control in today’s churches. Churches has gone as far as having ATM’s and online tithing capabilities. Some churches asks for your bank statements etc. It’s out of control! They are so focused on gaining the world while their flocks are losing their souls.

People must first understand they are the church, the church lives in you. If you have that personal relationship and daily walk with Jesus you will know that tithing is between you and God, NOT the church. The church shouldn’t treat you like a criminal or damn you if you don’t pay or if you don’t pay what they think you should. Let’s be real about it; no where in the Bible was tithing EVER ALL about money! No where!!!! For the churches of today it’s NOT about robbing God, it’s all about robbing the sanctuary and the preacher! I know what I’m saying is the truth, but I also know many won’t like it.

Shall a Man Rob God! Robbing God and His Son Jesus is what you’re doing when you’re serving man and brainwashed by him. Robbing Him is what you’re doing when your MAIN focus is tithing to the church because of your leaders, yet you’re not following God’s word. Robbing God is what leader’s do when they go one Sunday without telling someone what it takes to be saved and how to live holy. Robbing God is when they teach material prosperity over spiritual prosperity. Robbing God is when you live your life straddled the fence. Robbing God is when they focus on worldly possessions and laying up our treasures here on earth and NOT seeking ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Robbing God is when they don’t teach values and morals in the church. Robbing God is when church leaders (preacher, teacher, evangelist, bishop, apostle, rev, prophet, Dr. this or that or whatever you want to be called) don’t live what they teach or preach. Robbing God is when church leaders are allowing anything in their churches and they are keeping tight lipped about it, because they don’t want to lose their members (tithers).

I can go on and on, but my prayer is that you understand this message. Paying your tithes isn’t going to get you into heaven or keep you from heaven. You must be born again and you must live holy not some of the time but ALL of the time! Nothing matters when we close our eyes for the last time; other than how we chose to live while we yet lived. What side of the fence did you choose, because as I’ve said before straddling it just won’t do!

You can pay tithes to the church, but remember that it’s not all about money. Church’s of today have made it all about money and they are angry if anyone says otherwise. Sad part is people believe it. If leader’s say “shall a man rob God.” Then certainly one must have the sense to understand that Jesus Christ and His Son Jesus, goes beyond the walls of the church. People need to get it together and understand what’s going on. Wake up!! Learn what tithing is about, where it derived from, who it was first intended for and how they tithed back in the biblical days. It sure doesn’t fall in line with what they teach today in churches around the world.