A person’s attitude can work for them or against them. When a person change their negative attitude it can alter their life. A lot of people walk around with bad attitudes and it’s an ugly sight to see. They point blame at everyone else for their situations, yet they forget to take a good look at the fingers pointing right back to self.

Sometimes we have to look at ourselves instead of always wanting to blame what we’re going through on others. Regardless of what, in order to move beyond any situation we must look at how we’re approaching that situation. If we have negative attitudes we will look at things in negative ways and will have negative actions; which will always make things more difficult than they have to be.

There are many people who are negative all of the time. These types of people bring gloom to their surroundings and they’re the type of people others don’t want to be around. Negative thinking breeds negative thought, talk, feelings, and actions. A negative party isn’t one positive people want to attend.

Bad attitudes comes from brokenness. The good news is anyone can change their life by changing their negative ways of thinking. Turn your frown into a smile and know that only YOU have the control to make a change in your life. I guarantee anyone if you consciously take charge of how you think and begin to monitor your negative ways of thinking facing them head on to foster change, your whole outlook on life will change. This begins and ends with you!!!!

You can blame whoever you want and the truth of the matter is it may have started with someone else, but it ends with YOU!! Don’t let what you’ve gone through cause you a lifetime of unhappiness because of your refusal to let it go. Many people are mad for a lifetime over things that happens many years ago. It’s a sad state of mind to be in. You use a lot of energy up holding on to negativity. If you hold on to it, it will keep you tied up and in bondage. I pray that you choose to let whatever it is go on today. Today is a new day for a new beginning!!!