Alone and Lonely


There are many people who are feeling sad and alone, because they aren’t in relationships. I’m here to encourage you on today. I ask that you stop looking at other relationships and feeling depressed, because you’re not in one. A lot of times the very relationships your admiring the people in them are as unhappy as you. Don’t get into a relationship out of loneliness just to say you’re with someone.

There are a lot of people starting off their relationships in the wrong way and getting into them for all of the wrong reasons. People are left brokenhearted due to the dysfunctional relationships they are in.

We all want someone to share out lives with, but if you choose someone out of desperation there will be consequences for the choices you make. More often then not people go into relationships based on their emotions. They overlook the truth basing their decisions and choices on how they feel about the other person, even when they sometimes know it’s a bad decision or choice. The stronger the emotions, the more oblivious people, because they want what they want; when they want it. This is clearly the mindset of an immature person!

Believe it or not when you’re alone, it’s the best time to figure out you! Take the time to get to know yourself. Take the time to mature and embrace being along and not think of it as a bad thing. During this time in your life you can grow into stronger and more mature individuals who understands what love is and what it isn’t. You can also learn to love you most of all. If you love yourself you won’t be eager to get into relationships just to say you’re in one. You will know what you need and you will know how to walk away from people who aren’t good for you, no matter how you’re feeling about them.

It’s better to be alone then to be with someone who isn’t treating you how you deserve and someone you’re not happy with. Many people settle, because they’d rather have some man or some woman than no one at all. This is a sad state of mind for anyone to be in. Any person thinking and feeling this way need to work on his or herself, because this is a very immature way to think. It leads to unhealthy relationships and many people are in them.

There’s nothing wrong with being alone and if you feel that there is, then you’re your own problem. Don’t put yourself out there feeling this way, because you will get into something you shouldn’t be in and you will later feel the negative effects of your poor choices and decisions.