You Are What You Believe


Many people are living day to day with negative thoughts of who they are. This negative way of thinking about yourselves was planted as seeds long ago and individuals have cultivated those seeds throughout their lives.

There are people who are suffering day to day. They can’t live a life of peace, because they can’t get pass all of the negative talk planted into them years ago. You’re not anything other than what you believe you are.

Remember I’ve said “hurt people, hurt people.” This is true! Most times people don’t understand why they do what they do. No one can move forward until they deal with their old issues. Most will continue to carry the same baggage throughout a lifetime.

You may be your mothers and fathers children, but you are NOT them. No matter what anyone have said you are not your parents. No matter what your parents have said to you, you are NOT them. No matter if you look like them or even if you have some of their characteristics (it’s normal you’re their offspring), YOU ARE NOT THEM! Stop allowing people to speak negativity into your lives and MOST of all STOP believing it.

A person can’t EVER acquire peace by constantly embracing negativity. You have the amazing ability inside of you to be whatever you choose to be. In order to the best you possible you must learn how to love yourself DESPITE what anyone has said negatively about or against you.

It is very sad that many people are walking around dysfunctional and not loving themselves because they believe the negative talk planted by others and the negative talk they continuously speak to themselves. Think of it metaphorically. Think of it as a person trying to find a priceless coin (signifying your life)in a closet piled to the ceiling with clothes (the clutter is the issues in your life that has caused you to become dysfunctional). It’s impossible to find the valuable coin UNTIL you de-clutter the closet by cleaning it out.

This is the way millions of people are living. They’re constantly piling problems and issues on top on one another and it’s wreaking havoc in their lives.

Not one single person living asked to be here, but guess what; here we are! We are given our lives and it’s up to each of us individually to decide how we will live it. I do understand as a child we don’t have a choice we survive according to what we are given. However, as we grow up into adults it’s up to us to learn another way. We can continue to embrace the way it was and what has caused us the pain and suffering or we can deal with the negativity and accept that it is what it is or was what it was and move on.

I can talk about it all, because I’ve been there. My adversities have truly made me stronger. Not only those that were put upon me by others, but also those that I put on myself. For me, all I can do is thank God Almighty for keeping me through it all and helping me to truly understand just how strong it made me and how it helped me to see clearly the things I missed before.

Things people do and say does hurt but how we allow those things to affect us is what’s most important. If you give people your power they will take it. If you allow what people say and do affect how you feel about yourself then it means you’re already not feeling good about yourself. This is something you need to work on, because it means there’s something you haven’t dealt with and is still holding on to.

I promise and guarantee if you learn how to love you your outlook on life will change. If you learn how to respect yourself it will teach you something about how you allow others to treat you. It equips you with a new confidence with self esteem and a power you’ve never known. People will look at you differently because you’re not the person you used to be. You will still have those who hate on you and hate you, THAT WON’T CHANGE. The reason this doesn’t change even though you have is because although you have a newness about you other people don’t, they are still embracing their pain and suffering. They will continue to be jealous, envious, and full of hatred.

You can’t fix other people, you can only fix you. You can pray for them (if you pray). You can provide them encouragement, knowledge, be a mentor, etc, but the bottom line of it all is the individual has to fix him or herself. They must want change in their lives.

People seek so much in life. They seek love, fame, fortune. They go through hell in order to get what they think they want until they get it; then they realize it may have been what they wanted, but not at all what they need.

This is a new day, which means it can be a new start for you. No longer give power to your negative self talk. No longer embrace the negative things you’ve been told by others (I don’t care who said it). No longer embrace the negative things that has happened to you. Embrace you and live!!! Too many are living true lives as the “walking dead.” They are alive, but dead spiritually, they don’t live, they’re unhappy. No one should be living this way! By becoming a stronger you, will be become a better you! This is what I pray you embrace.

If anyone reading don’t know God and His Son Jesus I recommend Him on today. The ways of the world are getting worse and worse. If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything, you will be like a loose leaf in the wind, blowing any way the wind blows, because you’re not rooted in anything. I know many don’t believe in Jesus, but all I can say is this: I’m not forcing Him on you, but since you’ve tried everything, why not try Him on today? It’s up to you, it’s your decision. When you accept Him it doesn’t mean trouble won’t come, but what it means is He’s your Rock in the midst of any troubles and you won’t look at those troubles the same. You learn how to lean and depend on Him and everything else rolls off of your back like water on oiled skin. That may sounds corny, but I know it’s the truth, I’m a witness! I’m not trying to force Him on anyone, but I must recommend Him. Peace and love to all!!!