You’re Your Own Stumbling Block


I wanted to write about the topic I chose today, because most of you think who you really are is hidden. What really lies within a person for most is something they try to hide from the world. Pretending to be something you’re not keeps a person from becoming the best person they can become. It hinders them in a way where it doesn’t allow them to address the inner man that has them in bondage (what’s inside which is who they really are).

The majority of the humans inhabiting the earth are dealing with the same things. We all go through similar adversities. Nothing is “new under the sun.” Individually people think they’re alone in their situations, but they’re not! Most times it’s about something a person has done or it’s something a person has had done to them. It doesn’t matter which, it all derived from the same place which was cause by something they’ve dealt with at some point in life.

A couple of days ago a soldier was arrested for having a relationship with a young teenage girl. The girl had met him online and ran away to be with him. This soldier had her at his house and this is where the girl was found. This soldier knew without a doubt what he was doing was wrong. He’s a grown man (I believe in his 30’s) and the girl was a fourteen year old. He allowed his emotions to lead him to do something that is against the law. People do the crime without thinking about the consequences until it’s too late. This is because most are lead blindly by their hearts. This behavior comes from all of the mess people keep inside that causes dysfunction in their lives.

No one can mature into individuals who are consciously thinking before they actually act; if change in them doesn’t occur. I mean; a person must think before they make bad choices or decisions. No one does this if they’re making choices according to how they feel. If people took the time to think before they did things their decisions would be different. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with most.

Many people pretend to be one way when they’re another. This doesn’t help, it hurts, because this isn’t dealing with and fixing you, it is enabling you to continue to live lies. People get caught and then they’re sorry. Sadly even when some are caught the behaviors doesn’t change. Behaviors won’t ever change until CHANGE actually occurs. Change will never occur until people deal with who they really are.

People think they are hiding who they really are from the world. They go out of their ways to fake people out, lie, and deceive. You can’t ever fool the man in the mirror which is yourself. You have to live with you twenty-four hours a day. No matter how hard people try to hide; the truth shows through the bad choices and decisions people make. The truth always appear in some form or fashion.

Hiding, pretending, lying, being deceitful, or whatever you call it is does nothing but keep a person stuck in their negative ways of thinking and doing. The way a person grows and matures is by working on self. When people consciously, intentionally, and consistently work on self, they ultimately become better people who are more wiser individuals who make wiser choices and decisions.

My recommendation is that people learn to deal with whatever is wrong. Don’t run from it, because you can’t EVER run from yourself. Face whatever it is and be true to you! No matter what you’re facing; DEAL with it!! Learn from your bad decisions and choices and move on. Don’t continue to settle with being the way you are! If you know what you’re doing is wrong and you can’t seem to stop it on your own SEEK help. If you’re willing what you know is wrong, then be willing to face up to what you’re doing and seek help for whatever problems you have. You can’t change the behavior without changing yourself. You can’t change yourself if you’re not willing to face the man in the mirror (yourself). My prayer is that you do!! No one can change you, but you!