Restroom Controversy


I’ve re-written this post, because I’m obviously misunderstood. First of all how a person chooses to live his or her life is their business. However, just as people are for the law allowing trans genders to use restrooms of the gender they identify with there are those who are against it. What gets under my skin is the fact that some people want the world to be on one side about it and not feel any other way.  Both sides have a right to feel how they feel! If it’s what you choose it’s your choice, but just as you feel you have a right those opposing has a right as well.

If it’s about individuals feeling safe when using a public restroom, then the solution should be restrooms that are for that particular community. Allowing one to use the restroom of the opposite gender provides safety for only one party. It can cause controversy for all parties involved, because we live in a mean cruel world. One party may feel safer while the other party feels unsafe. Where is the fairness in that?????

There is no need for people to be mad about it, because we all have a right to feel how we feel. It’s so bizarre how people want rights while trying to take the very rights away from others.

We all know that perverts and pedophiles existed long before this law came about and if you do research there are many cases telling the stories. However, I still believe it will give these types of people more opportunity to do what they do (prey on their intended victims). I didn’t ask anyone to agree or disagree, I’m only writing my opinion and that’s it; nothing more, nothing less. I still believe the real agenda about this restroom law is more sinister then what’s on the surface and is much more than what “meets the eye.”

I’m not against a person because they’re transgender, gay, or bi-sexual, that’s absolutely not the case. It’s not about that at all! Your life, your choice. It’s simple as that!  I am against people who want it one way. People want laws to change and they want rights; while trying to strip  the rights of others away. That is what I’m against!!