Let Them Walk


If a lot of people would think this way less hearts would be broken. Many people are barely able to function, because they’re heartbroken. They have allowed how they feel for the individual’s they love to drain them. This happens when people give their power to the one’s they are in love with.

There are many who can’t move forward after their relationships end. The sad part is many of those relationships shouldn’t have ever started. People can’t see this truth when they make it all about the other person. They lose focus on what they want, need, and desire to try and fill the needs, wants, and desires of the one they love. When a person enters into a relationship losing sight of who they are, they lose period; and this is clearly seen when people aren’t able to function after their relationships end.

Some people don’t want to let go, despite the fact they are hanging on to something that is over. If a person don’t want to be with you,  that is their choice. If they want to walk away you should let them. To try an hold on to someone who want out, will put a person in an unhealthy state of mind. No matter how good you are or what you do; if a person doesn’t want to be with you the best thing is to let them go. Life goes on!!!

I firmly believe if a person can’t function because a relationship ended it means they gave their power to the individual they were with. When relationships end some people lose hope and can’t function enough to go about their daily activities. This is sad, because no one should give another person this type of control over their life.

Does it make sense to mope around and be in a dysfunctional state when the one you want is going on with their life? The one you want is doing what they’ve always done, because they always had control over their life. They can move on easily, because they never gave away their power. People who can’t move on are causing themselves unnecessary pain.

Some people are too eager to love and to be loved. They settle and accept any and everything. This says a lot about a person. If you make it all about another person, then it means you’re an individual who doesn’t really love his or herself. Matter of fact this is an individual who doesn’t really know what love is all about.

The moral of the post is if a person doesn’t want to be with you, let them go. It’s better to let a person walk out of your life then to walk all over you!  It’s great to be loved and to be in love, but it’s hell to be in love with someone who isn’t in love with you!!

If you’re with someone and you are doing all you can do to make the person love you or want to be with you, then you’re already in a bad situation. No relationship should ever be one way or one-sided. If it is step back and face the truth, something is wrong! When people won’t face this truth they always end up hurt and broken hearted.




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