You Say Black Lives Matter


I know some people will be mad; however, I do not care!! I’m sick of hearing, reading, and seeing this (Black Lives Matter). The truth is Black lives matters to some Blacks when a life is taken by a Non-Black. This is RIDICULOUS!! First of all every single life matters, NOT just Black lives.

My problem with this is every single day Blacks are killing Blacks (look at Chicago). It’s happening where I live as well and all over the globe. Before people try to fix one thing they need to first acknowledge the truth. I understand the upset over a lot of the senseless killings that has occurred by police officers and other people when there’s no justice. It is absolutely WRONG!  I completely understand the upset over it; but don’t act like Black lives matter so when every single day Blacks are killing one another in cold blood and NOTHING is being said or done. This is occurring far too often and it’s a travesty!

We need to fix our communities, build one another up, and stop tearing one another down. Stop crying out when a Non-Black kill a Black yet failing to cry out with the same effort when Blacks are acting like savages in the streets fighting and killing one another. I’m sick of the videos and the news reporting all of the foolishness. THIS ISN’T OKAY.

It’s okay to want justice for ANY and ALL senseless killings. However, have the same passion for the Black on Black killings as well. It’s sad some Blacks are destroying their neighborhoods to make a point. How about building up your neighborhoods and educating one another about what is happening. Teach love and start providing avenues to teach our Black communities how to live in peace and harmony. Too many Black’s have lost their lives to the hands of Blacks, it’s foolishness!!!!!

The Black Lives Matter people aren’t banning together and protesting against it. It’s a complete outrage how some Blacks act in this world. It’s shameful and sad, that some Blacks only think enough of their fellow Blacks to take their life. Sad, sinful, shame!

Yes, Black lives do matter.  EVERY life matters despite the skin color. Stop making it about race, when you’re not acknowledging what your own are doing to their own.  If those who are on the bandwagon of Black Lives Matters put as much time and energy into all of the senseless Black on Black killings; I believe things could change.

People, despite the race learn how to hate. If people don’t get what they need as children (love, nurturing, protection, etc. etc), the product will be those who are broken. Many will seek what they didn’t get elsewhere which is normally nowhere good. People are taught to hate for many reasons, regardless of why, it is still a learned behavior that can be unlearned.

It saddens me to see the senseless killings happening all over the world. People become too comfortable with the way they are. They don’t want to let go of things, they continue to carry the baggage from point to point. They never get rid of any, they continue to pile mess on top of the mess already there. It’s a breeding ground for anger and hate.

I pray that people open up and allow themselves to learn how to love. I pray people learn to let go of the hurt and pain, so they can learn how to give and receive love. No one wants to give in or let go, everyone wants to be bad and tough. People want to baste in bitterness and hatred. We are causing our own genocide and that’s okay with a lot of people, but it’s not okay with me.

Hatred is seen everywhere. People are short tempered and angry, this fuels over into the unthinkable. Sadly it never has too if people get help for what’s causing them pain. People can try to hide it, but the truth ALWAYS shows in a person’s decisions, choices, and actions. Stop the madness!! This goes for Blacks, Whites, and every other race on the face of this earth. Hatred isn’t about race (all races has people filled with hate), racism isn’t all about race (there are many who are of the same race who are racist against their own race) all over the world. The bottom line is it’s about the individual who partake in it and condone it. These are people who are hurting for whatever reason.

For every life people protest over with (Black Lives Matter) because a Black person was killed by a Non-Black; Blacks are killing twice as many of their own. There has to be a change!