The Hearts of People (RACISM)

I know writing this post some will agree and some won’t (what’s new) right? I want to write about this foolishness that continues to happen in this world. It’s pure ignorance to hate on the basis of skin color. ANYONE who does was TAUGHT this way. Babies aren’t born knowing anything about racism, they areContinue reading “The Hearts of People (RACISM)”

If You Claim Jesus, Live It

This post is for those who CLAIM to believe in God and His Son Jesus. The day we were born we begin to die. Some act as if they are going to live forever here on this earth. You’re not! People claim to be on the Lord’s (Jesus) side, but their walk is totally differentContinue reading “If You Claim Jesus, Live It”

Relationship Hopping Tells the Truth

Does this sound like you! Some people don’t have the sense to be embarrassed. I am embarrassed and sad for you! Please sit down somewhere and breathe! Reflect and learn how to grow and develop into a mature woman or man; someone who doesn’t need a significant other to validate who they are! Nothing youContinue reading “Relationship Hopping Tells the Truth”