Real Love is Enough


I wanted to write on this subject because in my opinion many have the concept of love all wrong. First of all a lot of people don’t have a clue what love is about and if they don’t know what love is then they certainly don’t understand what love is not!

Love is a lot of things to a lot of people; this is because most don’t really know what real love looks or feels like. Let me tell you what love is; love is gentle, kind, patient, longsuffering (good and bad times), understanding, sharing, giving, supportive, loyalty, faithfulness, commitment, and dedication. Love is built on a solid foundation with communication as the catalyst. If couples don’t know how to effectively communicate their relationships will fail. Many don’t believe they will ever meet someone who hold the characteristics of a person who can give them real love so they settle!

You’ve seen me write many times; too many people get into relationships for the wrong reasons and in all of the wrong ways. I don’t say or write it just for general purposes. I do it because it’s true!

People get into relationships for many reasons but I believe loneliness and lust or the two biggest reasons. These are individuals who has issues with themselves such as self esteem, confidence, insecurities of some kind, and especially immaturity (although most think they are mature). It all came from somewhere!!! Their focus is simply to be with someone because it makes them feel valued or loved when they connect with someone even though oftentimes the connection is not conducive to a healthy relationship.

Over the years I’ve heard many people say that “love isn’t enough.” Yes, this is true when it isn’t “real love.” You can’t just love a person, you must also be in love with who you love. You can’t be in love by yourself, the problem is many people are! A person can love you; meaning they care about your well being, but it doesn’t mean they are in love with you, which makes a world of difference! Too many has settled with someone loving them although they aren’t in love with them. They settle because of the baggage they haven’t yet disposed of inside of them. They are going off of the emotions of their hearts and making it all about what they want and nothing about what they really need. These are individuals who are blind by their emotions!

Far too many individuals settle out of lust. These are immature folks who has a lot of growing up to do. These types of individuals are fulfilled by every aspect of their flesh. They see with their eyes and their hearts. They find themselves in the most unfulfilling relationships. Many of these people are in unhealthy and unhappy relationships. They have significant others yet they are extremely lonely in their relationships. They’ve settled!!! Looks in some way or another will disminish and so will our bodies. If relationships are based on looks and sex they will eventually fail.  Material things nor children has kept relationships together. People may stay together, but they are miserable. If people aren’t in love with who they love, it’s bound to fail and it has to go both ways, NOT just one.

People get into relationships that are bad from the beginning, yet they continue to pursue what they already know isn’t good for them. These types of people aren’t only dealing with the emotions they feel concerning the individual they think they love; their emotions also involves their own inner issues from past experiences they haven’t resolved which affects their daily functioning (thoughts, emotions, actions, which affects their choices and decisions made). If people don’t face that man/woman in the mirror it will wreak havoc in their lives.

I believe the saying “opposites attract” is true to an extent. People are different period! I believe because of this difference opposites will attract, however; individuals must still meet in the middle and get on the same accord in order for their relationships to become healthy relationships. If people aren’t on the same accord they will definitely have problems and most of these relationships will fail. A failed relationship isn’t neccessarily one where individuals are no longer together. It is also any relationship where two people remain together but they are unhappy and the  relationship is unhealthy.

Real love is enough, because it has everything to offer a person. It is a relationship that gives one not only what they desire and want, but most importantly what they need! A lot of people say they want real love, yet when they get someone with true qualities and characteristics they take them for granted because they don’t know what real love is or isn’t. They are used to their old ways and they haven’t yet matured. They change individuals, but the caliber of people they deal with are the same so when they receive real love they mess it up. There are many who let real love slip by, because they don’t know how to receive it.

I’ve mention in blogs before what love isn’t. Love isn’t abusive in any form, controlling, obsessive, possessive, separate, one-sided, impatient, and it certainly isn’t based on what one has, how one looks, or sex.

No matter what people are given, how they’re encouraged, motivated, inspired, etc; they will still continue to get into what they find out are unfulfilling, unhealthy, and unhappy relationships. It’s all about decisions and choices, if you make the wrong ones you will have to face the consequences of your actions. If you find yourself going around in circles (meaning you’re in and out of the same types of relationships), it’s NOT the other person, it’s YOU!



The Hearts of People (RACISM)


I know writing this post some will agree and some won’t (what’s new) right? I want to write about this foolishness that continues to happen in this world. It’s pure ignorance to hate on the basis of skin color. ANYONE who does was TAUGHT this way. Babies aren’t born knowing anything about racism, they are taught as young ones who grows up to carry on this ignorant way of thinking. They’re in bondage without understanding it or even realizing they’ve adopted this way of thinking.

All we’ve seen and heard lately is racism this or racism that and although it’s what seen on the surface it comes from something much deeper. Many cry racism, because they don’t understand the truth depth of the problem. The problem is the HEARTS OF people! What’s in the heart is coming out one way or another. A person can put on the finest clothes, live in the best homes, drive the best cars, have the best jobs none of it will change what’s in their hearts. If they are nasty inside it will spill out. The same with those who may not have as much. What’s in the heart will come out in some form or another. No matter how hard some people try to hide it they always show the truth in some fashion.

To say racism isn’t prevalent would be an outright lie! However, what I want the world to understand is that the problem ISN’T actually racism itself, the problem is the hearts of those who are racist! These people were taught to be this way by someone  and most likely it started at home. Not all racist people learned this at home, some learned it from other people. Regardless where it originated, it is a LEARNED behavior!

People are so focused on the word racism and it ALWAYS seems to be about Black and White. First of all as I mentioned in a post months ago. I’ve yet to see a Black person or a White person. All of this nonsense started from the hearts of man (man or woman). The terms were meant to defile one race while uplifting the other and it has ALWAYS been this way. It’s all so very sad! People have been brainwashed for years that one race is superior over all races and it’s simply a LIE! We ALL have the same Jesus! He didn’t give one race a different requirement to live; we ALL require the same things to live (food, water, and some form of shelter). Our skin is different shades because we are all a part of the Covenant He left for us (the Rainbow). It doesn’t mean one race is superior than the next. MAN has done this separation! It’s stupid, ignorant, and a very shallow way to think.

Racism is prevalent in all races and within some races people hate their own race. Bottom line it is what has been taught. People have been taught to HATE rather than to LOVE for whatever reason. This hatred pools out into what we see as racism. The focus is ALWAYS Black and White, but this is how MAN continues to manipulate and try to separate to cause confusion. Sadly society and communities continue to be little soldiers marching to the beat of this foolishness!

This world will NEVER end racism UNTIL they first realize, understand, and accept the fact that it stems from what’s in the hearts of the people. Nothing and I mean NOTHING can conquer hate, but love. I understand that some people don’t know how to love. This is because they NEVER received it as a child. A person can be taught how to love if they are willing to be taught. No matter what we are taught as children, as young adults and adults it’s OUR responsibility to change what is negative. If all you know is the wrong way, then the wrong way is how you will think and it’s how you will live. These types of people have to be willing to change their wrong ways of thinking, which will change their feeling, and their behaviors. This will ultimately change their cold hearts.

If we want change we have to embrace change. People are enslaved, this includes all racist people despite the color of their skin. They are in bondage and in captivity by their own ways of thinking. They are carrying around their generational curses of hatred and are blind by it. They are completely imprisoned by their own ways of thinking and most aren’t aware they act the way they do, because it was instilled/ingrained in them at an early age.

I pray in the name of God the Father and Jesus Christ that our land is healed. I pray for the hearts of man, because if those hearts don’t change no change can occur in this world when it comes to racism. I pray people learn how to love and stop falling for this foolishness. If you want to make a difference learn how to love your neighbor despite the color of their skin. If a person has a problem with the color of another person’s skin they need to understand the person they hate had NO control or CHOICE as to what skin they were born into. We need love, peace, and harmony in our world.

Some White people don’t want to be White and some Black people don’t want to be Black. There are many other races who feel the same about their own race. This was how they were taught. We are all a gift from God and a part of the Rainbow. Think what this world would look like if it were all one color; even the thought isn’t appealing. God makes no mistakes, He made us this way for a reason. The hatred needs to stop, it didn’t come from God, because He’s nothing but love. What’s in the heart of any person will show in some type of way and this is why we see racism.


If You Claim Jesus, Live It


This post is for those who CLAIM to believe in God and His Son Jesus. The day we were born we begin to die. Some act as if they are going to live forever here on this earth. You’re not! People claim to be on the Lord’s (Jesus) side, but their walk is totally different from their talk. People like this are only fooling the person staring back at them in the mirror.

In the Bible God said “I rather you be hot or cold, if you’re lukewarm I will spew you from my mouth.” Time is out for playing! Look around at what’s going on in this world today. People are killing like it’s nothing, mother’s against daughters, fathers against sons. People are doing whatever they want to do. They are worried about being caught by man, while Jesus sees it all. For those who are claiming one thing from their lips but are living another, one day you will no longer have an opportunity to choose.

You’ve seen me write straddling the fence many times, but in reality there is NO straddling the fence, you’re either for Him or you’re against Him. People can continue to live their lives for man, not understanding that man has to bow too. In the Word, God says “every knee shall bow.” It didn’t say a few or some; it says EVERY knee shall bow.

While we yet live, we live according to what we believe. If you say you believe but live something else  you’re a liar and you’re straddling the fence. You may claim Him, but how you live tells the truth. I’m not talking about how you portray yourself to the world, because most already know that’s pretense. I’m talking about how you live when no one sees you. God always sees you. Anything against Him is not pleasing to His sight. People are more worried about pleasing man. They are still in the world doing worldly things. They look, talk, dress, act, and think worldly. They only give reference to God on Sundays as if that will get them into Heaven. By doing this you’re choosing a side even without knowing it. If you’re NOT for Him, you’re AGAINST Him; point blank!

We are created to live forever! If a person die in their sins when they die they are dead; meaning they have lost the opportunity for eternal life with the Father. They chose the road of eternal damnation.  It’s the life they chose to live forever, because they chose their god (the devil) while they were alive. It’s ALL a personal choice. People can shuck, jive, dip, dodge, fake, pretend, and play all the games they want, but there’s ONLY one way to the Father and that’s through the Son. If people think they can dip their feet on both sides; WRONG! In other words, what I am saying is by trying to play both sides, in reality you’re only playing yourself, because it’s either one OR the other. People are trying to play both sides of the fence, but by NOT submitting completely and living according to God’s Word, you’re automatically choosing the other.

There’s nothing hidden under the sun to the Son! God wishes for NONE of us to perish, but at the end of the day the choice is personal. For those of you who know you’re not doing right. You know exactly what you’re doing, thinking, feeling, and how you’re acting. If you read the Word, then you know whether it’s pleasing to God and His Son Jesus. A person can be saved, but not living a Holy life.  However, the Bible says you must be Born AGAIN and you must live Holy. That’s the bottom line, the point, and the period! Stop playing with God, because He’s NOT playing with you! Stop playing Russian roulette with your life.

We see so many tragedies every single day we live, yet people still don’t want to do what they know is right. As I’ve said before, everything wrong, the world is trying to make right, and everything right the world is trying to make wrong. This is not the way of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

There are consequences to how we live. There is no way around it,  how we choose to live determines where we will spend eternity.



Put Some Clothes On


Listen ladies for those of you who don’t like to cover up; everyone with eyes can see you have a nice body. We see it, we get it! However, we’re not impressed with seeing all you have. It’s so ridiculous to see women either with their boobs hanging out or they’re showing all of their assets to the world. I don’t care how good she thinks she looks women give a bad impression when they do this.

Some women have sons that they are dressing this way in front of and I think it’s not a good thing. This is ONLY my opinion, but I believe as a parent we should be careful of how we dress in front of our daughters and sons.

Women who feel they have to show their boobs all of the time or barely dress are women who have insecurities. Many may act as if they got it all together and are strong women, but the disguise is transparent. Some men see you and the first thing comes in their heads is laying down with these types of women. This is because these women present themselves in such provocative ways. Many think they’re classy when they are actually looking classless.

Some women try to act shy. Please!!! If a person was really shy, they wouldn’t dress this way. I understand people have confidence, but believe me it goes deeper than that. Sad part is some of these women claim to be living for Jesus. Lies!!!!!!!!!! If they were their hearts would be convicted and they couldn’t present themselves in such a manner.

I hardly watch television, because every channel there are half dressed women. In the Bible even Adam and Eve had the sense to cover themselves. Women should be proud of how they look, but that doesn’t mean expose yourselves to the world. The world is sick of seeing you!

Some women think you’re hating on them when you speak against it. That’s furthest from the truth. I know without a doubt I’m a good looking woman, but I cover up. I don’t wear turtlenecks, but I cover up and still look sexy in the process (even without trying). When a woman shows everything she has, she looks trashy and as if she’s seeking attention. To some women this is the only way she gets attention, but it goes back to insecurities. You can have a billion dollars yet still be insecure.

I know many will feel some kind of way about this, but the truth is the truth. This sends a bad message to your sons and to your daughters. Would it be okay that your daughters are dressing like you? If so, it says a LOT about who you are. What do you think your sons say to themselves when they see their mom dressed this way? I’m just saying!




Relationship Hopping Tells the Truth


Does this sound like you! Some people don’t have the sense to be embarrassed. I am embarrassed and sad for you! Please sit down somewhere and breathe! Reflect and learn how to grow and develop into a mature woman or man; someone who doesn’t need a significant other to validate who they are!

Nothing you have will change who you really are unless you change and let go of the baggage that has you in bondage. There are many wearing fake smiles, they’re dressed up and looking good, but are completely broken inside. This affects people from all walks of life to include the rich and famous.

I see and hear about people relationship hopping; some famous others are not. Some celebrities or others of well known status want the rest of the world to think they are different, but this is a lie. The difference is they can acquire and, purchase better things, they can go more places, they can do more things, and they can gain more opportunities and greater access to things. However, no amount of money will change what’s universal. We ALL despite the status; desire love, happiness, joy, and a peace of mind. Unfortunately money can buy a whole lot, but it can’t buy ANYONE a new CORE. Within the CORE lies the truth. No matter how polished on the outside and how well one tries to hide the truth it always shows in a persons bad choices and decisions.

Many people don’t take time to breathe before they’re out of one relationship right into another. It’s VERY immature and shallow to think you have it going on and all together when your actions are showing the complete opposite. You obviously don’t like yourself, because you can’t be by yourself. You feel to validate yourself you need someone by your side. This isn’t a good thing. By constantly going from one relationship to another you’re taking no time to figure out yourself. You’re too busy with trying to get the next hook up you never take a moment to understand why you’re doing what you do, you just do it! By now it’s second nature for you to move on to the next relationship. All of this comes from what’s going on inside of you; things you’ve carried around for a long time.

You will NEVER grow and mature mentally by doing this. You may get older, but you’re not giving yourself the ability to become more mature, wise, and full of wisdom by continuing to make the same bad decisions over and over. You have at this point in your life shown your inability to have a healthy relationship. You don’t give yourself the opportunity to learn how to love yourself, because you’re too busy trying to love someone else. It will NEVER work if you don’t learn to spend time with yourself, loving yourself,  and enjoying time alone.

These types of individuals live behind lies. They don’t know how to love themselves therefore they seek it in different ways and through other people. What you’ve grown accustomed to is a lie! You hide behind other things so that people don’t know the truth about who you are. Reality is you show the truth by your actions. You are in and out of relationships. Some of you are having sex with everyone you become involved with. You ruin your body by doing this, subjecting yourselves to unhealthy ways of life. Stop it! Value yourselves and your bodies!

It’s okay to want to have someone in your life, but before you can have a healthy relationship you must first love yourself and know how to be by yourself. You must learn that you are valuable and that you don’t have to settle with any ole one just to be with someone. Besides it won’t work out anyways, because you have too much unresolved baggage. You’re too focused on being with someone and not focused on getting yourself together, which is the most important thing. If you’re messed up every relationship you’re in will be messed up. This is why you’re repeatedly in and out of relationships. Some of you stay with people you don’t love, because you don’t know how to be alone. The ONLY person who can change this is YOU!!