Put Some Clothes On


Listen ladies for those of you who don’t like to cover up; everyone with eyes can see you have a nice body. We see it, we get it! However, we’re not impressed with seeing all you have. It’s so ridiculous to see women either with their boobs hanging out or they’re showing all of their assets to the world. I don’t care how good she thinks she looks women give a bad impression when they do this.

Some women have sons that they are dressing this way in front of and I think it’s not a good thing. This is ONLY my opinion, but I believe as a parent we should be careful of how we dress in front of our daughters and sons.

Women who feel they have to show their boobs all of the time or barely dress are women who have insecurities. Many may act as if they got it all together and are strong women, but the disguise is transparent. Some men see you and the first thing comes in their heads is laying down with these types of women. This is because these women present themselves in such provocative ways. Many think they’re classy when they are actually looking classless.

Some women try to act shy. Please!!! If a person was really shy, they wouldn’t dress this way. I understand people have confidence, but believe me it goes deeper than that. Sad part is some of these women claim to be living for Jesus. Lies!!!!!!!!!! If they were their hearts would be convicted and they couldn’t present themselves in such a manner.

I hardly watch television, because every channel there are half dressed women. In the Bible even Adam and Eve had the sense to cover themselves. Women should be proud of how they look, but that doesn’t mean expose yourselves to the world. The world is sick of seeing you!

Some women think you’re hating on them when you speak against it. That’s furthest from the truth. I know without a doubt I’m a good looking woman, but I cover up. I don’t wear turtlenecks, but I cover up and still look sexy in the process (even without trying). When a woman shows everything she has, she looks trashy and as if she’s seeking attention. To some women this is the only way she gets attention, but it goes back to insecurities. You can have a billion dollars yet still be insecure.

I know many will feel some kind of way about this, but the truth is the truth. This sends a bad message to your sons and to your daughters. Would it be okay that your daughters are dressing like you? If so, it says a LOT about who you are. What do you think your sons say to themselves when they see their mom dressed this way? I’m just saying!