The Hearts of People (RACISM)


I know writing this post some will agree and some won’t (what’s new) right? I want to write about this foolishness that continues to happen in this world. It’s pure ignorance to hate on the basis of skin color. ANYONE who does was TAUGHT this way. Babies aren’t born knowing anything about racism, they are taught as young ones who grows up to carry on this ignorant way of thinking. They’re in bondage without understanding it or even realizing they’ve adopted this way of thinking.

All we’ve seen and heard lately is racism this or racism that and although it’s what seen on the surface it comes from something much deeper. Many cry racism, because they don’t understand the truth depth of the problem. The problem is the HEARTS OF people! What’s in the heart is coming out one way or another. A person can put on the finest clothes, live in the best homes, drive the best cars, have the best jobs none of it will change what’s in their hearts. If they are nasty inside it will spill out. The same with those who may not have as much. What’s in the heart will come out in some form or another. No matter how hard some people try to hide it they always show the truth in some fashion.

To say racism isn’t prevalent would be an outright lie! However, what I want the world to understand is that the problem ISN’T actually racism itself, the problem is the hearts of those who are racist! These people were taught to be this way by someone  and most likely it started at home. Not all racist people learned this at home, some learned it from other people. Regardless where it originated, it is a LEARNED behavior!

People are so focused on the word racism and it ALWAYS seems to be about Black and White. First of all as I mentioned in a post months ago. I’ve yet to see a Black person or a White person. All of this nonsense started from the hearts of man (man or woman). The terms were meant to defile one race while uplifting the other and it has ALWAYS been this way. It’s all so very sad! People have been brainwashed for years that one race is superior over all races and it’s simply a LIE! We ALL have the same Jesus! He didn’t give one race a different requirement to live; we ALL require the same things to live (food, water, and some form of shelter). Our skin is different shades because we are all a part of the Covenant He left for us (the Rainbow). It doesn’t mean one race is superior than the next. MAN has done this separation! It’s stupid, ignorant, and a very shallow way to think.

Racism is prevalent in all races and within some races people hate their own race. Bottom line it is what has been taught. People have been taught to HATE rather than to LOVE for whatever reason. This hatred pools out into what we see as racism. The focus is ALWAYS Black and White, but this is how MAN continues to manipulate and try to separate to cause confusion. Sadly society and communities continue to be little soldiers marching to the beat of this foolishness!

This world will NEVER end racism UNTIL they first realize, understand, and accept the fact that it stems from what’s in the hearts of the people. Nothing and I mean NOTHING can conquer hate, but love. I understand that some people don’t know how to love. This is because they NEVER received it as a child. A person can be taught how to love if they are willing to be taught. No matter what we are taught as children, as young adults and adults it’s OUR responsibility to change what is negative. If all you know is the wrong way, then the wrong way is how you will think and it’s how you will live. These types of people have to be willing to change their wrong ways of thinking, which will change their feeling, and their behaviors. This will ultimately change their cold hearts.

If we want change we have to embrace change. People are enslaved, this includes all racist people despite the color of their skin. They are in bondage and in captivity by their own ways of thinking. They are carrying around their generational curses of hatred and are blind by it. They are completely imprisoned by their own ways of thinking and most aren’t aware they act the way they do, because it was instilled/ingrained in them at an early age.

I pray in the name of God the Father and Jesus Christ that our land is healed. I pray for the hearts of man, because if those hearts don’t change no change can occur in this world when it comes to racism. I pray people learn how to love and stop falling for this foolishness. If you want to make a difference learn how to love your neighbor despite the color of their skin. If a person has a problem with the color of another person’s skin they need to understand the person they hate had NO control or CHOICE as to what skin they were born into. We need love, peace, and harmony in our world.

Some White people don’t want to be White and some Black people don’t want to be Black. There are many other races who feel the same about their own race. This was how they were taught. We are all a gift from God and a part of the Rainbow. Think what this world would look like if it were all one color; even the thought isn’t appealing. God makes no mistakes, He made us this way for a reason. The hatred needs to stop, it didn’t come from God, because He’s nothing but love. What’s in the heart of any person will show in some type of way and this is why we see racism.