Cheating is Intentional

I don’t care what excuse people give for cheating, IT IS INTENTIONAL! First of all if you’re in a relationship with ANYONE and you go looking for someone else, it’s absolutely intentional. The “it just happened” is nonsense and a lie. It never just happens and  it isn’t a mistake; it’s a bad decision! It’sContinue reading “Cheating is Intentional”

The Signs Don’t Lie

IF the one you want to be with or is supposedly with only communicates with you through texting, then THEY aren’t that into you!!! When will some people get it? Look at the signs! Some of you are sitting somewhere right now waiting on a text. Stop expecting the one you want to be with orContinue reading “The Signs Don’t Lie”


There are consequences for your actions. If people would take time to think over the possible consequences of their actions, many would probably choose differently. Instead people move based on what’s in their hearts. Our hearts hold all of who we are whether good or bad. Cheaters – Understand if you are a cheater there areContinue reading “Consequences”

If it’s Over Stop Talking About It

I’m sure some people would say it’s easier said then done. I beg the differ. The reason is if a person is really over their significant other there will be no issues of regret and they won’t dwell on them. I believe the problem is too many people get out of relationships without actually beingContinue reading “If it’s Over Stop Talking About It”

Hall Passes are for School

I am sick of this stupid and immature phenomenon. I am forewarning people; giving hall passes is not a good idea. Let me ask you how many times do we hear of men giving hall passes? Uh never, and if they do it’s because they’re in the same mindset of the women who offer or suggestContinue reading “Hall Passes are for School”

Emotional and Physical Connections

I don’t claim to be something I am not, however, there has been a great change in my life since making Jesus my choice. I don’t believe in fornication, adultery, or any form of sexual immorality, but I know many people live differently than I do, therefore as a writer, I have to write about what people are dealing with. ThereContinue reading “Emotional and Physical Connections”

Seeing With Your Eyes Not Your Heart

I know some of you will get the title while others won’t. The past 2 weeks I’ve been on a well deserved vacation. No matter where I go, I always seem to give out words of encouragement,  advice, opinions, recommendations, etc. It’s fine, I love walking in my calling at all times and anywhere. It NEVER ceasesContinue reading “Seeing With Your Eyes Not Your Heart”