Hall Passes are for School


I am sick of this stupid and immature phenomenon. I am forewarning people; giving hall passes is not a good idea. Let me ask you how many times do we hear of men giving hall passes? Uh never, and if they do it’s because they’re in the same mindset of the women who offer or suggest this type of nonsense! Men can’t stomach the thought of their women having a hall pass, so they’re likely not give their women this pass. On the flipside; many men will certainly take it if offered. Many will do it without the offer, but they feel better about it when it’s offered.

Now, after writing the above line let me elaborate; any person (male or female) who offers the individual they love a hall pass is asking for trouble. I don’t care how people pretend they’re okay with their significant other sleeping around with someone else, it’s a lie! If you truly love and in love with who you’re with, there’s no way you want them sleeping with someone else. Offering this pass will not help your relationship. Any person offering their significant other a hall pass is a person with insecurities. It’s someone who feels they need to do anything to keep who they are with. It’s someone who needs to realize nothing he or she does will keep the person they love. Bottom line, if the person you’re with really loved you, a hall pass wouldn’t ever be a topic of discussion in your relationship.

A lot of women offer or suggest a hall pass out of desperation in thinking it will fix their already unhealthy relationships. New flash, it won’t! What these types of women need to fix is themselves. Work on you! Figure out and deal with why you’re insecure and desperate in keeping someone who don’t want to be kept by you! Yes, you read it correctly. If a man loves you and is in love with you, he will NOT want to step out on you. A man that’s mature and serious about his relationship will not put his woman in a predicament where she feels she needs to offer him a hall pass.

People in relationships who feel they need a hall pass are people who shouldn’t be in relationships. They are people who may be of age, but they certainly haven’t matured. They are people who have their own insecurities and are still being led by their flesh. Their concern isn’t for who they are with, their concern is for what they want and desire. Who they are with isn’t enough, they aren’t satisfied, they are still “sowing their wild oats.” This is NOT a person who should be in a committed relationship.

Sadly, too many people get into relationships yet they have no commitment, dedication, faithfulness, or loyalty to whom they are with. However, even worse is the fact sometimes people know what they are getting, yet they think they will be able to change the individual only to find out they were wrong. No amount of love can change a person who doesn’t want to change. These types of people aren’t ready or capable to be part of healthy relationships, unfortunately many will still pursue relationships. They are dysfunctional people (the one offering the hall pass and the one who’s taking it)! In these types of relationships one person is always suffering, because they are too occupied in trying to figure out ways to keep who they are with. They are exhausted and drained trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t want the same thing. They fail to realize no matter what they give or offer it will not make the person they are with love them the way they want to be loved.

Men don’t give hall passes, because they know it’s stupid and they know they can’t handle the thought of another man being with their women. Ladies, if he can’t handle the thought of you being with someone else, why do you feel it’s okay for him to be with another or other women? It’s ridiculous, it’s not right, it’s not fair, and it’s NOT what a healthy strong relationships is or should be about. If you give hall passes, then you’re setting yourself up for anything.

Like the title says “hall passes are for school, NOT relationships.” If you act desperate it’s exactly how you will be treated. If you offer a hall pass something is wrong with YOU! You’re pushing the limits therefore be prepared for the repercussions of your choices and decisions. Hall pass today, what tomorrow??