If it’s Over Stop Talking About It


I’m sure some people would say it’s easier said then done. I beg the differ. The reason is if a person is really over their significant other there will be no issues of regret and they won’t dwell on them. I believe the problem is too many people get out of relationships without actually being over them. They have the tendencies to constantly bring stuff from their old relationships into their new ones.

A lot of people move on into other relationships without resolving the first. This causes restrictions, disruptions, and barriers in new relationships. Both men and women become quite annoyed and bored of hearing about previous escapades with last significant others. When a person gets into a new relationship if all he or she does is reference the old flame, then it’s a good indication they’re not over it.

If you’re a person who can’t seem to stop talking or thinking about your ex, then something is wrong with! Examine yourselves and start taking notice of what you’re thinking and saying. You may not believe it, but when you constantly talk about your past relationship to the new person in your life you do one of two things; you turn them off or you teach them how to treat you (good or bad). Sometimes they may not say anything, but they are taking in what is being said.

Oftentimes people set themselves up for failure by reliving their past relationships in their new ones. If you tell all of your dirty laundry to the new person in your life it provides them with information on the type of person you are. Meaning, they sometimes figure if you took crap from someone else they can give you some as well or if you done a particular thing to someone else you will do it to them. Have you ever been in a situation or know of someone who got with an individual who promised they would never do to them what their ex done to them; only to find out they did that and more ?  In my opinion it’s not good to drag old stuff into a new relationship. In other words stop telling all of your business to the new person in your life. Some things isn’t his or her business! Sometimes you can talk and tell too much! It can sometimes bite you in the butt!

Some people compare the differences or similarities between their old and current significant others. People stop doing this!! No one likes this being done to them. It’s oftentimes leads to conflicts in new relationships, which is understandable. If you’re too affected by a previous relationship (good or bad) and you talk about it a lot to your current significant other; this shows you’re not over it.

When people are in relationships and the decision is made to move on, people must be able to wash their hands of it and move on. If they can’t they don’t need to get into other relationships carrying all of the baggage from their previous ones. It’s immature and it causes unnecessary drama for everyone involved. If you can’t get over it, then it’s not over!! Please stop getting into relationships knowing your hearts and minds are with the last person you were involved with.