Me, Believers and Deceivers


I know some people don’t like it when I write about the Father and His Son Jesus, it is okay. I’m not here to convert anyone or save anyone, I don’t have that power. I’m only here to inform, uplift, motivate, enlighten, encourage, etc. If you don’t believe that is your choice. There was a time in my life I didn’t have a personal relationship with the Father. I lived to please man, I cared what man thought or what they saw me do. I grew up in church, but it wasn’t until years later I developed a personal relationship and connection with God and His Son Jesus. There are many things I done back in the day, that I am not proud of, but when I think about how God kept me, I can’t do anything but thank Him.

I’m a living witness that no matter what you’ve gone through the choice is yours as to how you face it and deal with it. I know that God the Father and His Son Jesus can keep you through anything if you believe. I’ve gone through storms, I’ve been tried by the fire, but here I yet stand. I cry out with tears of joy to the Father for keeping me when I didn’t realize that I was heading for a life of eternal damnation. When I think of the foolish things I did and how it could have been me in a LOT of situations; I thank God it wasn’t me. Why He chose to keep me when I wasn’t even honoring Him, I don’t know, I’m just glad He did.

I’ve gone through things some people wouldn’t have a clue about, I’ve dealt with things most wouldn’t or couldn’t believe nor understand. Yet, I am still here. I’m here only by the grace of the Father. Years ago the verse “God loves conquers all fear” got me through some tough times. I dealt with things no one but God could have brought me through and He did. I can’t thank Him enough.

I remember the times I used to sing in church on Saturday nights and hit the club right after church in the clothes I wore to church. I did some dipping and tipping, ducking and dodging from man while God saw everything I did. Although I know I’m forgiven, I am ashamed when I think of all He saw me do or heard me say. I’ve gone through many hurtful situations, but not once did I turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, stealing, killing, immoral acts, selfishness, cheating, etc. etc; instead of entertaining any of those things I chose Jesus. I re-dedicated my life and I did it freely and willfully. I gave up this old mean world and I chose the Lord’s side. He cleaned me up from the inside out.

For me, I can’t really tell you when I completely changed, but I do remember repenting of everything I did and telling God I no longer wanted to be the way I was. I asked Him to make me over. When I gave up all that I gave up, I never went back to it. The devil tried to tempt me here and there but I called him out every time and I still call him out to this day when he tries to sneak around. I know a person can be holy and live a holy life. The problem with most is they talk a good talk, but they fail to live what they preach, teach, talk, etc. The Bible says “you must be born again and you must be holy.” Many want to claim it, however, what they claim is a lie. They don’t want to give up this world and their old ways and it shows in the things they do and say.

People think because they come to Christ they are no longer bothered by troubles, but as I’ve said many times before the ONLY trouble free people are in the cemetery. You will have troubles, they will come and they will go. They aren’t to do anything other than to make you strong. Too many want to isolate themselves or give up when they are faced with adversities. God want us to believe and to lean and depend on Him in the good as well as bad times. People also think to be born again they are considered lame and boring. This is so not true! You can still have fun, but how you do it and what you do is different.

When you give yourself completely to God you change. If you think, act, dress, go the same places, talk the same, hang with and around the same people,  etc then something is wrong! When you’ve submitted and committed to the Father your life is no longer the same, there’s NO WAY it can be. You will live as if God is watching you, therefore OLD things will be no more. Your ways of thinking change, what you thought was important is no longer important as it once was. Your focus definitely changes! You do what’s pleasing to the Father and NOT man. You won’t fall for all of the brainwashing going on today. Those who are ONLY pretending to believe will ridicule, persecute, scorn you, talk about you, lie on you, and can even take your life; yet they can’t harm your soul. Your spirit belongs to the Father! Man is jealous, angry, bitter, envious, spiteful, manipulative, dishonest, and a lot of other things. They can’t understand how anyone can live holy. They question your walk, because they haven’t accepted it for themselves, so to them it can’t be real. They base it on how they know they are living. I encourage true believers to stand strong and firm!

I’ve learned to lean and depend on God in everyway. I’m not trying to sound perfect; I’m not, but I know my walk is real. I’m trying to encourage someone. My prayer is people stand on the Word of God. If you say you believe and you love Him, then you should be willing to give up this world and your old ways. Many people claim to love Him, yet they are still getting drunk, clubbing every weekend, speaking defiled words from their mouths, fornicating, committing adultery, lying, stealing, killing, and you name it. NONE of it is pleasing in the sight of the Father. It’s all against Him. You can’t do these things and still have a seat in the Kingdom. I’m not trying to judge ANYONE, God left the ground rules and it is written in His word. There is definitive descriptions as to how we should conduct ourselves. Those who don’t want to follow it aren’t following Him, point blank and period!! People can play all they want, but one day the game WILL BE over!!

It saddens me so many pretend to be on the God’s side, yet their walk tells the true story. You can’t serve God and the devil. I used to say people are straddling the fence and metaphorically they are, but in reality there is no fence, because if you’re not on the Lord’s side then you’re on the devil’s side!!! A person can get by, but they sure can’t get away! What side are you on? Time is winding up, everyday we get is a chance to get it right, one day there will be no more chances. A lot of people don’t believe and that’s there choice, but for those who claim to believe yet are living any kind of way, my prayer is you get it right before it’s too late!