Your Fight Isn’t Worth It


A lot of people find themselves fighting over their significant others and my question is why? Why do men and women do this? When a person is cheating on you in my opinion they’re not worth bickering and fighting over.

There are many women who are fighting over men. If you’re in a relationship with someone and he steps out on you it was his choice. Any woman who fights over a cheating man is a foolish woman. If there is another woman in the picture the issue isn’t with her it’s with the man. A man who steps out on his woman is not worthy to be fought over, he’s shown he’s no good and not trustworthy. Matter of fact no man or woman is worth fighting over when cheating is involved.

It’s ridiculous to see women acting fools over men who obviously doesn’t value either of them. Women who fight or lose friendship with friends and relatives because of a man are women who lack self esteem and they are insecure.  As I mentioned earlier the issue is with the man.

Sometimes women get involved with men without knowing they are involved with someone. There are men who are married but they lie about it or they lie about the status of their relationships. They say they are married but not together or they will say they are together but are divorcing. Some will even say they just live together but do their own separate things. Any excuse given is just that an excuse. If a man tell you he’s with a woman no matter what the circumstance he’s a man you shouldn’t get involved with. When women choose to get into relationships with men who are already in relationships these women are causing their own troubles.

There are a lot of times women choose to be in denial, instead they want to fight and go after the other woman. A man will do exactly what he’s allowed to get away with and anything he wants to do. Some men keep the pot stirred by continuing to see both women regardless of the chaos it’s causing. Women who stay with these men are foolish women. These men are clearly showing the women neither of them matter.

A mature and good man would never ever bring drama into his relationship. He wouldn’t want to be with any other women. Men who cheat have major issues they need to work out before entering into any relationship. Women who know the men they’re with are with other women yet continue in these types of relationships are insecure women who also has other issues. They are mistreated because they accept this type of treatment.

I’ve always said your man or woman and people in general will ONLY treat you how you allow. If you are fighting with someone over who you’re with, you’re with the wrong person. This is ONLY my opinion! Personally I wouldn’t want anyone who devalued  or defiled our relationship. Unfortunately too many women would rather waste time arguing and fighting over a man then to consider what the man really thinks of her shows in how he’s treating her. If there is another woman involved this says a lot. The issue shouldn’t be with the other woman but with the no good man.

Women who fight over men give these men power over them. These men know what they are doing is wrong but knowing isn’t enough to make them want to stop doing what they do. The women make these men feel important when they aren’t worth the confusion they cause.

Men oftentimes find themselves doing the same things as the women. They too fight and argue with other men over who they are with. No woman is worth arguing and fighting over when cheating is involved. People who cheat does it willfully and freely. They choose to do what they are doing and deciding to cheat shows their significant others exactly what they mean to them. So really;  what is the fighting about?

To know you’re cheated on is a heart wrenching thing but my plea to both men and women who are cheated on is don’t lose your mind over someone who isn’t thinking of you. Stop acting fools over people who commit acts they already know are sure to cause you pain. When a person’s action clearly shows you how important your relationship is NOT, it’s time to take notice of the truth. Deal with your man or woman but don’t fight about it with no one; not even them, because they aren’t worth the fight.