The World Without the Bible


I had a conversation with someone this weekend she was telling me about a program she saw on television where the man was saying in a few years the Bible would be irrelevant. This was clearly NOT a man of God to speak such foolishness.

Truth is it’s irrelevant right now for many. I really wasn’t shocked to hear it. Don’t be fooled! The Bible will NEVER be irrelevant. God’ Word will remain when we are all gone. This is a trick of the enemy to try an make people believe that things has changed so much until the Bible isn’t relevant

The Bible says God is an unchanging God. He’s the same today, yesterday, and forevermore. The people in the world are changing, but God’s Word is the same as it always has been. Many people have no roots they sway conforming to whatever, whenever. They hold no substance and therefore they believe whatever sounds or looks good to them.

People are always trying to add to or take away from the Bible; when God clearly says not to do this. As I’ve written many times before there are many so called Saints who are worldly and conforming to the world. They use many excuses as to why they do the things they do. The biggest lie I’ve heard is they do it to reach the younger generation. Bull crap! They do it because it’s who they are, they do it because they are talkers and not doers of the Word. They are still in the world doing what worldly people do. They act the part, but that’s all they’re doing is acting.

No matter what happens in this world God is still God. I’m talking about the God with the big G not the many little gods. He still and will forever reign sovereign over all. He do not NOR will not change His guidance or scripture. He knew the ways of the world would change. He knew there would be naysayers. He knew there would be those who are only talkers and not doers of the Word. He knew those types of people wouldn’t be grounded and rooted solidly. He knew they would go with the flow and against His Word. It’s written in the Bible.

No matter what you see or what you hear don’t worry. They can take away our physical Bibles, but they can’t take the Bible from within us, because it’s in our hearts and on our minds. This is why if you say you believe, you must get into the Word on a daily basis. Study the Bible daily and get the Word down in your souls. If there is ever a time they try to take it from us, no worries, because we will be rooted firmly in and by the Word of our Father God and His Son Jesus.

Don’t be tricked or fooled. Times are getting worse, but you stand on the Word and the promises of God. I was reading the Bible last night. It was about how foolish people are, they predict the weather according to how it looks outside (loss of leaves – or snow = fall or winter, warm stormy =(spring or summer). The Bible continues to say, but how foolish people are to look at and believe this, but they aren’t looking at the signs He’s giving us. In other words people are seeing and believing what they want, but the signs God is providing us, people are ignoring. They aren’t watching!!

I’m amazed it’s the last day in Oct and we’re still getting days of 80 degree weather; it’s way out of the norm. The weather forecaster is baffled, but to me it’s God’s way of letting us know the weather forecaster can only guess by the modules and models he or she has to go by, but God knows what the real forecast will be. Truth is He is trying to warn us to keep our eyes on Him, but people are lost. This world is right back in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. People are doing what they want to do at record rates. I can’t say for many He’s an after thought, because fact of the matter is He isn’t even a thought for many.

God is coming back and when He does all of the people who refused Him or who didn’t live by His Word He will say, “depart from me you workers of iniquities for I know you not!” I will stand on the Word of God, I want Him to welcome me as a good and faithful servant. This is a race we must each run alone, we can’t hand off the baton to anyone else. The reward isn’t given to the “swift nor the strong, but to the one who endures to the end.”


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