Gone in an Instant


None of us knows how, when, or where! I lost an uncle and my grandson’s young father over the Thanksgiving holiday 2016. There are many of my posts about getting our lives together before it’s too late. DEATH is real and it’s coming for each of us. My uncle was quickly taken by cancer, my grandson’s dad quickly and tragically taken by being struck by 2 vehicles.

Life is far too short to not want to be the best we can be. Too many choose to live their lives as if they’re never going to die. NEWS FLASH, we will ALL someday die and unfortunately many lives will be gone in an instant without a chance to repent. If we die in our mess that’s it!! Eternal damnation will be the choice made. No one knows the day or the hour, this is why it’s so important to get your lives together while you’re able to repent and change your ways. Don’t be a person who God has turned over to a reprobated mind.

I’ve written many times and will continue to write; nothing in this world is worth losing your soul over. If we die in the midst of our sins we don’t get any do over’s. Right now is it! Right now is our opportunities to get it right and live a life that’s pleasing in the sight of Jesus. We can play too long until we’ve played out and it’s too late. Don’t let it be you!

Death is coming like a thief in the night and without warning. No matter the situation or circumstance no one knows exactly down to the sec when they will take their last breath and depart from this physical world to a spirit realm. As long as we have breath in our bodies and blood running warm in our veins it’s NOT too late to get it right.

People of today are out of control. Many are lost souls who has submitted to the works of the darkness. They are out to do harm to others for no legitimate reasons. Their minds are controlled by evil thoughts; with raw emotions and feelings behind those evil thoughts until they end up doing the unthinkable. People are doing all sorts of foolishness. It comes from what’s truly in the hearts of people. When they are full of darkness (envy, jealousy, anger, malice, strife for WHATEVER reason/s) they are overcome by this darkness and it shows in their actions. They do things, because those things are what they have been thinking about for a long while, those things are eventually put into actions. They are seeking to belong, to be loved, or something they lack. They are easily persuaded and manipulated into foolishness. This is the work of evil which is here to kill, steal, and destroy. Look around; no matter where you are, you will see and hear about the madness going on in this world. People are broken all over the world, they are lost. They are young and old. They are of all races!

People are committing all kinds of evil acts and many are killed in the midst of committing those acts. These people have chose eternal damnation when they didn’t have to. People must stop being so easily influenced, brainwashed, manipulated, and persuaded by others. We all have a brain to think on our own and for ourselves. Even if you had a twin one was born before the other, therefore we are all birthed into this world alone. It’s great to have people who love you and are there for you, but in case you don’t have this; we ALL must be able to stand alone and make the right decisions and choices for ourselves. People must stop being influenced by others to do the wrong things.

To kill or harm in the name of ANY form of religion or hate is ludicrous. To kill or harm in the name of what a person thinks is love is ludicrous. To kill or harm, because you can’t deal with who you are is ludicrous. To live a life full of balled up pain when you don’t have to is ludicrous, because it keeps you captive by your own mind and it causes nothing but havoc in your lives.

I still believe nothing but love conquers hate. Some people are full of hate for all kinds of reasons, but it does nothing but feed the darkness they hold inside. These people don’t have a chance for eternal life if they die in the midst of their sins and darkness. We don’t know where, how, or when it will be our time to leave this world. Right now is the chance for change, but it’s up to each individual what they choose. In one blink of an eye any one of us could be gone. Think about today, how you choose to continue to live; because your life can be gone in an instant. Today is all we have, tomorrow isn’t promised, and yesterday is gone forever!






Words Sweet as a Honeycomb


Don’t be fooled by sweet and or slick talk. Too many are quickly deceived by the words that comes out of the mouth of people. A person’s words can sound real good, but aren’t worth a thing and doesn’t mean a thing, because the intentions behind the words are bogus.

When people haven’t matured they have the tendency to grasp on to whatever is said, because they are being led by their emotions and feelings. Later down the road they realize they bought “wolf tickets” that weren’t worth a thing.

A person can talk a good talk knowing the whole time they don’t intend to do what they say. They don’t mean what they say, they say it because they know it sounds good to the ears and they know you believe it. Remember I always say “we teach people how to treat us.”

You must learn to see the actions behinds a person’s words. When you see the actions it means those words has substance. The truth will always surface in some form if we are open to the truth. The problem is many are in too deep in their feelings and emotions, they overlook the truth.

There are many who are in relationships because the words spoken by their significant others sounded very good. We have heard forever “if it sounds too good to be true, it’s not true). Why is it that when it comes to relationships people completely forget about this cliché? People are too immersed in their feelings until they are oblivious to the actions of those they are with or perhaps want to be with. It is why many find themselves in unhealthy relationships. Their eyes are wide open but they fail to see a thing!

When I always say or write people are this way due to immaturity, I’m not trying to put anyone down at all. We all have been immature at some point in life. A person will mature by the aging process, but it doesn’t mean they are a mature adult, it ONLY means they have gotten older in age. People who are still being led by their emotions haven’t matured. Many people go through things, but they don’t learn from their experiences and oftentimes find themselves in and out of the same types of relationships with similar acting people. It’s because they having matured. Unfortunately some will die immature. Some people live, but never grow. They go through things, but don’t necessarily learn  which is how we grow and mature.

To really mature you must first know thyself. You must know who you are, by accepting all flaws and facing any issues you have inside to get to the point of loving thyself. You will learn from every experience and you will not allow what you’ve gone through to keep you in a stagnant state of mind. When you love yourself you will “guard your hearts.” You will no longer allow feelings and emotions to cause you to make the wrong decisions and choices. You will be able to see and enjoy the forest although it’s full of trees “so to speak.” You can see further than the end of your noses because your eyes are open and you can see the truth for the truth; beyond the smooth, sweet words. You will accept no matter how good something looks, sounds, feels, if it’s not good for you you’re not interested. Most importantly you will know the difference between wanting and needing something. or someone.

This post can relate to any facet of your lives. Stop going solely by what is said and start looking at the actions behind the words. If people do this a lot of  lives would be different. In my opinion a person’s words are only worth the actions behind them. A person can talk all day, yet do something totally different. They can speak a bunch of sweet nothings. Words can sound good, but hold no merit, because of the lack of actions behind them. When people get pass being led by their emotions and feelings they will understand this concept.





Holiday Blues


Truth is many people are sad, unhappy, and depressed before the holidays, the holidays makes them feel worse. I believe people in this category are people who invest their energy and power in other people and things and not at all in themselves. What do I mean? I mean these are people who are depending on others for their happiness. Whenever you allow yourself to be in this type of a situation you will end up sad, depressed, feeling lonely and isolated. Some people are lonely even when they are surrounded by a lot of people. It’s because they are filled with darkness due to something they haven’t let go of which by the ways always involve other people. The real truth lies within the inner part of who we are. People can put a smile on a face, but their hearts are heavy and it shows in some form through their actions.

Your life belongs to you and no one but you. You’re beautifully created no matter what you think of yourself. Negative thoughts breeds negative feelings and actions. No one has control over your life but you. Stop putting all of your everything into other people and things and start investing and believing in yourselves. Love you first and if you do this, I promise you that you will see your life differently. You will do as the Bible says “guard your hearts.” You will stop allowing any and everything into your lives and you will certainly not give your power to others or things.

People live all of their lives searching for someone to love them or searching for what they think they’ve missed out on. They allow what they didn’t receive from others to dictate and dominate their lives. It leads them to drinking, doing drugs, acts of self mutilation, depression, suicide, homicide, immoral sex acts, lonely, sad, unhappy, confused, co-dependent, no or low self esteem, no self confidence, and a host of other things. It comes from what dwells inside; which is a place of darkness. I believe no one has to live this ways and I truly pray people understand they don’t have to live this way. How we allow our thoughts to affect us determines the feelings and emotions behind those thoughts and ultimately how we act.

We’ve all heard about how many people kill themselves during the holidays. It’s very sad, but it’s also very true. People take their lives, because they feel there’s no other way out, when there is always another way out. Troubles come and they go. No troubles will last always. Our lives are like ocean waves. We go in and out of troubles, we have ups and downs, we have those moments that tosses us to and fro. Still sooner or later the waves will calms and so will the troubles in our lives.

Many people have a hard time coping, because they have become powerless. People become powerless because they believed more in other people or other things then they did/do in themselves. When many individuals find themselves alone the turmoil they’ve always lived hits them harder. As I mentioned earlier in this post, some people feel this way even if they’re around a host of people. Despite of it all some people do not and will not be alone, they always need someone or other people around them. This is a very sad way of living. If a person can’t be alone this is a person who doesn’t love his or herself. If you don’t love yourself, things will be harder than necessary. If you can’t find peace alone, you sure won’t find in the midst of others, because it lies within. I believe either you have it or you don’t. It is determined by how you choose to perceive and deal with things.

As individuals we must be able to stand on our own. It’s great to have others in our corner and on our side, but we must be able to stand on our own and alone. Many times in life we won’t have support if you’re able to stand on your own, you can make it no matter what comes your way.

When we get a brand new day to live, it may be a day of the week we have seen before, but it’s a brand new day. Regardless of what; how we choose to perceive it determines how we will go through it. Every single new day is a chance for a new beginning. We don’t have to go day in and day out thinking, feeling, and acting the same. We all have a chance to embrace a new beginning. My life belongs to me just as your life belongs to you. I am a daughter, mother, grandmother, and so on, but none of my family or friends get to choose how I feel. Only I get that privilege. Don’t allow anyone or anything to steal your peace and chance for happiness. Your joy belongs to you, let no one or nothing take it from you. If you do you will reap the consequences of your choices and decisions.

I’ve been through the storm and the rain in many facets of my life, but I still stand. I’ve lived long enough to understand that people will fail you. I’ve lived long enough to know everything that looks and feels good isn’t good for you. I’ve lived long enough to know people will drain you if you allow. I’ve lived long enough to know my power belongs to me and if I relinquish it to anything or anyone it’s done of my own freewill. I choose NOT to do that! I pray you choose to not give your power from this day forth to anyone or anything.

The holidays are great, but keep in mind if we are blessed to see them, they are still days we are given to make changes in our lives. Don’t get caught up in the holiday; get caught up in the day itself. The day is your opportunity to change and get yourself to a happy place. People lose focus during holidays, everything has become very dramatic and commercialized. It’s a money making scam, I make no apologies for the truth. The saddest part of it all is people fall for it over and over. They go in debt and they get depressed for all types of reasons. This is what happens when you make everything and everyone more important than yourselves.

People who live through and for other people are unhappy individuals. They are constantly seeking to fill the void in their lives. If they never learn to love self they will never be happy. They will always deal with the darkness dwelling within. We are children of the most High and in Him there is no darkness. Even if you’re a person who doesn’t believe in God the Father and His Son Jesus, know that you should at least believe in yourself. I love you in the name of Jesus and I pray you grab hold of peace it’s waiting on you!!







Falling for Someone Who’s Not Falling for You


I believe enough is said with the title. Too many people find themselves in this type of predicament. If you know a person doesn’t feel about you the way you feel about them, why try to pursue the individual? I think it is foolish to pursue a person who’s showing signs of not wanting to be with you or who have told you they don’t want to be with you.

People who pursue individuals who don’t want them are setting themselves up for heartaches and headaches. If you’re constantly thinking about the individual who doesn’t want to be with you it will put you in a negative state of mind. The reason people can’t get over someone is because they’re constantly thinking of that person, which makes them want them even more or it makes them angry because they can’t have them.

Love yourself first, if you do this you will never put yourself in such a predicament. To further elaborate you will not want anyone who doesn’t want to be with you (regardless of the reason). You will know your worth. There are a lot of people who are mistreated, used, and abused, all because they don’t want to let go. If the person you want doesn’t want you, it’s a good chance they will take whatever you give them, do to you whatever they want, etc; because to that person you don’t matter.

Sometimes in life you may meet someone you’re attracted to and want to be with, but it doesn’t mean they feel the same towards you. Life goes on! If someone doesn’t want to be with you; enough said! Move on! When things don’t go how a person wants, people must have enough self esteem, confidence,  power, and the desire to move on.

Individuals have the right to feel how they feel. If being with you isn’t how they feel, it’s your problem and certainly not there’s. It is what it is and life goes on. Never lose yourself over someone who isn’t interested in you. Never lose yourself over someone who isn’t worthy of you. Never lose yourself over someone who doesn’t treat you respectfully. Never lose yourself over someone who is already involved with someone else. Never lose yourself over someone who is off limits. Never lose yourself over no one!! People who are feeling solely with their hearts are going strictly off of emotions and these are the types of people who always make the wrong choices and decisions.

Believe it or not people cause themselves unnecessary pain by not wanting to let go. They think if they do this and/or that the person will want them. Wrong! Don’t try to force someone to want to be with you or to feel how you feel. It doesn’t work! If a person doesn’t want to be with you there’s nothing you can say or do. Don’t set yourself up to be hurt, used, or abused. Remember I always say, people treat you how you allow. I don’t care how good you think they are, how you feel about them, how you feel around them, IF THEY DON’T FEEL THE SAME ABOUT YOU; you need to move on. You’re going off of what you feel, which by the ways, means nothing if they don’t feel the same way.


Not Perfect, but Faithful


I heard this in a song and was immediately turned off. People are going to excuse their way straight to hell. Stop making excuses and simply do what thus saith the Lord. If you don’t want to; then live up to it, if you want to; then live up to it. It’s just that simple!!! Stop trying to play both sides when God has clearly stated that you’re either for Him or against Him. There is no in between!

Not being perfect is an excuse point blank! I get tired of hearing people say it. Something else that gets on my nerves is hearing people say you’re judging. Anytime you tell the truth you’re judging. People have it all wrong! Being faithful by going to church every Sunday, going to Bible study, paying your tithes and offering, occasionally reading the Bible, carrying your Bible to church, praying when you want something or if you’re in front of other people and you’re asked to pray WILL NOT GET YOU INTO HEAVEN.

There is only ONE way to the Father and that is through His Son; not man. Being faithful to man and being faithful to Jesus are two completely different things. Many people are faithful to man for SHOW. They are concerned with what man has to say about them so they put forth their best for man, but live like hypocrites outside of the church. Too many are doing this, from the pulpit to the pew. They profess one thing and live another. They speak about Jesus, but their hearts are far from Him.

Some people live as if they’re not going to die. Let me tell you, one day YOU will DIE. We all have an assigned day. I pray people who are serving man and other things don’t get caught with their work undone. Jesus is on His way back and He’s showing us through all types of signs and wonders.

In order to see Heaven we must be born again, we must live Holy. You can fake it, but you sure won’t make it. You can talk a good talk and sound good at it, but you will be walking straight into hell. Faithfulness to man just will not get it. As I’ve said before, in my opinion the only reason people live trying to play both sides is they don’t believe in God and his Son Jesus. They don’t truly believe in their existence. Therefore they live how they want to live. They play the role when it’s convenient or appropriate: other than that, they are doing whatever they want to do.

People don’t understand God and His Son Jesus sees all of the mess they’re doing. You duck, dodge, tip, dip, fake, sneak, and whatever else is done; He sees you! There’s no need to pretend in front of man, God sees you and He knows what you’re doing and what you’re really about. Good intentions won’t get it either!  Many do have good intentions, but end up doing something they know is wrong and against God, because of their flesh. Jesus knowing your heart doesn’t make it okay. Him knowing your heart means you can’t fool Him it doesn’t mean you get a pass. Sometimes people pretend to have good intentions when they really don’t.

Bottom line, people have to be sold out to Jesus point blank! Minds and hearts has to be made up if they aren’t people will be wishy washy and constantly trying to play both sides. A person won’t ever see Heaven living this way. I don’t see anything in this world worth eternal damnation. People must stop mocking and playing with God.

With all of the mess going on in our world you would think people would change, but unfortunately people are still in their mess doing what they want to do. People are so afraid to give up their wrong for the right. It’s sad! God and His Son Jesus are real!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can say you believe all day, but your actions tells the true story. If you’re trying to play both sides you’re only fooling yourself. Stop trying to please man and start living to please the Father and His Son Jesus! That is my prayer for all mankind.

Ye of Little or No Faith


Life isn’t meant to be a bed of roses. We have to take the good with the bad. We won’t always have it good; we will have tragedies, we will have storms. During those times we can’t blame God. God is there through it all (good and the bad). We will ALL have good days and bad days. We will ALL have bad things happen to us, but God is still standing by. He won’t EVER leave or forsake us. It is people who abandon God.

People rack my nerves when they want to blame God for bad things. Nothing is hunky-dory all of the time. Life is full of up’s and downs. It is full of good and bad. In the lives of many they have nothing to say when all is going well, but as soon as they hit that bump in the road, they want to blame God. They want to say “where was God.” I ask “where you seeking Him through your good times? If you have a real relationship with God then you know He’s right there through it all (good or bad).

People have tight lips when the sun is shining, but soon as their storms come they want to blame God. Many have lost faith or never had it in the first place. When troubles come it’s not the time to abandon ship, it’s the time to raise your sail and weather the storm. Too many who claim to be strong in faith or in fact faithless. They are easily deterred and persuaded. God needs warriors who will stand the test of times, not people who questions who He is or where He is.

I’ve seen people who claim to be strong in their faith withdraw from everyone to include God when they are going through. These are faithless people who are only speaking faith from their lips but not walking in it. The Bible says “for faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not see.” You have to believe it in order to receive it.

Those who talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk are the ones who are saying one thing, but doing another. They are like flower pedals in the wind, they blow whichever way the wind is blowing on any particular day; they have no roots. They conform to the world and they are easily brainwashed. Since they only claim to stand for Jesus they are subject to fall for anything.

To live for God and His Son Jesus is the best choice anyone can make. While living for Jesus on this earth there is a constant battle between good and evil. The devil is doing his job which is to kill, steal, and destroy as many as possible. We have to stay prayed up and watchful. We must understand that trials and tribulations will come, but they won’t last always.

Think about what they did to Jesus; they did everything to Him, but He stayed on the cross. God could have NOT given us His ONLY begotten Son, but He did. There was good and evil back then, I don’t know why people think there shouldn’t be any nowadays. God’s initial intention was for it all to be good, but we know the story of the Garden of Eden and what happened there. Eating from the tree of knowledge open our eyes to everything and because of it, we will forever experience trials and tribulations (good, bad, evil).

In these days and times, we must be anchored. There is always going to be things that happens to us, but we should stand on the Word of God and thank God as we endure our storms. Always pray that even though we must go through our storms that God keeps us as we endure them. It’s time people walk what they talk and stand on the Word of God. Stop blaming Him when you’re going through or questioning His existence when you’re going through. If you’re in the Word and spending time with Him on a daily basis, you should know He won’t EVER leave or forsake you, me, us!



Lately the news has been reporting on conflicts concerning racism. Racism is a learned behavior. To hate or dislike on the basis of skin color is nothing short of ignorant. A person’s skin color doesn’t define that individual. What defines a person is what makes an individual who they are (how they think, feel, and act). What molds and defines a person comes from many things (environment, how they were raised, experiences, etc). If it’s negative, they will more than likely grow into adults with the same negative ways of thinking.

I challenge any person on earth who has an issue with the color of another’s person skin to take a DNA test that provides information on a person’s roots. I guarantee you that you will be mixed with something other than what you think you are. Contrary to what many may think, there is NO pure race. None of us were raised in a field like a head of cabbage. We all came from some other people we don’t know; they are called our ancestors.

In my family I have Cherokee Indian and Caucasian for sure, but I am Black. I love all races. I dislike the actions of many people, but I don’t dislike or discount anyone on the basis of their skin color. All races have bad apples; no race has a perfect bunch of people, NOT one!

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts NO ONE asked to be born in the skin they were born in. People don’t have a choice as to who they are born unto or the skin they were born in. Skin is a protective organ, that we all happen to be born with. It’s not a curse or a disease. To treat people as if they are not worthy to live their lives in peace on the basis of skin is not right. It’s immature, ignorant, and a very shallow way of thinking. This wrong way of thinking is taught at an early age. It’s absolutely wrong!

Our country is probably one of the most divided when it comes to race and equality. It’s all due to years and years of wrong ways of thinking, bad influences, and negative seeds planted into the minds of millions.

There are many who hate people on the basis of skin color and if you sat them down and asked why do they hate; they couldn’t tell you the REAL reason behind how they feel other than it’s what they’ve been taught for so long. To keep the tradition of hating going it’s like second nature to them. It’s a VERY distorted and wrong way of thinking they need to change, but unfortunately many won’t.

Racism isn’t only prevalent against people of different races; it’s also amongst those of the same race. How ignorant is this? It’s bad enough racism exist period; but to exist within races is just as bad. It too was taught and it’s wrong!

This world needs more love. It seems people in the world are completely lost. Focuses are very wrong. People are concentrating on all of the wrong things to the point of forgetting what’s important. They’ve taken Jesus out of everything and now they’ve accepted everything that is against Him. The world of today has put morals and values on the backburner. People don’t know how to love anymore. It’s a dog eat dog world that we have to live in.

I can’t speak for anyone, but me; I look forward to Jesus coming back and bringing peace to this world. If you are a person who hates people based on their skin color, please take the challenge I mentioned above. The very people you hate their DNA may be running through your blood. Think on that for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!