Lately the news has been reporting on conflicts concerning racism. Racism is a learned behavior. To hate or dislike on the basis of skin color is nothing short of ignorant. A person’s skin color doesn’t define that individual. What defines a person is what makes an individual who they are (how they think, feel, and act). What molds and defines a person comes from many things (environment, how they were raised, experiences, etc). If it’s negative, they will more than likely grow into adults with the same negative ways of thinking.

I challenge any person on earth who has an issue with the color of another’s person skin to take a DNA test that provides information on a person’s roots. I guarantee you that you will be mixed with something other than what you think you are. Contrary to what many may think, there is NO pure race. None of us were raised in a field like a head of cabbage. We all came from some other people we don’t know; they are called our ancestors.

In my family I have Cherokee Indian and Caucasian for sure, but I am Black. I love all races. I dislike the actions of many people, but I don’t dislike or discount anyone on the basis of their skin color. All races have bad apples; no race has a perfect bunch of people, NOT one!

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts NO ONE asked to be born in the skin they were born in. People don’t have a choice as to who they are born unto or the skin they were born in. Skin is a protective organ, that we all happen to be born with. It’s not a curse or a disease. To treat people as if they are not worthy to live their lives in peace on the basis of skin is not right. It’s immature, ignorant, and a very shallow way of thinking. This wrong way of thinking is taught at an early age. It’s absolutely wrong!

Our country is probably one of the most divided when it comes to race and equality. It’s all due to years and years of wrong ways of thinking, bad influences, and negative seeds planted into the minds of millions.

There are many who hate people on the basis of skin color and if you sat them down and asked why do they hate; they couldn’t tell you the REAL reason behind how they feel other than it’s what they’ve been taught for so long. To keep the tradition of hating going it’s like second nature to them. It’s a VERY distorted and wrong way of thinking they need to change, but unfortunately many won’t.

Racism isn’t only prevalent against people of different races; it’s also amongst those of the same race. How ignorant is this? It’s bad enough racism exist period; but to exist within races is just as bad. It too was taught and it’s wrong!

This world needs more love. It seems people in the world are completely lost. Focuses are very wrong. People are concentrating on all of the wrong things to the point of forgetting what’s important. They’ve taken Jesus out of everything and now they’ve accepted everything that is against Him. The world of today has put morals and values on the backburner. People don’t know how to love anymore. It’s a dog eat dog world that we have to live in.

I can’t speak for anyone, but me; I look forward to Jesus coming back and bringing peace to this world. If you are a person who hates people based on their skin color, please take the challenge I mentioned above. The very people you hate their DNA may be running through your blood. Think on that for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!