Ye of Little or No Faith


Life isn’t meant to be a bed of roses. We have to take the good with the bad. We won’t always have it good; we will have tragedies, we will have storms. During those times we can’t blame God. God is there through it all (good and the bad). We will ALL have good days and bad days. We will ALL have bad things happen to us, but God is still standing by. He won’t EVER leave or forsake us. It is people who abandon God.

People rack my nerves when they want to blame God for bad things. Nothing is hunky-dory all of the time. Life is full of up’s and downs. It is full of good and bad. In the lives of many they have nothing to say when all is going well, but as soon as they hit that bump in the road, they want to blame God. They want to say “where was God.” I ask “where you seeking Him through your good times? If you have a real relationship with God then you know He’s right there through it all (good or bad).

People have tight lips when the sun is shining, but soon as their storms come they want to blame God. Many have lost faith or never had it in the first place. When troubles come it’s not the time to abandon ship, it’s the time to raise your sail and weather the storm. Too many who claim to be strong in faith or in fact faithless. They are easily deterred and persuaded. God needs warriors who will stand the test of times, not people who questions who He is or where He is.

I’ve seen people who claim to be strong in their faith withdraw from everyone to include God when they are going through. These are faithless people who are only speaking faith from their lips but not walking in it. The Bible says “for faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not see.” You have to believe it in order to receive it.

Those who talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk are the ones who are saying one thing, but doing another. They are like flower pedals in the wind, they blow whichever way the wind is blowing on any particular day; they have no roots. They conform to the world and they are easily brainwashed. Since they only claim to stand for Jesus they are subject to fall for anything.

To live for God and His Son Jesus is the best choice anyone can make. While living for Jesus on this earth there is a constant battle between good and evil. The devil is doing his job which is to kill, steal, and destroy as many as possible. We have to stay prayed up and watchful. We must understand that trials and tribulations will come, but they won’t last always.

Think about what they did to Jesus; they did everything to Him, but He stayed on the cross. God could have NOT given us His ONLY begotten Son, but He did. There was good and evil back then, I don’t know why people think there shouldn’t be any nowadays. God’s initial intention was for it all to be good, but we know the story of the Garden of Eden and what happened there. Eating from the tree of knowledge open our eyes to everything and because of it, we will forever experience trials and tribulations (good, bad, evil).

In these days and times, we must be anchored. There is always going to be things that happens to us, but we should stand on the Word of God and thank God as we endure our storms. Always pray that even though we must go through our storms that God keeps us as we endure them. It’s time people walk what they talk and stand on the Word of God. Stop blaming Him when you’re going through or questioning His existence when you’re going through. If you’re in the Word and spending time with Him on a daily basis, you should know He won’t EVER leave or forsake you, me, us!