Not Perfect, but Faithful


I heard this in a song and was immediately turned off. People are going to excuse their way straight to hell. Stop making excuses and simply do what thus saith the Lord. If you don’t want to; then live up to it, if you want to; then live up to it. It’s just that simple!!! Stop trying to play both sides when God has clearly stated that you’re either for Him or against Him. There is no in between!

Not being perfect is an excuse point blank! I get tired of hearing people say it. Something else that gets on my nerves is hearing people say you’re judging. Anytime you tell the truth you’re judging. People have it all wrong! Being faithful by going to church every Sunday, going to Bible study, paying your tithes and offering, occasionally reading the Bible, carrying your Bible to church, praying when you want something or if you’re in front of other people and you’re asked to pray WILL NOT GET YOU INTO HEAVEN.

There is only ONE way to the Father and that is through His Son; not man. Being faithful to man and being faithful to Jesus are two completely different things. Many people are faithful to man for SHOW. They are concerned with what man has to say about them so they put forth their best for man, but live like hypocrites outside of the church. Too many are doing this, from the pulpit to the pew. They profess one thing and live another. They speak about Jesus, but their hearts are far from Him.

Some people live as if they’re not going to die. Let me tell you, one day YOU will DIE. We all have an assigned day. I pray people who are serving man and other things don’t get caught with their work undone. Jesus is on His way back and He’s showing us through all types of signs and wonders.

In order to see Heaven we must be born again, we must live Holy. You can fake it, but you sure won’t make it. You can talk a good talk and sound good at it, but you will be walking straight into hell. Faithfulness to man just will not get it. As I’ve said before, in my opinion the only reason people live trying to play both sides is they don’t believe in God and his Son Jesus. They don’t truly believe in their existence. Therefore they live how they want to live. They play the role when it’s convenient or appropriate: other than that, they are doing whatever they want to do.

People don’t understand God and His Son Jesus sees all of the mess they’re doing. You duck, dodge, tip, dip, fake, sneak, and whatever else is done; He sees you! There’s no need to pretend in front of man, God sees you and He knows what you’re doing and what you’re really about. Good intentions won’t get it either!  Many do have good intentions, but end up doing something they know is wrong and against God, because of their flesh. Jesus knowing your heart doesn’t make it okay. Him knowing your heart means you can’t fool Him it doesn’t mean you get a pass. Sometimes people pretend to have good intentions when they really don’t.

Bottom line, people have to be sold out to Jesus point blank! Minds and hearts has to be made up if they aren’t people will be wishy washy and constantly trying to play both sides. A person won’t ever see Heaven living this way. I don’t see anything in this world worth eternal damnation. People must stop mocking and playing with God.

With all of the mess going on in our world you would think people would change, but unfortunately people are still in their mess doing what they want to do. People are so afraid to give up their wrong for the right. It’s sad! God and His Son Jesus are real!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can say you believe all day, but your actions tells the true story. If you’re trying to play both sides you’re only fooling yourself. Stop trying to please man and start living to please the Father and His Son Jesus! That is my prayer for all mankind.