Falling for Someone Who’s Not Falling for You


I believe enough is said with the title. Too many people find themselves in this type of predicament. If you know a person doesn’t feel about you the way you feel about them, why try to pursue the individual? I think it is foolish to pursue a person who’s showing signs of not wanting to be with you or who have told you they don’t want to be with you.

People who pursue individuals who don’t want them are setting themselves up for heartaches and headaches. If you’re constantly thinking about the individual who doesn’t want to be with you it will put you in a negative state of mind. The reason people can’t get over someone is because they’re constantly thinking of that person, which makes them want them even more or it makes them angry because they can’t have them.

Love yourself first, if you do this you will never put yourself in such a predicament. To further elaborate you will not want anyone who doesn’t want to be with you (regardless of the reason). You will know your worth. There are a lot of people who are mistreated, used, and abused, all because they don’t want to let go. If the person you want doesn’t want you, it’s a good chance they will take whatever you give them, do to you whatever they want, etc; because to that person you don’t matter.

Sometimes in life you may meet someone you’re attracted to and want to be with, but it doesn’t mean they feel the same towards you. Life goes on! If someone doesn’t want to be with you; enough said! Move on! When things don’t go how a person wants, people must have enough self esteem, confidence,  power, and the desire to move on.

Individuals have the right to feel how they feel. If being with you isn’t how they feel, it’s your problem and certainly not there’s. It is what it is and life goes on. Never lose yourself over someone who isn’t interested in you. Never lose yourself over someone who isn’t worthy of you. Never lose yourself over someone who doesn’t treat you respectfully. Never lose yourself over someone who is already involved with someone else. Never lose yourself over someone who is off limits. Never lose yourself over no one!! People who are feeling solely with their hearts are going strictly off of emotions and these are the types of people who always make the wrong choices and decisions.

Believe it or not people cause themselves unnecessary pain by not wanting to let go. They think if they do this and/or that the person will want them. Wrong! Don’t try to force someone to want to be with you or to feel how you feel. It doesn’t work! If a person doesn’t want to be with you there’s nothing you can say or do. Don’t set yourself up to be hurt, used, or abused. Remember I always say, people treat you how you allow. I don’t care how good you think they are, how you feel about them, how you feel around them, IF THEY DON’T FEEL THE SAME ABOUT YOU; you need to move on. You’re going off of what you feel, which by the ways, means nothing if they don’t feel the same way.