Holiday Blues


Truth is many people are sad, unhappy, and depressed before the holidays, the holidays makes them feel worse. I believe people in this category are people who invest their energy and power in other people and things and not at all in themselves. What do I mean? I mean these are people who are depending on others for their happiness. Whenever you allow yourself to be in this type of a situation you will end up sad, depressed, feeling lonely and isolated. Some people are lonely even when they are surrounded by a lot of people. It’s because they are filled with darkness due to something they haven’t let go of which by the ways always involve other people. The real truth lies within the inner part of who we are. People can put a smile on a face, but their hearts are heavy and it shows in some form through their actions.

Your life belongs to you and no one but you. You’re beautifully created no matter what you think of yourself. Negative thoughts breeds negative feelings and actions. No one has control over your life but you. Stop putting all of your everything into other people and things and start investing and believing in yourselves. Love you first and if you do this, I promise you that you will see your life differently. You will do as the Bible says “guard your hearts.” You will stop allowing any and everything into your lives and you will certainly not give your power to others or things.

People live all of their lives searching for someone to love them or searching for what they think they’ve missed out on. They allow what they didn’t receive from others to dictate and dominate their lives. It leads them to drinking, doing drugs, acts of self mutilation, depression, suicide, homicide, immoral sex acts, lonely, sad, unhappy, confused, co-dependent, no or low self esteem, no self confidence, and a host of other things. It comes from what dwells inside; which is a place of darkness. I believe no one has to live this ways and I truly pray people understand they don’t have to live this way. How we allow our thoughts to affect us determines the feelings and emotions behind those thoughts and ultimately how we act.

We’ve all heard about how many people kill themselves during the holidays. It’s very sad, but it’s also very true. People take their lives, because they feel there’s no other way out, when there is always another way out. Troubles come and they go. No troubles will last always. Our lives are like ocean waves. We go in and out of troubles, we have ups and downs, we have those moments that tosses us to and fro. Still sooner or later the waves will calms and so will the troubles in our lives.

Many people have a hard time coping, because they have become powerless. People become powerless because they believed more in other people or other things then they did/do in themselves. When many individuals find themselves alone the turmoil they’ve always lived hits them harder. As I mentioned earlier in this post, some people feel this way even if they’re around a host of people. Despite of it all some people do not and will not be alone, they always need someone or other people around them. This is a very sad way of living. If a person can’t be alone this is a person who doesn’t love his or herself. If you don’t love yourself, things will be harder than necessary. If you can’t find peace alone, you sure won’t find in the midst of others, because it lies within. I believe either you have it or you don’t. It is determined by how you choose to perceive and deal with things.

As individuals we must be able to stand on our own. It’s great to have others in our corner and on our side, but we must be able to stand on our own and alone. Many times in life we won’t have support if you’re able to stand on your own, you can make it no matter what comes your way.

When we get a brand new day to live, it may be a day of the week we have seen before, but it’s a brand new day. Regardless of what; how we choose to perceive it determines how we will go through it. Every single new day is a chance for a new beginning. We don’t have to go day in and day out thinking, feeling, and acting the same. We all have a chance to embrace a new beginning. My life belongs to me just as your life belongs to you. I am a daughter, mother, grandmother, and so on, but none of my family or friends get to choose how I feel. Only I get that privilege. Don’t allow anyone or anything to steal your peace and chance for happiness. Your joy belongs to you, let no one or nothing take it from you. If you do you will reap the consequences of your choices and decisions.

I’ve been through the storm and the rain in many facets of my life, but I still stand. I’ve lived long enough to understand that people will fail you. I’ve lived long enough to know everything that looks and feels good isn’t good for you. I’ve lived long enough to know people will drain you if you allow. I’ve lived long enough to know my power belongs to me and if I relinquish it to anything or anyone it’s done of my own freewill. I choose NOT to do that! I pray you choose to not give your power from this day forth to anyone or anything.

The holidays are great, but keep in mind if we are blessed to see them, they are still days we are given to make changes in our lives. Don’t get caught up in the holiday; get caught up in the day itself. The day is your opportunity to change and get yourself to a happy place. People lose focus during holidays, everything has become very dramatic and commercialized. It’s a money making scam, I make no apologies for the truth. The saddest part of it all is people fall for it over and over. They go in debt and they get depressed for all types of reasons. This is what happens when you make everything and everyone more important than yourselves.

People who live through and for other people are unhappy individuals. They are constantly seeking to fill the void in their lives. If they never learn to love self they will never be happy. They will always deal with the darkness dwelling within. We are children of the most High and in Him there is no darkness. Even if you’re a person who doesn’t believe in God the Father and His Son Jesus, know that you should at least believe in yourself. I love you in the name of Jesus and I pray you grab hold of peace it’s waiting on you!!