Putting Jesus in the Midst of Your Mess


A lot of so called Saints are doing this! They get into mess and when it doesn’t work out they say I’m glad God moved me out of the situation or I’m glad God didn’t allow it to happen. Listen, stop fooling yourselves. Quite contrary to what people believe; God isn’t EVER in the midst of bad choices and decisions when they are against His ways. Things turned out the way they did for whatever reason, but God nor Jesus had anything to do with it.

People must stop using God as a scapegoat or an excuse. People do all kinds of mess and don’t acknowledge God AT ALL while doing what they do, but as soon as things doesn’t go how they want they want to say it’s not what God has for me. Please!!!!!!!! God had nothing to do with it from the start and these people know it. They want to say this and that about God being in the midst when they know they never sought God in their decisions in the first place. When you are doing things against God he doesn’t take part in any of your choices, decisions, or acts.

When we want to do things our way and not God’s way, He will allow us to do just what we think we want to do. He is never in the midst of mess, it is all on the individual.

People think because they mimic holiness they are Holy. No, you’re not! Just because a person has LEARNED to speak fake tongues and fake the holy ghost it doesn’t mean nothing to Jesus. People have absolutely learned how to act this way by mimicking true Holiness. It won’t get a person into Heaven. They want to fake it, but they don’t want to do right to become truly Holy. It’s sad!

People have learned to testi-lie and to give false testi-phony. People are like this because they are mimicking what they have seen and heard over the years. People have it down so good if a person didn’t have true Holiness and discernment they would probably be fooled.

You cant live any kind of way and then call on Jesus when you feel like it. It doesn’t work this way, these people are fooling themselves. They are mocking God and they will be charged.

Like I’ve said several times before and I wrote a song about it “everybody talks about Heaven, but don’t want to do right to get there. To be polished on the outside and tore up in the inside won’t get you there. Showboating for man won’t get you there. Some people so brainwashed and confused they don’t have a relationship with Jesus, their relationships are solely with their pastors/leaders. Many are being lead wrong and astray. I’s not ALL on the leaders, because we all must know the Bible for ourselves. Many leaders aren’t leading according to the Word of God. They can’t lead according to the Word of God when they aren’t living according to the Word of God. If you sit under them in their congregations they don’t have any power to put anyone in Heaven or hell, only God can do it. This is why we must all know the Word for ourselves.

My question is if it’s good enough to mimic and pretend to have, why not have the real thing? It is available and it’s 100% free; it has been bought with a price and the price was Jesus dying on the cross for all of us. People won’t be allowed to continue doing what they do without repercussions. There is a price to pay and it is eternal damnation. Nothing down here on earth will last, but God’s Word will stand forever. We can have the finer things in life; but if we don’t have Jesus we don’t have NOTHING! People be millionaires, billionaires, or to simply put it rich; but if they don’t have Jesus they have nothing. When it comes to Jesus money is worthless, it can’t buy time to live longer, you can’t purchase your way out of death, you can spend thousands to look young but your body will still AGE, it can’t buy a seat in God’s Kingdom, and it can’t buy salvation, because it’s free. Without Jesus the most financially rich person is POOR.

There is ONLY one way to the Father and that is through His Son Jesus. You may have heard some people say there are other ways, but they are ignorant. The Bible specifically says, there’s only one way. Everyday is a new day to get it right and to stop playing church. When Jesus comes back He’s not going to ask your pastor/leader about you, He’s going to talk directly to you. People get to know Him and the Word for yourselves. Stop faking and pretending and get the real deal; it’s free and available. Please don’t lose your soul pretending to be something you’re not, because faking and pretending won’t get you into Heaven, but it will get you an eternal seat into Hell.

The Choice is Yours and Yours Alone


Why is it so hard for people to believe a person can be sincere about Jesus? I gave my life to Christ when I was 12, but I didn’t start developing a personal relationship with Him until many years later. I got saved because at the time it was the right thing to do, but honestly I didn’t know what it all really meant.

I have done everything I wanted to do and I’m not proud of some of it, but I thank God through the mist of it all He kept His hands on me. I was nothing but a filthy rag, but still He kept His hands on me. I didn’t realize He was covering me even through my mess. He loves us despite of, but if we choose to not change our ways He will turn us over to a reprobate mind. I chose to change which meant giving up things I thought I loved which were the things of this world and the ways of this world. I thought like most people that nothing else mattered other than what I wanted.

Jesus and God’s precious Angels have spared my life several times. I remember one time I could have been shot by my grandson, but God woke me up in the nick of time. I remember another incident where I foolishly forgot an electric soap dispenser was plugged in the wall socket and I cut the cord, because it wasn’t working properly I thought I would use it manually (so I cut the cord). Oh my goodness, I never heard such a loud pop in my life. I threw the scissors and ran. After being completely shaken up and then able to calm down I went back to look at the scissors there was a hole completely through the medal of both blades. The handles weren’t rubber, why I didn’t get electrocuted is beyond me, but again He had his hands on me. I could tell you a few stories, but the thing I want you, the reader to understand is it could have been me, but He said otherwise. He’s done it for me time and time again, and I’m sure He’s spared you many times as well.

When I look back over my life and think of all the foolishness I done, it makes me weep and cry out to Jesus for how He was there when I didn’t even know He was there. I cry out when I think of how so many things could have happened to me that I saw happen to other people. I’ve never done drugs of any type, but I did other things that I am not proud of, but THANK GOD for change.

I thank God for His Son Jesus! I begin to look at my life and I didn’t like what I seen. I started to seek this Jesus I heard so much about throughout my life. I developed a personal relationship with Him. I surrendered and submitted my life, my everything to Him. Since that day my life have never been the same. I have crossed paths with so many people who profess Him, but are living something else.

I am not trying to condemn, because God knows at one point in life I too had scales on my eyes and couldn’t see. However, when my life changed my eyes were completely opened. I do nothing I once done. I don’t dress the same, I don’t hang with the same people, I don’t do the same things or go the same places, I don’t think or speak the same. Everything about me changed and what I thought was important I realized wasn’t important at all.

My life is all about Jesus. I’m not a person who goes around saying I’m blessed and highly favor and all of the jargon you hear people saying everything you ask them how they are. I don’t have to do all of the showboating. I am exactly what I say I am. I serve exactly who I say I serve. There’s nothing I do behind closed doors that I would be ashamed of before God. There’s nothing we do that’s a secret to God. I live my life every single moment as if God and His Son Jesus are watching me. It is possible, I am a living witness, but the problem with most people is they don’t want to give up their ways. They want to stay in the world doing worldly things.

In His sight I am perfect though I will never be in the sight of man. I don’t care what man thinks of me. I don’t care if they believe me or not. My life shines and I’m not ashamed or afraid to profess my love for Jesus. I know who hav carried me through my storms. He didn’t move my obstacles but He gave me the strength to climb them or to go around them. I’ve become so much stronger in my faith. I have gone through things which many wouldn’t believe or could have withstood, but because of my faith in Him and not in man, I made it and I can tell the story.

I don’t allow my heart to lead me without thinking and seeing the truth like I once did. I am not lead by my flesh. Jesus is the most important being in my life no one comes before the “Master.” Men and women can’t understand me and oftentimes say to me “no one is that holy.” Well I’m here to say that I am. Living Holy is a requirement for Heaven. Our bodies are temples of God. I’m not caught up in the flesh, because I know lust is of the devil. Sins of the flesh isn’t just sex, it’s all kinds of things (addictions, greed, materialistic, fame, fortune, etc,. Anything that has control over you is a sin. I choose Jesus, Heaven will be my home. I’m living now so I can live eternally with Jesus and our Father God. I choose Jesus point blank and I am very happy with my choice. I wouldn’t turn back for nothing.

Too many people say they are this, but truth is they are that! Whatever that is!!! They profess Christ, they profess holiness, they profess having the Holy Spirit, they profess all of the right things, but in fact have none. Jesus doesn’t dwell in no type of mess and He cleans up whom he Elects. When you see pastors or any type of ministers (no matter what they are called) doing things wrong, they aren’t living what they profess. When you see them cursing and doing things against God, they aren’t living what they profess and they AREN’T called by God with the Big G. They are called by god with the little g. Many are serving gods, but not God the Father and His Son Jesus. The same goes for many who profess Him, it goes way beyond the pulpit.

If a person REALLY wants to change they will; anything else is lip service. You can’t be on God’s side and still doing what you been doing. You can’t be on His side if you’re still doing anything displeasing in His sight. You must without fail give up your old ways and the ways of this world. You can’t keep going back to it, if you do, it’s because you never left it.

To serve God with honesty and truth doesn’t mean you’re a prude. Not at all! You can still enjoy life to the fullest, but you do things differently and in doing those things you make sure they are pleasing in the sight of God. To simply put it you put Him first! Sometimes you will have to stand alone, but that’s okay, although no person may be by your side; in Christ you’re NEVER alone. This journey isn’t a group or couples journey, it is an individual journey and many times you will be alone. People will shun you and talk about you, but look what they did to Jesus someone who was without sin. No matter what; stand on the Word of God and don’t let anyone or anything shake your faith. It is possible  to live Holy, I promise you it is. The choice is yours!

The term Church Folks


What people do is associate church folks with  individual’s who are living according to God’s Word. This is furthest from the truth! You can go to church all day, every day, it won’t get you into Heaven. People go to church out of tradition. They are dedicated to their leaders and their churches, but nothing else and most importantly NOT to Jesus and our Father God!

The pews are filled on Sunday with individuals who know they’re living like hypocrites, but they are playing the roles of devout saints on Sunday. That won’t get a person nowhere near the Kingdom of God! The many people criticized will get in before a whole bunch of people who claim to be living the life according to God’s Word. It’s because too many are talking out the sides of their necks. They profess one thing and live another. These people stand in the pulpits and they sit in the pews. They are  claiming to live one way when they know they are living another. What they do they do it to please man, putting God really nowhere in the equation, when He should be first.

God and His Son Jesus aren’t puppets who people choose to show off at will! Jesus don’t show up just on Sundays,  they dwell 24/7 within those who accept and believe. All of the pretense will some day cease and if you’re not TRULY on His side then TOO SAD and it will be TOO BAD!

God cleans up whomever He qualifies and elects. You can know the truth in how people live. Too many are called by man and it shows in the actions and bad choices and decisions people are making. I wrote a song that says “Everyone Talks About Heaven, but Don’t Want to Do Right to Get There.” This is sad, but true!

Technically you can call anyone who goes to church “church folks” but they certainly don’t all fall in into the same category as one who is living accordingly.  You got those who are going out of tradition and have no thoughts of giving up this ole world. However, you also have those who are going out of passion and love for God and His Son Jesus. They have made the personal decision to give up this world and submit to the True Source (Jesus)! Many talk it, but few walk it.

People are so confused both men and women will say they want someone in church. If you know what I know you better be specific when you pray, because having someone in church means nothing! The devil is sitting to your left, right, front, or back every time you go to church. A person can sit in church Sunday after Sunday, but living like a straight hypocrite. So be specific when you pray!

If you are a person who know in your heart you aren’t living what you profess the time to get it right is right now, tomorrow isn’t promised. The ways of this world are forever changing and not for the good. Choose you this day whom you will serve and own it, period! You can’t serve both, no matter what people choose to believe, if you’re not living what you profess you’re not on His side, you’re on the other side.

Thinking They Deserve What’s Yours


I’m so sick of people who think they have the right to take what they don’t have. These people need to stop being lazy people who benefit from the hard work of other people. People who work hard don’t deserve criminals breaking into their homes or strong arm robbing them; taking what they’ve worked hard to get. Burglars are robbing people and oftentimes killing them in the process to get something that doesn’t belong to them in the first place.

Our society has gone to hell in more ways then one. We have a society of people who don’t want to do a darn thing, but connive and figure out a way to get what you have. They have absolutely no desire or ambition to do anything. Yet they want to steal what’s yours. They invade homes and people’s privacy taking what doesn’t belong to them. They take what people have worked hard to obtain.

I’ve been a victim of robbery twice in the past and it’s not a good feeling. I would rather a person ask me for what they want rather than steal it. It makes me sick to my stomach how people think it’s okay to do these types of things. It is NOT okay and it is wrong!

Some people have no morals, values, integrity, and they don’t have any care for human life. They are all about themselves. All they want is a quick fix for drugs or some quick money for whatever reason. What they don’t do is think about the consequences of their actions. They think they have the right to steal something that belongs to someone else without repercussions of their actions. A lot of teenagers are involved in this mess, but many adults are as well; both no better, but they still commit the crime.

I know we have people in this world who want a job, but can’t seem to find one. I also know some of these people are very picky and turn down jobs. If you don’t have one, you don’t need to turn down anything. You take what you can until you get something better. Working for some money is better than no money at all.

On the other hand we have people who are plain lazy, they are no good for nothing and really shouldn’t be a part of society at all. They sit all day doing nothing but planning on their next scheme to steal what belongs to someone else. They obviously don’t care about the possible consequences, because they still do the crime. Many do the crime, but don’t want to do the time.

If you are hungry say you’re hungry, don’t steal. I just don’t believe a person should steal food because they are hungry. Ask, someone will be willing to give you food. Most steal to sell what they stole to get something they often don’t need (drugs, alcohol, etc). Some steal game systems they can’t afford. If you can’t afford something you sure don’t need to steal it to get it. I don’t care what it is a person has NO RIGHT stealing from someone else who has worked to obtain what they have.

A lot of the ways many people have adopted comes from their upbringing. I’ve said and written many times, people must stop blaming crap on their pasts. My past, your past, and their past is gone forever. All we have is today, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow isn’t promised. People can’t get pass their pasts cause they keep looking back. It’s why they continue to live the same type of lifestyles not trying to do better. Instead they figure it’s easier to steal from other people in order to have something. This is a very wrong way of thinking.

I call these people the have not’s. They have not, because they don’t try to become better people. Although not all  are happy in how they are; many are content. They try to live off of the system in some way and if they can’t get money from the system they steal what belongs to someone else. It’s a pure shame! I am completely appalled by these types of people.

These people do not understand nor do they care the devastation they cause individuals who have worked hard to get what they have. They care less the feelings of the people they have invaded. I have no remorse for anyone who takes something they know doesn’t belong to them. It’s not right in no shape, form, or fashion.

When some thieves invade people homes or try to strong arm rob people these thieves are sometimes killed in the process. Their demise is their own fault. They chose to do what they did regardless of the reason. However it’s very sad when a person is robbed and lose their life in the process. They lost their live over something that belongs to them. This is outlandish! Losing a life is terrible either way, but when you cause your own demise, you took a chance (a risk), and you lost, period!

I wish our country had laws like some foreign countries, if you steal and you’re caught you lose a hand. If you rape, molest, commit incest, etc you get castrated.  All of the senseless killing and other crimes would lessen or cease if people who are found to have committed an act knows without a doubt they are instantly punished for their crime. I would be so for that type of system. Some countries don’t deal with the stupidity our country does. We have a court system for crimes people blatantly have committed. Why???? They are guilty, why go through all of the mumble jumble of legal justice when you know for a fact a person committed a crime? It’s a waste of time and money on all accounts. I think these types of people need justice served to them without it going through a legal system. This type of thing would do a whole lot of cleaning up in our country. That’s how I feel. It may seem harsh, but it’s how I feel.

Enough is enough! I know Jesus isn’t pleased with what He sees going on in our world. People are running amok. They stand for nothing therefore they fall for anything. We are right back in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. I know God isn’t pleased and He’s soon to come and shake up this entire world. He’s already showing us signs and wonders, but people are thinking what they see are coincidences, etc. No God is warning us, but in those warning each day we get to live is a day to change our ways. I feel really sorry for people who won’t consider changing from their bad ways to become better people. It’s all about choice, unfortunately the choices many make will lead them right into the pit of Hell. Some people think they are in hell now, they haven’t seen anything, just wait!

We are getting ready to go through some trials and tribulations. We constantly see destruction around us and people seem to have lost their minds. People are killing, stealing, and destroying others as if it means nothing to them. There’s not enough love these days. It’s all about me, people are not caring for others anymore. People are possessed by bad spirits and they commit all types of acts. Society says they’re mentally ill. I say they are possessed by bad spirits. Society want to deal with medicine and science, but it doesn’t want to deal with the supernatural. The Bible speaks in depth of the supernatural realm. It’s real. It’s running rampant in this world devouring all who succumb to it.

I continue to pray for this entire world. My heart cries out, because I want people to get it right before it’s too late. I can’t make anyone do a thing, I can only speak about it, motivate, enlighten, encourage, etc. Each of us has the choice to choose right or wrong.






The Other Woman/Mistress


After a conversation I had this weekend, I felt a need to talk about the above topic. There are many women who put themselves in positions to be categorized as the “other woman or the mistress.” It’s NOTHING to be proud of by no means. Some women have the audacity to call the wife or girl friend and tell her they’re sleeping with their husband or boyfriend. Many tell the wife or girlfriend explicit things about the relationships they’re having with the wives or girlfriends of significant others. This isn’t okay , it’s wrong, immature, and stupid.

My advice to any “other woman or mistress” is to get a life of their own and stop trying to ruin other women’s relationships. What this type of woman is doing proves she is a woman who don’t have a clue about what she needs and knows nothing about love. If she knew what she needed she certainly wouldn’t be with some other woman’s man.  If she knew anything about love, she would not seek it with a man who is already in a relationship; this type of situation has nothing to do with love.

If a man whose in a relationship approaches a woman she has the choice to tell him to beat it! Playing with fire can cause you to be burned (both of them)! Any woman who thinks it’s okay to mess around with someone else’s man is a woman who lacks integrity, values, morals, and a host of other things. Some of these women act heart broken when the men don’t leave their women or they harass the wives or girlfriends. It’s ridiculous.

Any woman who brags and boast about sleeping with someone else’s man is foolish. She is a woman who have no respect for herself and too immature to understand what she’s doing will come right back on her. This type of woman is very ignorant to think she has it going on because she’s with someone else’s man. First of all she obviously can’t get her own and secondly she’s very foolish to want someone else’s man. If he’s cheating with her on his wife or girlfriend, he’s showing upfront he’s no good. He’s showing upfront he isn’t trustworthy. He’s showing upfront he lacks morals and values. He showing upfront his commitment and dedication to a relationship are seriously flawed. He’s showing he’s immature.

If a woman thinks she’s doing something good by being with someone else’s man, the last laugh will be from the wife or girlfriend, because he will do to her the same thing he’s done to his wife or girlfriend. Sadly she’s too caught up in her emotions to see the truth.

Women must stop allowing themselves to get involved with men who are already involved with other women. STOP accepting ANY type of excuse from these no good men. If he says he’s going through a divorce then let him get through it. If he says they’re separated, then let him get a divorce. If he says he’s staying with her for the children, then he’s not for you, because he’s in a relationship already. If he says they only live together, but they aren’t together, LIES, LIES, LIES! Stop falling for it. Stop falling for it no matter what the excuse he gives to you. He’s with someone should be enough to send him on his way. I realize sometimes women are lied to by these men, but I believe if she is paying attention he will reveal in some way or another the truth. The signs will be present!

The man isn’t putting the other woman or mistress in a predicament or situation; she’s putting herself in one by going along for the ride. The particular woman that made me want to write this post bragged to the wife about she was paying the bills in her house (the wife’s house). How DUMB can you be???? If a woman is with a married man and she’s paying his bills, she is very stupid! Bad enough she’s in a relationship with him, but even worse; she’s paying his bills. On top of it she’s bragging to the wife about it. Very silly indeed! This is a woman who is led by her emotions into foolishness. She’s thinking with her heart and not her brain. The same way she’s bragging to the wife;  he’s bragging to his friends how he got him a sucker. Believe that!!

Although this post is about women it also relates to men as well. Some men do the exact same thing. They fall for women who are already with someone. It doesn’t matter who does it, it’s wrong! If a person can’t be faithful then they shouldn’t be in a relationship at all. Sometimes to cheat on someone cost people their lives. People aren’t playing games anymore they will take you out when you mess with their emotions. Don’t take any chances with ruining what you have.

I pray for anyone with a cheating spirit to get their lives together and change their ways before they destroy their lives. If you know you can’t be faithful it’s best to walk away before you find yourself in a situation you can’t handle. Marriage is supposed to be sacred. If you’re in a relationship but not committed you are wrong. If you don’t want to be there then it’s not where you should be. Karma is for real and it will bite you when you least expect it. Some of these women you cheat on aren’t playing and neither are some of the women you cheat with. You don’t know what doors you’re opening when you start messing with people’s emotions. Infidelity can get a person in a situation they regret. This goes for a cheating man or a cheating woman.