The term Church Folks


What people do is associate church folks with  individual’s who are living according to God’s Word. This is furthest from the truth! You can go to church all day, every day, it won’t get you into Heaven. People go to church out of tradition. They are dedicated to their leaders and their churches, but nothing else and most importantly NOT to Jesus and our Father God!

The pews are filled on Sunday with individuals who know they’re living like hypocrites, but they are playing the roles of devout saints on Sunday. That won’t get a person nowhere near the Kingdom of God! The many people criticized will get in before a whole bunch of people who claim to be living the life according to God’s Word. It’s because too many are talking out the sides of their necks. They profess one thing and live another. These people stand in the pulpits and they sit in the pews. They are  claiming to live one way when they know they are living another. What they do they do it to please man, putting God really nowhere in the equation, when He should be first.

God and His Son Jesus aren’t puppets who people choose to show off at will! Jesus don’t show up just on Sundays,  they dwell 24/7 within those who accept and believe. All of the pretense will some day cease and if you’re not TRULY on His side then TOO SAD and it will be TOO BAD!

God cleans up whomever He qualifies and elects. You can know the truth in how people live. Too many are called by man and it shows in the actions and bad choices and decisions people are making. I wrote a song that says “Everyone Talks About Heaven, but Don’t Want to Do Right to Get There.” This is sad, but true!

Technically you can call anyone who goes to church “church folks” but they certainly don’t all fall in into the same category as one who is living accordingly.  You got those who are going out of tradition and have no thoughts of giving up this ole world. However, you also have those who are going out of passion and love for God and His Son Jesus. They have made the personal decision to give up this world and submit to the True Source (Jesus)! Many talk it, but few walk it.

People are so confused both men and women will say they want someone in church. If you know what I know you better be specific when you pray, because having someone in church means nothing! The devil is sitting to your left, right, front, or back every time you go to church. A person can sit in church Sunday after Sunday, but living like a straight hypocrite. So be specific when you pray!

If you are a person who know in your heart you aren’t living what you profess the time to get it right is right now, tomorrow isn’t promised. The ways of this world are forever changing and not for the good. Choose you this day whom you will serve and own it, period! You can’t serve both, no matter what people choose to believe, if you’re not living what you profess you’re not on His side, you’re on the other side.