The Choice is Yours and Yours Alone


Why is it so hard for people to believe a person can be sincere about Jesus? I gave my life to Christ when I was 12, but I didn’t start developing a personal relationship with Him until many years later. I got saved because at the time it was the right thing to do, but honestly I didn’t know what it all really meant.

I have done everything I wanted to do and I’m not proud of some of it, but I thank God through the mist of it all He kept His hands on me. I was nothing but a filthy rag, but still He kept His hands on me. I didn’t realize He was covering me even through my mess. He loves us despite of, but if we choose to not change our ways He will turn us over to a reprobate mind. I chose to change which meant giving up things I thought I loved which were the things of this world and the ways of this world. I thought like most people that nothing else mattered other than what I wanted.

Jesus and God’s precious Angels have spared my life several times. I remember one time I could have been shot by my grandson, but God woke me up in the nick of time. I remember another incident where I foolishly forgot an electric soap dispenser was plugged in the wall socket and I cut the cord, because it wasn’t working properly I thought I would use it manually (so I cut the cord). Oh my goodness, I never heard such a loud pop in my life. I threw the scissors and ran. After being completely shaken up and then able to calm down I went back to look at the scissors there was a hole completely through the medal of both blades. The handles weren’t rubber, why I didn’t get electrocuted is beyond me, but again He had his hands on me. I could tell you a few stories, but the thing I want you, the reader to understand is it could have been me, but He said otherwise. He’s done it for me time and time again, and I’m sure He’s spared you many times as well.

When I look back over my life and think of all the foolishness I done, it makes me weep and cry out to Jesus for how He was there when I didn’t even know He was there. I cry out when I think of how so many things could have happened to me that I saw happen to other people. I’ve never done drugs of any type, but I did other things that I am not proud of, but THANK GOD for change.

I thank God for His Son Jesus! I begin to look at my life and I didn’t like what I seen. I started to seek this Jesus I heard so much about throughout my life. I developed a personal relationship with Him. I surrendered and submitted my life, my everything to Him. Since that day my life have never been the same. I have crossed paths with so many people who profess Him, but are living something else.

I am not trying to condemn, because God knows at one point in life I too had scales on my eyes and couldn’t see. However, when my life changed my eyes were completely opened. I do nothing I once done. I don’t dress the same, I don’t hang with the same people, I don’t do the same things or go the same places, I don’t think or speak the same. Everything about me changed and what I thought was important I realized wasn’t important at all.

My life is all about Jesus. I’m not a person who goes around saying I’m blessed and highly favor and all of the jargon you hear people saying everything you ask them how they are. I don’t have to do all of the showboating. I am exactly what I say I am. I serve exactly who I say I serve. There’s nothing I do behind closed doors that I would be ashamed of before God. There’s nothing we do that’s a secret to God. I live my life every single moment as if God and His Son Jesus are watching me. It is possible, I am a living witness, but the problem with most people is they don’t want to give up their ways. They want to stay in the world doing worldly things.

In His sight I am perfect though I will never be in the sight of man. I don’t care what man thinks of me. I don’t care if they believe me or not. My life shines and I’m not ashamed or afraid to profess my love for Jesus. I know who hav carried me through my storms. He didn’t move my obstacles but He gave me the strength to climb them or to go around them. I’ve become so much stronger in my faith. I have gone through things which many wouldn’t believe or could have withstood, but because of my faith in Him and not in man, I made it and I can tell the story.

I don’t allow my heart to lead me without thinking and seeing the truth like I once did. I am not lead by my flesh. Jesus is the most important being in my life no one comes before the “Master.” Men and women can’t understand me and oftentimes say to me “no one is that holy.” Well I’m here to say that I am. Living Holy is a requirement for Heaven. Our bodies are temples of God. I’m not caught up in the flesh, because I know lust is of the devil. Sins of the flesh isn’t just sex, it’s all kinds of things (addictions, greed, materialistic, fame, fortune, etc,. Anything that has control over you is a sin. I choose Jesus, Heaven will be my home. I’m living now so I can live eternally with Jesus and our Father God. I choose Jesus point blank and I am very happy with my choice. I wouldn’t turn back for nothing.

Too many people say they are this, but truth is they are that! Whatever that is!!! They profess Christ, they profess holiness, they profess having the Holy Spirit, they profess all of the right things, but in fact have none. Jesus doesn’t dwell in no type of mess and He cleans up whom he Elects. When you see pastors or any type of ministers (no matter what they are called) doing things wrong, they aren’t living what they profess. When you see them cursing and doing things against God, they aren’t living what they profess and they AREN’T called by God with the Big G. They are called by god with the little g. Many are serving gods, but not God the Father and His Son Jesus. The same goes for many who profess Him, it goes way beyond the pulpit.

If a person REALLY wants to change they will; anything else is lip service. You can’t be on God’s side and still doing what you been doing. You can’t be on His side if you’re still doing anything displeasing in His sight. You must without fail give up your old ways and the ways of this world. You can’t keep going back to it, if you do, it’s because you never left it.

To serve God with honesty and truth doesn’t mean you’re a prude. Not at all! You can still enjoy life to the fullest, but you do things differently and in doing those things you make sure they are pleasing in the sight of God. To simply put it you put Him first! Sometimes you will have to stand alone, but that’s okay, although no person may be by your side; in Christ you’re NEVER alone. This journey isn’t a group or couples journey, it is an individual journey and many times you will be alone. People will shun you and talk about you, but look what they did to Jesus someone who was without sin. No matter what; stand on the Word of God and don’t let anyone or anything shake your faith. It is possible  to live Holy, I promise you it is. The choice is yours!