Putting Jesus in the Midst of Your Mess


A lot of so called Saints are doing this! They get into mess and when it doesn’t work out they say I’m glad God moved me out of the situation or I’m glad God didn’t allow it to happen. Listen, stop fooling yourselves. Quite contrary to what people believe; God isn’t EVER in the midst of bad choices and decisions when they are against His ways. Things turned out the way they did for whatever reason, but God nor Jesus had anything to do with it.

People must stop using God as a scapegoat or an excuse. People do all kinds of mess and don’t acknowledge God AT ALL while doing what they do, but as soon as things doesn’t go how they want they want to say it’s not what God has for me. Please!!!!!!!! God had nothing to do with it from the start and these people know it. They want to say this and that about God being in the midst when they know they never sought God in their decisions in the first place. When you are doing things against God he doesn’t take part in any of your choices, decisions, or acts.

When we want to do things our way and not God’s way, He will allow us to do just what we think we want to do. He is never in the midst of mess, it is all on the individual.

People think because they mimic holiness they are Holy. No, you’re not! Just because a person has LEARNED to speak fake tongues and fake the holy ghost it doesn’t mean nothing to Jesus. People have absolutely learned how to act this way by mimicking true Holiness. It won’t get a person into Heaven. They want to fake it, but they don’t want to do right to become truly Holy. It’s sad!

People have learned to testi-lie and to give false testi-phony. People are like this because they are mimicking what they have seen and heard over the years. People have it down so good if a person didn’t have true Holiness and discernment they would probably be fooled.

You cant live any kind of way and then call on Jesus when you feel like it. It doesn’t work this way, these people are fooling themselves. They are mocking God and they will be charged.

Like I’ve said several times before and I wrote a song about it “everybody talks about Heaven, but don’t want to do right to get there. To be polished on the outside and tore up in the inside won’t get you there. Showboating for man won’t get you there. Some people so brainwashed and confused they don’t have a relationship with Jesus, their relationships are solely with their pastors/leaders. Many are being lead wrong and astray. I’s not ALL on the leaders, because we all must know the Bible for ourselves. Many leaders aren’t leading according to the Word of God. They can’t lead according to the Word of God when they aren’t living according to the Word of God. If you sit under them in their congregations they don’t have any power to put anyone in Heaven or hell, only God can do it. This is why we must all know the Word for ourselves.

My question is if it’s good enough to mimic and pretend to have, why not have the real thing? It is available and it’s 100% free; it has been bought with a price and the price was Jesus dying on the cross for all of us. People won’t be allowed to continue doing what they do without repercussions. There is a price to pay and it is eternal damnation. Nothing down here on earth will last, but God’s Word will stand forever. We can have the finer things in life; but if we don’t have Jesus we don’t have NOTHING! People be millionaires, billionaires, or to simply put it rich; but if they don’t have Jesus they have nothing. When it comes to Jesus money is worthless, it can’t buy time to live longer, you can’t purchase your way out of death, you can spend thousands to look young but your body will still AGE, it can’t buy a seat in God’s Kingdom, and it can’t buy salvation, because it’s free. Without Jesus the most financially rich person is POOR.

There is ONLY one way to the Father and that is through His Son Jesus. You may have heard some people say there are other ways, but they are ignorant. The Bible specifically says, there’s only one way. Everyday is a new day to get it right and to stop playing church. When Jesus comes back He’s not going to ask your pastor/leader about you, He’s going to talk directly to you. People get to know Him and the Word for yourselves. Stop faking and pretending and get the real deal; it’s free and available. Please don’t lose your soul pretending to be something you’re not, because faking and pretending won’t get you into Heaven, but it will get you an eternal seat into Hell.