Repent While You Can

God put it on my heart to tell people to repent before it’s too late. I know many people don’t believe it, because they’ve heard it for so long. There are many others who don’t believe it because they don’t believe, period! It doesn’t matter which category people fall in they will get the sameContinue reading “Repent While You Can”

If You Loved Jesus As Much As Everything Else

We’ve all been guilty. I have mentioned it in previous post I am a gospel singer/songwriter and I love it beyond words. I grew up singing from the age of 11, I’ve been around top notch national artist. I’ve enjoyed singing on the same stages with them all over the place. God knows my passionContinue reading “If You Loved Jesus As Much As Everything Else”

We’re all his Children, yet not all Children of God

God wishes for none of us to perish. We are all His children, but we aren’t all children of God, because we all don’t believe. He doesn’t wish for one single soul to be lost. There are so many things that happens to us which we consider as unfortunate. However, many times God allow thingsContinue reading “We’re all his Children, yet not all Children of God”

God Will Separate the Real From the Fake

You best believe He will do it. I’m talking about the God with the big G and not the little g. Time is at hand, but many people are still playing church. Look around at all of the tragedies that are happening day in and day out, things are getting worse each day. Still; itContinue reading “God Will Separate the Real From the Fake”

I Don’t Think I’m Better You Think I Am

I’m sure many of us can relate to this. You have people in your lives who can’t embrace or love you because they feel you think you’re better than them. I think this is a sad state of mind. It happens within family relationships, friendships, and relationships with others. It is my belief that whenContinue reading “I Don’t Think I’m Better You Think I Am”