When the one You’re With Isn’t who you Want


A lot of people find themselves in this particular situation. If it’s you this is 2017 and time to make some changes. First of all I am very much against anyone who is in a relationship (married or dating) and have feelings for someone else. You are so wrong! Nothing just happens, people pursue relationships. If you are in a relationship under no circumstance should you pursue someone else. There is no way to justify it, it’s wrong!

I know things happen in life and people grow apart for many reasons. In all honesty, I believe if people are honest with themselves and go back to the beginning thinking about how their relationships began many will find they didn’t have solid foundations from the start. Most times than not relationships starting out wrong will end wrong. You reap what you sow and then some!

Too many people accept crap from the start and when they no longer want to be with the other person they suddenly have an epiphany of the truth. No, the epiphany was always there in the forms of signs, but people fail to accept them. Then many want to go looking for something else only to make a bad situation worse. Running to someone else doesn’t fix your current situations. These types of people must stop dragging other people into their messed up situations.

When a person is solely led by the heart they are lead blindly into bad situations. People oftentimes miss all of the pertinent and relevant signs due to being led by the emotions of their hearts. They fall knee deep off of feelings and emotions (they look good, they make you feel good, you like what they do to you and what they do for you, etc.) totally disregarding the many signs present. None of it keeps a relationship together. If people would stay focused early in their relationships they can see the truth from their distorted misperceptions.

Many people are in unhappy relationships. They are in relationships, but aren’t with who they really want to be with. These types of people have settled; for whatever reasons. People stay together for the same wrong reasons many get together. All of it leads to unhappiness and unhealthy relationships. Sadly many of these individuals have children.

The biggest misconceptions of parenting is people think because both parents are present it’s a better environment for the child. This isn’t necessarily true. Both parents can be present yet either one or neither one are actually parenting their child/children. They have too much tension and animosity going on to really parent their children. Children are very smart they see something is wrong. In other words don’t get with anyone because of a child and don’t stay with anyone because of a child. If you’re a good parent you can be a good parent in or outside of the home.

I’m not telling anyone to leave who they are with, but if who you’re with isn’t who you want; then your heart, mind, and soul isn’t there. It’s a terrible situation to be in. You can’t give your relationship or significant other what he or she needs if your not all in it.

A lot of people stay together for years and years. What is even sadder is many of them can’t stand to be around one another. To me this is madness and nonsense! Loving someone and being in love with someone are two totally different things. Many people find themselves in relationships where they love the person, but are not in love with that person. Both must be a part of any healthy relationship.

This is 2017 and the saying is true “you can’t expect a different outcome if you’re doing the same things.” Be with the person you’re with because you love them and are in love with them. If you both love and are in love with them then you will need, want, and desire them in your life. I don’t care what anyone says, anything less you’re selling yourself short!!