Beauty of a Snowflake


Just wondering, have you ever taken the time to look at a snowflake? I did and couldn’t believe its beauty. They are intricately made. I was absolutely blown away by it’s uniquely complex and beautiful design. I don’t know, but I assume snow is millions upon millions of these beautifully designed flakes.

In my opinion, it is more proof of the existence of God. How on this earth is a snowflake so definitively designed? Snowflakes are beautifully cut and shaped. If you don’t believe me if given the opportunity take the time to inspect it for yourself. They even have holes in them (smile).

It dawned on me to ask my sister had she ever seen one, she couldn’t believe the design I described to her. I believe God shows us His existence through so many things we take for granted.

I’ve always said I didn’t like snow. I was looking at it in the sense of slipping and sliding, etc. Never for one second did I know the beauty of a snowflake until the moment Jesus tugged at my heart to look a little closer. The only thing I could mouth was “wow, it’s beautiful.” His creation and beauty is all around us.

People think things happen by chance or coincidence. Not true!!! God shows his existence through many signs and wonders people take for granted. Please take the time to smell the roses so to speak, because in doing so you will discover beauty you never knew existed. His beauty surrounds us! If you take the time to look closely at a snowflake and it blows you away like it did me, come back and comment about it’s beauty. It’s really amazing!