If you Accept it you Chose it


The post is written about people who are in relationships and accepting whatever in the name of what they think is love. Many people are in relationships never meant for them to be in. I’m currently working on a book about this. I know many before me have written on the topic and many will write about it when I’m long gone. I feel it’s time I put my opinion about it in writing. I pray someone somewhere will learn something.

It’s terrible to see people in bad relationships. Unfortunately and sadly it is a personal choice of freewill. Many people choose bad relationships due to their own insecurities derived from a host of unresolved issues. If an issue isn’t resolved it leads to other problems.

In my opinion and without a doubt people get into relationships and miss all of the important signs telling them to proceed with cautious or RUN! They think they have the power to change the other person when they can’t even change self. Does it make any sense???? First of all, if you feel it’s necessary to change someone else, then you’re at least somewhat aware there is potential for a problem to occur. Why move forward???? This is a sign straight from the start. Sadly many continue in their relationships knowing full well something isn’t right.

Sometimes I look at people and literally want to shake them to wake them up. They are caught up in their feelings about the other person and it has them totally blind. Many are disrespected, neglected, rejected, disconnected, and subjected to all kinds of things. They take and accept things from the ones they love that they themselves would never do to them.

Some people feel the person they’re with deserves the best from them, therefore they do any and everything to please the individual. However, in the midst of it they receive the worst from the individual. It makes no sense at all. Never choose to be mistreated. If you accept it, you chose it! There are no and’s, if’s, or but’s about it!

The best recommendation I can give in this situation is to STOP it before it STARTS! Too many find themselves in loveless, unhappy, and unhealthy relationships because they failed to adhere to the many signs in the beginning. Instead of treading the water they jumped right into the deep end without a clue how to swim. Later feeling pulled under and drowning due to their bad choices and decisions.

When you meet someone you’re interested in, before losing your mind, use your brain! How you start any relationship is indicative to how it will end. If you get with a person who is abusive they will certainly eventually beat you whether mentally, emotionally, or physically. If you get with a person who is already in a relationship with someone else he or she is a cheater and eventually they will cheat on you. If you get with a person who has no ambition or goals don’t expect for him or her to change, so don’t make it a problem later. If you get with a person who is into immoral things, when it becomes a problem later, remember you chose it. If you get with someone who’s beliefs are different from yours, it’s what you chose. You can’t save no one, but yourself. You can’t change no one but yourself. I can go on for days with examples.

Bottom line and the moral to it all is you can’t change ANYONE else. You may inspire someone to want to change, but the individual is the one who makes the change happen, NOT YOU! Many people have changed temporarily to get what they wanted and then reverted back to who they really are. Why? It’s because they aren’t ready for real change. It can’t be forced. If you’re struggling with trying to change someone else, the real struggle should be with changing yourself.

If you get into a relationship being led solely by what you’re thinking and feelings about the person and not looking at the big picture, I guarantee you that you will later regret it. Get out of your feelings and see the truth for what it is. Most times people are stuck on how they are feeling about the other person; dismissing what the other person’s actions are saying how they feel about them.

Dark World


We are living in a dark world. We are living in the days of Sodom & Gomorrah and Noah all over again. It saddens me people don’t take serious that God gave us His only begotten Son so we don’t have to live in a dark world. His Son died on the cross for our sins but man has basically spit in His face and chosen to commit the same types of sins for which He destroyed the first world. People are doing the same things that were done against Him in the Bible days.

Being a part of a dark world is a choice. God’s children are children of the light. We may be in a dark world, but we are not of the world. True Children of God turn from darkness and knows no matter what happens if we stand on the Word of God it will be alright.

This world is full of all types of things against God. People are easily enticed to go against God. They want to glorify man. They want to take from the Bible and and/or add to it when it benefits them the most. God said we must not do this! People are worshipping man on every hand. They are bowing down and worshipping men and women as if they are God. They have made them into gods. There are many gods but only one God the Father and His Son Jesus.

People are doing everything against God and in the process are mocking Him. Any and everything goes these days. People don’t have morals and values anymore. They certainly aren’t connected to the true and ONLY source; Jesus!

There is so much going on in this world today. Many are choosing to try an play both sides when it’s impossible. People think they are playing both sides, but they’re only fooling themselves. Either you’re for Him or against Him.

The devil has control of many people’s mind. People are doing any and everything that is against God’s Word. Homosexuality, murder, lying, deceitfulness, stealing, family separation, and many other things are running rampant in today’s world. Any and everything goes and is accepted. I’m not surprised at anything I hear or see, it’s to be expected when people are a part of such a dark world. To them their darkness is light. It’s a trick of the enemy. The devil is doing what he was put here to do.

Many in the world proclaim Jesus and profess Him, but their lifestyles tell the truth. You can’t live for Him and do what you want to do, it doesn’t work like that! People are blind to the truth, because they are stuck in their ways of doing things. They speak about Jesus, but they sure don’t live for Him. If you’re not living for Him, it means you’re living against Him.

It’s so sad to me how people don’t want to believe in Jesus, but they openly worship satan. They worship false idols and false gods. Some actually worship satan himself. Yet, they don’t believe in God and His Son Jesus. In this world you can’t have one without the other. However, it’s up to each one of us who we choose to worship.

When a person is truly on the side of Jesus, they will NOT be interested in the ways of the world. They aren’t oblivious to what’s going on around them, but they don’t have any desires to partake in it. Those who partake aren’t truly on the side of Jesus. They speak it, but they are liars. Time is winding up for you and for me. No one is put here to stay. I would rather die believing then to die not believing.

A Great Falling Away


One thing about this falling away it will include those we love. We can encourage, motivate, enlighten, empower them, but we can’t save anyone. There will be a lot of people easily influenced and persuaded. In these days and times it’s very important to understand, embrace, and affirm your stance when it comes to serving Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Sadly many will fall away, because they aren’t truly connected. Somewhere in their beliefs there’s doubt. When there is doubt this gives the enemy the opportunity to intervene, persuade, manipulate, and influence. We have to be like trees planted by the water with our roots dug in deep (we can’t be moved). If not, those with opposition will come along and pluck you right out of your position. They will make their words, actions, and beliefs appealing and contrary to what you believe.

Everything God intends for good, the devil intends for bad. The devil’s agenda is completely opposite from God’s agenda. He is on his j-o-b! People are very quick to fall for his agenda. If you stand against God, it means you’re not for Him. If you’re not for Him you’re against Him. It doesn’t matter if people believe they can live any way they want; they CAN’T! It’s NOT an option to be this way. If you’re not living according to His Word then you’re against Him. These types of people are taking on a fake form of holiness, but they aren’t Holy.

The Bible speaks of this great falling away. My belief is people fall away, because they never fully and truly believed in the first place. Allowing someone or something to change your beliefs is indicative of a person who’s already struggling with their beliefs.

We must get have a personal relationship with Christ, which means we must fast, pray, praise, worship, love, honor, and adore Him. We must make Him first in our lives. We must get on a consistent regiment of speaking with Him and allowing ourselves to hear what He has to say to us. He wishes for none of us to perish, but He isn’t forcing us to worship Him.

What the world has to offer is obviously quite appealing to many. As a person once in the world, I guess I looked at it as appealing too. However, once I knew better I did better. I gave it up and never turned back to my old ways. Once I decided to truly follow Jesus I realized the world had nothing to offer me but death. Nothing we obtain or possess will matter in the end. I don’t care how much people talk about you when you leave this world, it will not benefit you. How we choose to live now determines where we will live forever.

Too many people choose to claim Jesus, but live as part of the world. There is only one God, but there are many gods. Whichever one a person chooses to worship, is the one they love. Bottom line is people can fake and pretend all day. If they aren’t living according to God’s Word, they are in love with another god. These types of people have no roots! They are apparently satisfied and comfortable with claiming Jesus for show, but they aren’t living for Him. They can’t live for Him, because they are too busy living for another god. This is why there will be a great falling away.

You Cherish the Title, but deny yourselves the Lifestyle


I know some people don’t want the truth no matter how much they say they do. Many people seem more satisfied with folks sugarcoating or lying to them then them hearing the truth. We are in times of life and death, I don’t have time to sugarcoat anything for anyone.

There are many people who are adamant about obtaining a title and being addressed by that title. I’m here to tell you no title will get you in Heaven. God isn’t impressed by any titles. Too many people in this world are mesmerized and caught up by their titles. Some of them have so many titles behind their names it’s ridiculous.

I’m not against anyone progressing, however, when you make the title define who you are then you have lost the true meaning of it all. When people do this they are not looking to Jesus, they are looking to man. It looks and sounds good to man, but to God it means absolutely nothing and it will not get you a seat in the Kingdom.

Step from behind your titles and be hungry to live the lifestyle. One major problem I’m seeing on this pursuit for Heaven is many people claim they want it, but their actions tells the truth. They are stuck on getting the titles, but they don’t want to actually live the lifestyle. They choose to mimic the lifestyle rather than to truly live it. The reason people do this is because they are still in the world. If you aren’t for Him you’re against Him, period, and point blank!

The same man people are worshipping and praising will be bowing before the Father like me, you, and everyone else. Stop worrying about what you have to offer, boast about, and showboat for man. Man has to die and give in account like us all. Man is whoever you choose it to be when it’s not God the Father and His Son Jesus.

Many people will miss their chance for Heaven if they don’t wake up and change their ways. Professing Christ and living something else equals damnation. God isn’t interested in titles, glitz, glamour, fame, or fortune. He’s interested in true worshippers who are living Holy lives.