A Great Falling Away


One thing about this falling away it will include those we love. We can encourage, motivate, enlighten, empower them, but we can’t save anyone. There will be a lot of people easily influenced and persuaded. In these days and times it’s very important to understand, embrace, and affirm your stance when it comes to serving Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Sadly many will fall away, because they aren’t truly connected. Somewhere in their beliefs there’s doubt. When there is doubt this gives the enemy the opportunity to intervene, persuade, manipulate, and influence. We have to be like trees planted by the water with our roots dug in deep (we can’t be moved). If not, those with opposition will come along and pluck you right out of your position. They will make their words, actions, and beliefs appealing and contrary to what you believe.

Everything God intends for good, the devil intends for bad. The devil’s agenda is completely opposite from God’s agenda. He is on his j-o-b! People are very quick to fall for his agenda. If you stand against God, it means you’re not for Him. If you’re not for Him you’re against Him. It doesn’t matter if people believe they can live any way they want; they CAN’T! It’s NOT an option to be this way. If you’re not living according to His Word then you’re against Him. These types of people are taking on a fake form of holiness, but they aren’t Holy.

The Bible speaks of this great falling away. My belief is people fall away, because they never fully and truly believed in the first place. Allowing someone or something to change your beliefs is indicative of a person who’s already struggling with their beliefs.

We must get have a personal relationship with Christ, which means we must fast, pray, praise, worship, love, honor, and adore Him. We must make Him first in our lives. We must get on a consistent regiment of speaking with Him and allowing ourselves to hear what He has to say to us. He wishes for none of us to perish, but He isn’t forcing us to worship Him.

What the world has to offer is obviously quite appealing to many. As a person once in the world, I guess I looked at it as appealing too. However, once I knew better I did better. I gave it up and never turned back to my old ways. Once I decided to truly follow Jesus I realized the world had nothing to offer me but death. Nothing we obtain or possess will matter in the end. I don’t care how much people talk about you when you leave this world, it will not benefit you. How we choose to live now determines where we will live forever.

Too many people choose to claim Jesus, but live as part of the world. There is only one God, but there are many gods. Whichever one a person chooses to worship, is the one they love. Bottom line is people can fake and pretend all day. If they aren’t living according to God’s Word, they are in love with another god. These types of people have no roots! They are apparently satisfied and comfortable with claiming Jesus for show, but they aren’t living for Him. They can’t live for Him, because they are too busy living for another god. This is why there will be a great falling away.