Dark World


We are living in a dark world. We are living in the days of Sodom & Gomorrah and Noah all over again. It saddens me people don’t take serious that God gave us His only begotten Son so we don’t have to live in a dark world. His Son died on the cross for our sins but man has basically spit in His face and chosen to commit the same types of sins for which He destroyed the first world. People are doing the same things that were done against Him in the Bible days.

Being a part of a dark world is a choice. God’s children are children of the light. We may be in a dark world, but we are not of the world. True Children of God turn from darkness and knows no matter what happens if we stand on the Word of God it will be alright.

This world is full of all types of things against God. People are easily enticed to go against God. They want to glorify man. They want to take from the Bible and and/or add to it when it benefits them the most. God said we must not do this! People are worshipping man on every hand. They are bowing down and worshipping men and women as if they are God. They have made them into gods. There are many gods but only one God the Father and His Son Jesus.

People are doing everything against God and in the process are mocking Him. Any and everything goes these days. People don’t have morals and values anymore. They certainly aren’t connected to the true and ONLY source; Jesus!

There is so much going on in this world today. Many are choosing to try an play both sides when it’s impossible. People think they are playing both sides, but they’re only fooling themselves. Either you’re for Him or against Him.

The devil has control of many people’s mind. People are doing any and everything that is against God’s Word. Homosexuality, murder, lying, deceitfulness, stealing, family separation, and many other things are running rampant in today’s world. Any and everything goes and is accepted. I’m not surprised at anything I hear or see, it’s to be expected when people are a part of such a dark world. To them their darkness is light. It’s a trick of the enemy. The devil is doing what he was put here to do.

Many in the world proclaim Jesus and profess Him, but their lifestyles tell the truth. You can’t live for Him and do what you want to do, it doesn’t work like that! People are blind to the truth, because they are stuck in their ways of doing things. They speak about Jesus, but they sure don’t live for Him. If you’re not living for Him, it means you’re living against Him.

It’s so sad to me how people don’t want to believe in Jesus, but they openly worship satan. They worship false idols and false gods. Some actually worship satan himself. Yet, they don’t believe in God and His Son Jesus. In this world you can’t have one without the other. However, it’s up to each one of us who we choose to worship.

When a person is truly on the side of Jesus, they will NOT be interested in the ways of the world. They aren’t oblivious to what’s going on around them, but they don’t have any desires to partake in it. Those who partake aren’t truly on the side of Jesus. They speak it, but they are liars. Time is winding up for you and for me. No one is put here to stay. I would rather die believing then to die not believing.