Not Perfect Simply Obedient


On this journey to see the King some people get mad at you and say you’re trying to be perfect. It’s okay, because what people say carries no weight and has no bearer on you having a seat in the Kingdom. It all falls on you! Those who always have something to say are people who are dealing with their own issues. They can’t stand the new you! They are dealing with their own struggles of coming out of the world. If they were on the side of Jesus they wouldn’t be talking about you in the first place.

People are quick to say they’re not perfect, you’re not perfect, and you’re judging. It’s all excuses for them to continue to live any kind of way. Some of these people are so called Saints. They want to do what they want to do in thinking they have no repercussions for their actions. Whether sinner or Saint, there are always consequences and repercussions for our actions. I sometimes reference some people as so called Saints, but in reality they are sinners who aren’t really serving God. They are trying to straddle a fence that is non existent. They think because they are Saved, go to church, go to Sunday school, pay tithes, or work in the church that’s good enough. Well, I’m here to tell you it isn’t! You must be Born Again, you must be Holy, and you must live Holy. A true Saint want’s no part in doing anything against God. A true Saint is always thinking (what would Jesus say, what would Jesus think) before they do anything that would be displeasing.

On several occasions people have told me no one is as Holy as I am, I act perfect. They assume I’m not always living what I profess. They can’t fathom the thought. It doesn’t bother me, because I get it! I don’t expect for a person who is struggling trying to decide what side they truly choose to believe it’s possible to be obedient and live to please Jesus. How they feel is no hindrance, because my focus is seeing the King and getting into Heaven. In my life no one or nothing is before Jesus. No one has to accept it, because  I know He does! He knows neither my talk or my walk are in vain.

Starting out it’s not easy, but the more you put God first, the easier it becomes. You’re not pretending anything, it is what it is. Once you choose Jesus and stop looking back everything else falls into place. Only those who are trying to serve both God and the world (that ole devil) have a hard time believing living Holy is possible. Obedience does look like perfection and in the eyesight of God it is what He sees in us. When a person strives daily to please Jesus it’s being obedient to the Word of God and His Sons Jesus! Remember you can’t get to the Father lest through His Son!

I’ve written many times today, right now; is really all we have. Tomorrow isn’t promised and yesterday is gone. Today, right now; is all ANY of us have! Death can come for ANY of us at any moment. If a person is still debating which side they want to be on when death comes, it will be too late! If a person is playing church when death comes; it will be too late! All we have is right now to do what is right in the sight of Jesus! Tomorrow isn’t promised and even if you see it, if you’re still playing church it will be too late! If you’re on His side then being obedient shouldn’t be or wouldn’t be a problem. Being obedient to Him and His Word bothers those who don’t. Therefore, THEY think you’re acting perfect when you’re ONLY being OBEDIENT!


Not Cold, Not Unconcerned, it’s Called Growth


If you’re not there you won’t understand. If you’re not trying to get there you won’t understand. If a person has given their life to Christ and are no longer in the world they aren’t the same. Many individuals claim it, however the truth is seen through their walk.

People don’t understand when you grow you don’t see things the same. What once worried you or even got on your nerves no longer fazes you. It is called growth! You know the importance of life, you understand your needs versus your wants, and you don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders any longer. You understand once you lay your burdens at the feet of Jesus you don’t go back to pick them burdens up again. You “cast all of your cares on Him.”

There are people who will think you have become cold and unconcerned. That isn’t the case, you simply have the understanding of what is and what isn’t important. Don’t be fazed by what people say about you, because they will talk no matter what. We certainly aren’t greater than Jesus! Not only did they talk about Him, they persecuted, beat, lied on, scorned, and crucified Him. If they did it to Him, someone who knew no sin; they will do it to us for sure. Stay encouraged and keep on the full armor of God. Sooner or later they will find someone or something else to talk about.

Remember a truth Saint is not their own person. They belong to Jesus Christ! When you’re a child of the King, nothing looks or feels the same. That’s just how it is. You will still go through trials and tribulations, but how you see them and go through them will be different.

There are a lot of people still thinking, feeling, and doing the same things they have always done. As a true Saint you shouldn’t be the same even if you’re going through similar trials and tribulations. Your outlook on things should be different. If you’re still worrying, being bothered, or trying to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders something is wrong!

A lot of people are trying to please others by continuing to do what they once did or by trying to do what others do. This isn’t the walk of a true Saint. You can’t be a person who is neutral for there is no neutrality in this walk. Being neutral means you don’t want to take responsibility. To be a true Saint means you take total ownership and responsibility of how you live. Your mind and heart is on Jesus. It means you do things pleasing to Jesus and God, NOT man.

People of the world are doing any and everything. The ways of the world are getting worse day by day. Although it is alarming you don’t fear, because you’re not a part of the madness. Your faith and trust lies in God Almighty, not man. You learn not to fear for God is with you through it all! You should feel at peace. People don’t understand it, but they don’t have to!

The more a person follow Jesus, the more change will occur. When a person is sincere about their journey they will turn away from all of the other things they once did. They do not partake in anything the devil will try to throw at them. They know satan when he rears his ugly head! They learn to resist the devil; therefore they are resisting temptations coming their way. All of it is possible when you make Jesus your choice.


Evil People all Over the World



If people don’t see the ways of the world are getting worse and darker, they need a reality check. Every time you look around people are killing in the name of God. This is ludicrous! When has Jesus or God ever needed someone to fight their battles or kill in their name? The god these people are referencing are the many other gods they serve, but has nothing to do with God Almighty or His Son Jesus.

People have lost their minds. They are crazy, but they aren’t mentally ill. Society wants to label them as such, because they fear what they don’t understand. These people aren’t mentally ill. They are pure evil. Societies as a whole don’t want to deal with the existence of evil and the workings of the supernatural, but it does exist. People are worshipping all types of gods and some are VERY evil!

Many people are influenced, coerced, and recruited into the madness and darkness. These types of people are lacking self confidence and esteem due to something else they’ve experienced. They are followers and they allow others to dictate what they will and won’t do. They are connected to the wrong people. They are influenced by evil people who put evil thoughts into their heads. Individuals who ponders over negative thoughts, if they don’t change their course they are bound to act out on those negative thoughts. Negative thoughts leads to negative feelings, and then negative actions/behaviors. Most of these types of individuals don’t have good support systems, therefore they seek others who gives them a sense of belonging.

If a person gets involved with anyone or anything that puts evil thoughts in their heads, they’re definitely dealing with the wrong thing or wrong people, period! Individuals have to have sense enough to say no to wrong doings. If a person kill someone out of anger, rage, or because they have been brainwashed to do so they are going to hell. God has nothing to do with that type of violence.

Many people have such a sense of wanting to belong and be loved. They fall into any trap to fulfill their longings. They completely and foolishly overlook the fact that what they are being brainwashed to do is wrong. It’s wrong to kill someone in the name of anything or anyone. People who willfully choose to hurt or kill others have completely given up their power to think on their own. They are completely brainwashed and controlled by negative people and their own negative ways of thinking. Many eventually do the unthinkable while the people who coerced them are behind the scenes hidden. It doesn’t make sense. It’s sad to know so much brokenness leads to such travesties.

Some people are influenced through television, videos, etc. No matter how it happens many are coming forth to commit heinous acts. It’s very sad how people allow themselves to believe this senselessness is okay. It is not! It’s sad people are losing their lives everyday to the hands of such evil people.

If a person has no support or don’t feel loved by others, they must understand their life belongs to no one but him or her. Therefore they should make all efforts to love his or herself. Loving yourself is knowing how to love others else well. These types of people must learn to think for self. Stop continuing to be victims and stop victimizing others. Make a better life for themselves then what they had. Instead of embracing their lives, people allow what they lacked to ruin their lives forever. It doesn’t have to be this way. They are their own prisoners.


Some people are influenced by supernatural forces at work. If you’re not aware of it then most likely a person won’t know what’s happening to them. They fall under the influence and act out what they have been thinking. I know many people don’t want to believe it is real, but it is. People get into dark things like Ouija boards, reading books that conjure up demons, they do spells and rituals not really knowing those things aren’t things they should fool around with. They open doors to things they aren’t able to control, then they all under the control of something stronger then they are. I know it sounds like a fairytale to many, but it’s real. The Bible says I Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. It includes both the natural and the supernatural. We are constantly fighting between good and evil.


This it another type of foolishness. This has everything to do with personal struggles, issues, and insecurities of individuals and NOTHING to do with love. When these kind of people can no longer control who they are with then they want to harm or kill them. These types of people get into relationships and because of their own inner issues they try to control and possess who they are with. They try to break their significant others down to make them afraid. They think by isolating them from others and making them totally depend on them is a way of controlling them. They control who they are with verbally, physically, emotionally, and mentally. They scare who they are with into submission.

Both men and women can avoid these types of people by NEVER getting involved with them from the start. Learn to walk away from individuals with the tendencies of being dangerous and unhealthy people. Walk away from those who try to control you by telling you what to do, when to speak, how to dress, or who to be around. It’s not cute or healthy to be called out of your name or disrespected. During the courting phase, the first time any ill treatment happens walk away without looking back. Things more than likely will get worse. Problem is and has been; instead people stay, they get abused in every sense of the word, then they find themselves too afraid to leave. They find themselves right where their abusers want them (helpless and hopeless). Many people have lost their lives to the hands of those who supposedly loved and cared for them.

These types of individual’s don’t have a clue what love is and it’s why they do everything that love isn’t. They obsess, possess, abuse, dominate, and control the men and women they are with. No one and I mean no one should ever allow themselves to end up in relationships such as this. People must stop allowing how they feel about these individuals get them into dangerously unhealthy relationships.


Millions in this world are broken. They are toxic and tainted, because they’ve failed to get past their pasts. This has caused them to seek all they’ve lacked in the wrong people and in the wrong ways. Many lead lives held captive by their own wrong/negative ways of thinking. It has led many to do terrible things. Rather than deal with their issues (regardless of what they are), many choose to continue with their chaotic and out of control lives. They continue their negative ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

You haven’t seen anything yet! It will continue to get worse and worse. There is little love in this world today. Families aren’t the same, marriages aren’t sacred anymore, and people are doing anything and everything. Morals and values for many are obsolete. Like I always write “everything right is now considered wrong and everything wrong is now considered as right. Anything goes. Sad, sad, sad!



When Your Heart is Wrong Nothing is Right


It doesn’t matter if a person does good if their hearts are wrong. Many people put on false persona’s every day. They pretend to care and they pretend to do good when it’s a lie all along. People do this, because they are pretending for some type of gratification.

As I wrote in an earlier post, the Bible says “God knows your heart.” Many people misconstrue this in thinking no matter what they do even if it’s wrong God knows their hearts. He does; which means you can’t fool Him with anything! People seem to think by doing good they can get away with stuff or that by doing good it makes things okay. No it doesn’t at all. If your heart is wrong behind your good actions, it’s wrong period! That’s why just because a person does good doesn’t necessarily mean they are a good person. Many individuals are very deceitful and they do things to look a certain way to others. They have different no good agendas long before they commit the act of good deeds.

I write about fake people all of the time. The reason I do is because I want people to understand they are setting themselves up for failure by lying and pretending they are Holy versus truly being Holy. People are fake and put on facades for many reasons. They present themselves as good people, but in their hearts they are full of anger, envy, jealousy, malice, strife, and a host of other things. These are  people we hear who are caught on cameras doing the unthinkable. They get arrested for various reasons. They use foul language. They act and dress inappropriate. They are drug addicted, sex addicted,  and alcoholics. They are people we see or hear about who get caught up in scams and all types of busts. They are so called friends, neighbors, some family members, and other people. They come from all walks of life and they are from all races. No race is exempt! Every race has every type of bad influence you can name, just as they have every type of good influence you can name. This is why there is absolutely no superior race of people. Many of them are so called Saints. They said on podiums and pulpits, they sing in the choir, they direct the choirs, they are on usher and deacon boards, they are church musicians, they are on the finance committee, and they are a part of every possible position a church has to offer.  These people go through a lot of shenanigans trying to prevent being seen by the wrong person when all along they are seen by the right one; Jesus. How foolish are they?

People have to understand when they need to implement change in their lives. However, this can’t ever happen if people don’t first admit they have a problem/s. If people don’t embrace the fact that something is wrong they won’t ever change. This is why so many people think when they are doing wrong it is secret. There are no SECRETS in the eyesight of God the Father and His Son Jesus. It’s why many people will not see the Kingdom of God. They are too busy trying to fake and pretend rather that give up this world and get right with God the Father. People all over the world pretend to live holy lives, but they aren’t the truth. They live lies! Sadly many are those who lead their flocks.

It doesn’t matter if a person is a so called Saint if they are faking and pretending they are someone with  deep seated issues they need to face and work on. When people fake and pretend the truth comes out sooner or later. No one can live their life this way without ever being found out. The truth eventually prevails in some form or another. Their walk doesn’t line up with their talk. It is what it is, but they must know they aren’t fooling God. As the Bible says and as I have repeated over and over “you’re either for or against Him. There are no in between.” Pretending in any essence of the word plainly means you’re not for Him. People don’t want to accept it, but it’s the truth.

Many people are adamant in thinking they are for Jesus. They think because they go to church every Sunday or whatever they are doing in relations to Jesus; they are on His side. No it’s not the truth! They don’t want to hear the truth, because they feel they are serving Him when they show up for church or when in church they are performing in whatever position they hold. No, it doesn’t matter! If you’re not living what you speak and you’re doing things against the Word of God then it’s against God Himself and it means you are against Him. It may hurt to read the truth, but the truth is what it is!

You can’t be on His side when you are doing things you know are wrong. You just can’t do it. When you choose God the Father and His Son Jesus together they make one. Whatever you do against the Son you do against the Father. You can’t live a Holy life being a hypocrite, it’s impossible! I don’t care what a person think they are, if you’re not living what you speak then you’re against Him.

I’m trying to make people realize they must take responsibility of how they are living. There is no way on earth a person can live Holy with a hypocritical lifestyle. So called Saints must understand there is consequences for their actions. “To gain the whole world is to lose your soul.” If the ways of the world (fornicating, lying, cheating, committing adultery, stealing (can be done more than by taking material things), killing (can be done in more ways than taking a life) are more important; then people must be prepared to face the repercussions and consequences of their choices and decisions. The decision is made while we yet live. We get no do overs!

He Knows all About So-Called Saints


If you read this and get mad, fine; it only means there’s something you need to work on. I sit back and watch many people playing with God. Some are so holy on Sunday’s but the rest of the week they’re living like hypocrites speaking, doing, and acting in ways that are against God.

Jesus isn’t pleased with your eloquent speech on Sundays. He’s not pleased with you teaching or attending Bible study. He’s not impressed with you never missing a Sunday service. He’s isn’t impressed with how well you get along with your church family. He isn’t impressed with how you shout His name during church service, how many times you lift your hands, or say amen. He’s not impressed or happy with how good you are at mocking and mimicking the Holy Spirit. He isn’t impressed with you serving on the usher board or in the choir. He isn’t impressed with you faithfully paying your tithes. He’s not impressed with the many titles before and after your name. He isn’t impressed with the many words you speak during prayer. He isn’t moved by how well you sing, preach, teach, or prophesize. He’s not impressed with how big the church you attend or how big its congregation. He isn’t impressed with how nice you look on Sundays. He’s not impressed with your fame, fortune, glitz, or glam. He knows the relevance of it is NONE and He knows you’re not what you say you are!

In other words He’s not impressed with the many things people do when they are doing it to obviously please man and not Him. Those who live doing things that are against Him are certainly NOT on His side. You can talk it all day it doesn’t make it so. You can look the part, it means nothing. You can act the part, it has no relevance. Jesus know your hearts and your true intentions. You can say you mean well all day, He knows the truth. It doesn’t matter if a person does good when their true intentions are wrong.

The Bible says those who know right, yet chooses to do wrong will be charged even more. Those who have a hand in leading people astray will be charged far worse. For those who don’t claim Him and choose to do what they want; they too will be charged. No one is exempt, no one gets away. Unfortunately many who are getting by think they’re getting away. You’re definitely NOT!

Any person who does ANYTHING against Jesus is doing it against their very soul. We all have to answer for what we do. If people don’t change their ways the choices they make now will follow them into eternity. If those claiming to love Jesus don’t stop playing church they will lose their souls. Everyday we live is another chance to get on the right side. People continue to straddle the fence when there is no fence to straddle. You are either on His side or NOT!

All of the sexual immoralities such as homosexuality, infidelity, adultery, fornication, sodomy, incest, beastiality, swinging, molestation, rape, etc. etc going on by so-called Saints must stop. All of the lying, backbiting, stealing, hurting others (mentally, emotionally, physically), and mimicking/mocking God must stop. All of the many addictions such as drugs, alcohol, sex, food, gambling, etc must cease. Idolatry, envy, jealously, greed, etc must stop! Some so called Saints party hard and shake their butts on Friday and Saturday; and then put on a form of holiness for Sunday. This gets you nowhere but hell bound. Those claiming to love Jesus yet are not loving your own family must stop, because it’s NOT possible. You pick and choose what family and friends you want to love. You pick and choose other people you want to love. You must love ALL people. Some of the very people who are leading flocks are committing these very acts. Many sitting in the pews Sunday after Sunday claiming they are Saints; are committing the very acts.

Leaders of the churches aren’t teaching the right things in their services. They are not telling people how to get saved and stay on the Lord’s side. They aren’t inviting people to Christ these days. They aren’t teaching how to get off of the Milk and start eating the Meat (the Word of God), for substance and spiritual growth. Instead they are only teaching material prosperity. They are too busy choosing fancy words and closing their eyes to the truth. Some churches are so commercialized they look like lounges and worldly venues instead of sanctuaries. Leaders are accepting any and everything into their sanctuaries when the Words says separate yourselves. There should be distinction and a peculiar way about Saints, but there isn’t, because too many who are claiming to be Saints are still in the world to INCLUDE many of the leaders.

I’m not trying to bash or judge, I’m trying to help someone get it right! Saints must put down the facades and pick up the “full armor of God.” We are living in evil times. If you’re faking it Heaven has no place for you!

So-called Saints are still doing things behind closed doors that are against God. They are still tipping, dipping, ducking, and dodging from man when God sees every single thing done! Many don’t want to stop what they are doing and do right because it means they will be responsible and accountable. Duh!!! You’re responsible and accountable period; no matter if it’s a right or wrong choice. Problem is many fake folks pick and choose when they will do right or when they do wrong. They do right to look good in the eyesight of man and then choose wrong when they think no one is watching. Truth is if you’re doing right ONLY to please man, then it’s still wrong! If you are on the side of Jesus you shouldn’t be so quick and easy to do wrong. You should turn away from the ways of the world, period!

The Truth Doesn’t Change


Lies change, but the truth is just that; the truth! People always claim they want the truth until you give it to them. I’m not one who sugarcoats things to please people. Doing this doesn’t help a person it enables them. A lot of what I say or write hits hard and oftentimes upsets people. I make no apologies about it. As a servant I’m on this earth to help those who are willing to accept the truth. I plant the seed and it’s up to individuals what they do with it.

What I’ve found out in life is people are highly offended by the truth. Earlier in my life I was confronted by the truth and it cut me like a knife too. I didn’t want to hear it, but that didn’t change the fact it was the truth. I’ve always been a person who learned from everything I’ve experienced. When I truly knew better I done better and I always learned from my mistakes, bad decisions, and bad choices. It made me into who I am today.

People who take offense to the truth are people who need to search within self to figure out why truth hurts or upsets them. I know for a fact many so-called Saints aren’t what they profess. Therefore any time you speak or write the truth they are upset about it. They can’t stand the truth. They are people who aren’t living what they claim to live. They are people who are still doing what THEY want to do. They are still living in sin and doing things against God. A true Saint doesn’t get mad at the truth.

I understand people who are still in the world getting upset over the truth. They most definitely don’t want to hear it. The great difference is they aren’t claiming to be children of God. They aren’t claiming to be Saints who are living according to the Word of God. Therefore I expect them to get sick and tired of being told the truth. However, I don’t expect it from a true Saint.

Bottom line of this post is the truth is the truth no matter who tells it. If a person is adding to it or taking something from it, it’s no longer the truth. People can pretend all day, but at the end of the day each of us has to give in account for what we do and what we have done. As I always say how we live now determines were we will live eternally. That’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! True Saints if you’re mad about then, I highly recommend you check yourself and re-examine your lives, because what you’re living isn’t the truth and you know it!

Celibacy is Very Much Doable


It’s foreign to most. Many can’t fathom the thought of being celibate. Could you do it? Celibacy is a choice and state of mind. Most are led by the desires of their flesh trying to satisfy it at all costs. My thought is any person who is truly changed in Christ are considered as “new creatures.” It’s not my words, it’s straight from the Bible. Therefore in my opinion if you’re really concerned about your soul and Heaven then celibacy will be a choice you would consider. The problem is many are bind and bound by the lust of their flesh. It controls a lot of people.

For those driven by the lusts of their flesh, to most sex is high on their list of important things. I personally believe anyone who feels this way has some maturing to do. It’s a shallow way of thinking. I know, because I was once there myself. I’ve confessed and repented, but it still shames me when I think of it. I thank the Son and Father for changing me!! I’m thankful for my eyes becoming opened and for accepting the change.

In society sex actually comes before most marriages. I would be a hypocrite if I say I didn’t indulge in sex before marriage, but it’s because I didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. I was brought up in church and saved at an early age, but I didn’t develop a personal relationship for many years afterwards. After truly developing a personal relationship with Him, I’m no longer my own or the same. When you know better you should do better. Most won’t because they’re too caught up in the desires of their flesh and this world.

Every time I see social media all I see is butts, muscles, skimpy clothes, and boobs. No one or man has to expose his or her body the way many choose to. No matter what people think or feel about self, it shows a lack of respect. These people are seeking some type of gratification many don’t understand a lot of it is due to insecurities or the lack of something. Society is sexually hypnotized and mesmerized, it’s all many think about. People are risking health, lives, and relationships over sex. I saw a documentary about Atlanta, GA concerning the AIDS epidemic. What I saw and heard was horrific. It’s very sad and it’s scary so many are walking around with AIDS and some are still having unprotected sex. What’s even sadder is a lot of people don’t know they have HIV or AIDS.

Whatever your lifestyle it’s a personal choice, but if people are going to have sex they need to protect themselves as best as possible. The only full proof protection is abstinence. In my opinion any person who can’t go without sex is a person with a lot more growing to do. Sex isn’t everything and a person won’t die if they don’t have sex. People are simply very infatuated by it.

To be celibate is indeed special and it’s 100% doable if you commit yourself. Is sex worth losing your soul, that is the question one must ask his or herself? Personally I say NO! The Bible says the Spirit is willing, but the Flesh is weak. This means you do not have to fall into your temptations. You must pray and have a daily renewal of your mind. Seek Jesus first in all you do, if you do your ways and thoughts will no longer be your own.

I’ve lived celibate for many years, most don’t have any idea. I haven’t lost the desire, but it no longer controls me, I control it. When the urge comes I pray and ask the Lord to take it away, because I know it’s nothing but the devil. It goes away just as quick as it comes. My main focus in life is Jesus. He keeps me grounded, He keeps me focused on doing what’s right not SOME of the time, but all of the time. There are a lot of people to include so called Saints who claim to be Holy who are single but aren’t celibate. They are liars! Yes, I mean it! If you’re still controlled by your flesh then you’re doing something against God.

Anyone can do whatever they set their mind to do. When I chose Jesus and gave up all of the other mess my walk became completely different. To most it’s rubbish, they don’t believe me, because they can’t do it or should I say WON’T do it. They see me as attractive and fairly young so I must be having sex. Lies, lies, lies!!!!! I don’t care what anyone believes about me. I know what’s going on in my life. When you truly choose Jesus you have to give up this world and by doing that you learn that you are no longer controlled by your fleshly desires. Heaven and eternal life in Heaven NOT hell is my goal! I don’t seek fame and fortune, because whatever God has for me is mine. For the rest of my life my journey is about serving my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and God the Father. You can’t get to the Father unless through the Son.n

It’s not in the Bible


I heard people talking about God and they said He is whatever you want Him to be. I disagree! Some things He will never be no matter what someone says. They went on to say He can be a she if you want Him to be. Lies, lies, lies! Nowhere in the Bible does it reference God as a she. It get on my nerves when people try to change the words in the Bible to please them.

Jesus was given to the world as God’s only begotten Son, who was once a flesh and blood male, but became spirit after dying for our sins. First of all God is a Spirit, but; the Bible still reference Him in the form of a man to us NOT a woman. It says Father and Son, nothing about Mother and daughter or Father and daughter. It specifically says Father and His Son Jesus. He will comfort you as a mother and father when you have none or even if you have living parents, but He’s never referenced as she.

Many people aren’t truly connected to Him, therefore they don’t have a personal relationship. They go by what they heard and not by personal experience. They also go by whatever makes them feel good at the moment. When you have a relationship with Him you will read His Word. If you don’t, then you’re not doing what you should as a child of the most High. It also means you need to re-examine yourself and get aligned with the Word of God, so you’re not deceived.

There are many people who know they aren’t for real about their walk with Him, therefore to them He is a lot of things the Word doesn’t mention. Me, I go strictly by the Word of God. I’m not trying to add to it or take away from it. I don’t try to be this to please one person and that to please another. I’m straight up and straight forward. I believe in the Father and the Son, period! I’m not trying to force my God on anyone just as no one can ever force their god on me. We all choose what we choose and one day we will bear the consequences of the choices we’ve made.

There’s a lot of things people take out of context when it comes to the Bible, but one thing there’s no mistake about nor is it debatable. He is referenced in the Word of God as a He and NOT a she!