It’s not in the Bible


I heard people talking about God and they said He is whatever you want Him to be. I disagree! Some things He will never be no matter what someone says. They went on to say He can be a she if you want Him to be. Lies, lies, lies! Nowhere in the Bible does it reference God as a she. It get on my nerves when people try to change the words in the Bible to please them.

Jesus was given to the world as God’s only begotten Son, who was once a flesh and blood male, but became spirit after dying for our sins. First of all God is a Spirit, but; the Bible still reference Him in the form of a man to us NOT a woman. It says Father and Son, nothing about Mother and daughter or Father and daughter. It specifically says Father and His Son Jesus. He will comfort you as a mother and father when you have none or even if you have living parents, but He’s never referenced as she.

Many people aren’t truly connected to Him, therefore they don’t have a personal relationship. They go by what they heard and not by personal experience. They also go by whatever makes them feel good at the moment. When you have a relationship with Him you will read His Word. If you don’t, then you’re not doing what you should as a child of the most High. It also means you need to re-examine yourself and get aligned with the Word of God, so you’re not deceived.

There are many people who know they aren’t for real about their walk with Him, therefore to them He is a lot of things the Word doesn’t mention. Me, I go strictly by the Word of God. I’m not trying to add to it or take away from it. I don’t try to be this to please one person and that to please another. I’m straight up and straight forward. I believe in the Father and the Son, period! I’m not trying to force my God on anyone just as no one can ever force their god on me. We all choose what we choose and one day we will bear the consequences of the choices we’ve made.

There’s a lot of things people take out of context when it comes to the Bible, but one thing there’s no mistake about nor is it debatable. He is referenced in the Word of God as a He and NOT a she!