Not Perfect Simply Obedient


On this journey to see the King some people get mad at you and say you’re trying to be perfect. It’s okay, because what people say carries no weight and has no bearer on you having a seat in the Kingdom. It all falls on you! Those who always have something to say are people who are dealing with their own issues. They can’t stand the new you! They are dealing with their own struggles of coming out of the world. If they were on the side of Jesus they wouldn’t be talking about you in the first place.

People are quick to say they’re not perfect, you’re not perfect, and you’re judging. It’s all excuses for them to continue to live any kind of way. Some of these people are so called Saints. They want to do what they want to do in thinking they have no repercussions for their actions. Whether sinner or Saint, there are always consequences and repercussions for our actions. I sometimes reference some people as so called Saints, but in reality they are sinners who aren’t really serving God. They are trying to straddle a fence that is non existent. They think because they are Saved, go to church, go to Sunday school, pay tithes, or work in the church that’s good enough. Well, I’m here to tell you it isn’t! You must be Born Again, you must be Holy, and you must live Holy. A true Saint want’s no part in doing anything against God. A true Saint is always thinking (what would Jesus say, what would Jesus think) before they do anything that would be displeasing.

On several occasions people have told me no one is as Holy as I am, I act perfect. They assume I’m not always living what I profess. They can’t fathom the thought. It doesn’t bother me, because I get it! I don’t expect for a person who is struggling trying to decide what side they truly choose to believe it’s possible to be obedient and live to please Jesus. How they feel is no hindrance, because my focus is seeing the King and getting into Heaven. In my life no one or nothing is before Jesus. No one has to accept it, because  I know He does! He knows neither my talk or my walk are in vain.

Starting out it’s not easy, but the more you put God first, the easier it becomes. You’re not pretending anything, it is what it is. Once you choose Jesus and stop looking back everything else falls into place. Only those who are trying to serve both God and the world (that ole devil) have a hard time believing living Holy is possible. Obedience does look like perfection and in the eyesight of God it is what He sees in us. When a person strives daily to please Jesus it’s being obedient to the Word of God and His Sons Jesus! Remember you can’t get to the Father lest through His Son!

I’ve written many times today, right now; is really all we have. Tomorrow isn’t promised and yesterday is gone. Today, right now; is all ANY of us have! Death can come for ANY of us at any moment. If a person is still debating which side they want to be on when death comes, it will be too late! If a person is playing church when death comes; it will be too late! All we have is right now to do what is right in the sight of Jesus! Tomorrow isn’t promised and even if you see it, if you’re still playing church it will be too late! If you’re on His side then being obedient shouldn’t be or wouldn’t be a problem. Being obedient to Him and His Word bothers those who don’t. Therefore, THEY think you’re acting perfect when you’re ONLY being OBEDIENT!