Difference Between a Saint and an Ain’t


Too many people are NOT walking the walk/living what they profess. As we all know; we are living in perilous times and these times are sure to become far worse than they are now. Playing and pretending to be on the Lord’s side is like playing Russian roulette with your life. No one knows the day nor the hour when our rose is picked from the rose garden of life. It would be a sad shame if a person dies in the midst of their sins and not living what they profess. They will miss Heaven when they had every chance for a place in the Kingdom. No matter how wicked the ways of the world have become, there are many people who still choose the world.

The choice is an individual choice. It’s sad not to know Jesus. In the word He does say He’d rather you be “hot or cold; not lukewarm.” If you’re either or, then at least it’s clear what side you’re on. The travesty is claiming to know Him when you’re living a hypocritical life. These types of people have learned the behaviors of a person who’s living for Jesus. Therefore, they know how to speak and act the part, but they don’t live it.

To live for God and His Son Jesus is a 365 day a year lifestyle. It becomes as natural as breathing. Our hearts become convicted and we die daily to be renewed. We have a personal relationship with Jesus and make Him first in our lives. A person CAN’T do this when they are merely mimicking the lifestyle, because what they are doing is acting what they’ve learned.

On this journey you may lose a lot of people who claim to love you. It’s better to let people go then to go to hell with them. The only way to live the life is by giving up the ways of the world. Too many people want to do both, when the Bible clearly says you can’t. There is no way possible for a person to live for Jesus yet do the things of the world. They can’t intertwine. The Bible say we must be separated from the world, we are peculiar people.

Once a person has changed and on the path of life leading to Heaven everything about them will change. The way they dress, think, feel, and act will change. Yes dress is an important part of it, because when a person live for Jesus they represent Him at all times. You can’t dress the way you once dressed if you used to dress like the world. Some people still want to dress like the world. The places we used to go we shouldn’t want to go there anymore. Some people we used to hang around we have to let them go; it doesn’t mean you don’t love them. The things we used to do, we shouldn’t want to continue to do them. The way we used to think and speak changes. Everything about a person changes, because they become new creatures.

If a person is still doing things the people of the world are doing it’s because they are STILL in the world. There’s no fence to straddle. Meaning, you can’t serve Jesus and partake with the ways of the world. Bottom line, you’re either for Him or against Him. If you’re still doing the things of the world; you’re against Him. Many people will boldly say they are living for Jesus; knowing full well what they are doing isn’t the ways of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They are ONLY fooling themselves right into the pits of hell! Knowing of Jesus and knowing Him for yourself through a personal and daily relationship are two completely different things. To know the Word and NOT live it are two totally different things.

You can’t dance for Jesus and the devil. You can’t fornicate, commit adultery, steal, lie, drink to become drunk, party for Jesus and the devil, and the list goes on. Those are NOT the ways of Jesus. Many people don’t want to give up the ways of the world up, they want to dabble with it and then put on a Holy show when they go to church or are around true Saints. Before and after church they are doing any and everything. The sanctuary is a building people go to gather and worship; we call it the church. The lifestyle of a true Saint is within the individual, it’s a part of who a person becomes. If a person isn’t really on His side the lifestyle they live lines up with the ways of the world and NOT Jesus the Son or God the Father!

The Bible says “seek you first Kingdom of God and His righteousness: and all these shall be added unto you.” Many people who call themselves Saints are seeking everything, but God. They are clearly NOT on His side. They can believe what they want, but the Word is the truth! It is a road map of direction and guidance. Picking and choosing what you want will not make you into a true Saint. You have to choose all of it to live by. You must become Holy people living Holy lives!!

Many people profess Him. They do and say all of the right things in front of people when others are watching. As soon as the chance presents itself they are speaking and acting in ways which are not conducive to the lifestyle of a person living for Jesus. If a person doesn’t have a relationship with the Son, they can’t have one with the Father. Being Saved is awesome, but it’s only the first step, you have to live this lifestyle in order to grow and mature spiritually. No one can do this if they aren’t willing to give up the ways of the world!

Protecting the Children


People don’t like to deal with or face this sad truth. The title is protecting the children, but this also includes little infants and toddlers as well. People are raping new born babies and toddlers too. The world we live in is full of evil and sick minded people. It’s a dark, dark world. People don’t wake up the way they are, they are made into what they have become through experience, learned behaviors, and pure choice. These people willfully and freely choose to make bad choices and decisions. They continue to live as victims who are victimizing others. The reason they are still victims is because their behaviors are fueled by memories and thoughts of their past experiences which they have programmed into their current existence. They do the unthinkable in thinking their deeds are secret.

It is a sad disgusting shame how many people in this world are sexually abusing children. There are way too many adults giving it away for free for people to be molesting, raping, and committing incest with children. It’s sad to say a lot of this happens within families. Not all, but a lot of it happens within families.

Fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, and cousins are committing rape, molestation, and incest against their own relatives. People don’t want to talk about something so important. People try to keep it a secret (hush, hush. NO, people need to talk about it! These children are being mentally messed up and many grow up to become messed up adults like the ones who victimized them! This vicious cycle needs to stop!

There aren’t hardly good strong laws to protect the children, because many of the top people are taking part in these horrendous acts. It’s awful! Many children don’t get a fair chance in life, because they are defiled and demoralized by people who should be protecting them. This is what happens when adults don’t deal with the person who stares at them from the mirror. Smashing or cracking the mirror doesn’t fix the problem.

I can’t begin to tell you the children I’ve met who have been molested, raped, or were victims of incest by those who were supposed to protect them. A child can get past anything if they receive the appropriate help. In life when people don’t get help for their issues they continue in life compiling problems upon top of problems. People grow older but are unfortunately stuck in previous developmental stages. These types of people lack maturity even though they grow older.

If no help is received affected children become affected adults who do to others what was done to them and the cycle continues. This is why millions of people are into child pornography and many other horrific acts against children. They were more than likely victims at some point in life. Instead of changing their course in life they continued being victims who now victimize. The BIG difference is what they are doing is by CHOICE.

People want to avoid this topic, but avoidance doesn’t make it go away, it doesn’t fix the problem, and it certainly doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist. I still wholeheartedly believe children should be taught the signs and behaviors of perpetrators in order to be aware of their approaches and tactics. I believe it should be a curriculum in school. That’s only my opinion. Many children won’t learn it at home, because it’s happening at home.

Pedophiles, sex offenders, or whatever you want to call them are embedded in all walks of life. They are neighbors, family,  friends, friends of the family, and others.  They are of all races, they are of all genders and ages. They are embedded in all populations, cultures, and positions possible. They are in the prominent sectors and less prominent sectors. They are groups of people who are intentional in seeking their victims.

Children are innocent, they don’t deserve to be victimized. There are other children who victimize children, because it is what they experienced and it is what they were taught. Hurt people hurt people, period! This madness must stop!

Good parents must be careful who they bring around their children. Parents must be vigilant of who are in the lives of their children. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Talk to your children. I don’t care how trustworthy someone acts it doesn’t mean they are. Protect your children!

Parents committing the act (shame on them). They need to seek help for their ways and learn to cope with whatever happened to them. Stop destroying the lives of their innocent children. Stop doing to their children what was done to them. As parents you’re supposed to protect your children NOT hurt them.

Societies all over the world fight for a lot of good things, but they also fight for a lot of foolish things that don’t matter. Why don’t they fight as hard or harder for protecting the children in this world. Without children there are no adults. If children are continuing to be victimized what types of adults do you think society is getting?????? They cycle continues. This day and time the world is a terribly scary place to live.

Unhealthy People, Unhealthy Relationships


This is for a lot of people in unhealthy relationships. There are many people who are in terrible relationships. They are blind by their feelings and they will do anything to please the one they are with. For many people the focus is completely off. Most people drastically fail at getting to know the one they are with. They don’t adhere to the signs nor do they ask the right questions. All they care about is trying to win who they are trying to be with.

The reason people find themselves in terrible relationships is because their focus is on doing any and everything to please the one they are with. Many will even cross the line by doing things they wouldn’t normally do. They are moving solely on how they are feeling and unable to see the truth because of it. They think because they feel a certain way the actions behind their feelings will make the person they are with truly want to be with them. This isn’t so!

A person will take from you as long as you give. A person will do to you what you allow. It is you who teach the one you’re with how to treat you! If you think giving them everything is going to make them love you more, you’re wrong! They still won’t love you any more than they really do! Matter of fact some don’t love who they are with at all, they love what the person does to them and for them. Hurtful right? It’s true! It’s better to read about it then to be living it!

There are far too many people who get into one-sided relationships. They are too caught up in how they are feeling, therefore blind to the truth. They could see it if they chose to, unfortunately it’s not on the mindset of most; their interest is giving all they can to the other person, because they love them very much. At least so they think!

Don’t be a fool to love or to what you perceive as love. Perception is normally gravely distorted when a person is going off of their feelings. The more you think of someone (good or bad), the more provoking the thoughts become which leads to the over abundance of feelings. People are totally captivated by those feelings, which leads and have led many into terrible relationships. Many have lost their lives in bad relationships.

I’ve written many posts about this very issue, but no matter how much people read, hear, or see, they will foolishly get into unhealthy relationships. Some people don’t learn or change, because they don’t want to. They continue to live unhappy lives while wondering why their lives are unhappy. Makes no sense, but it’s the way many choose to live. Everything we do is about choices. We all make them whether good or bad.

When a person gives and gives to the significant person in their life never getting anything in return, except headaches and heartaches; they teach their significant other exactly how to treat them. When a significant other takes and takes, they teach the other person how to be treated. People who are focused on the feel good feeling will only see what they want. They are blind to everything else to a point and time when they are forced to open their eyes to the truth. By this time they are more than likely in an unhealthy relationship. At this point many are afraid to leave and afraid to stay. The ONLY way to avoid unhealthy relationships is by NOT getting into them in the first place!

I keep telling people love isn’t blind, those who think they are in love are blind by their perceptions of love.

Man’s Pedal Stool, Man’s god


I worship no one or nothing other than God and His Son Jesus. I’ve been told I’m plain. Okay, whatever! I love people and I enjoy doing many things, but I don’t do what I use to do, point blank! What I choose isn’t worshipping people or things. No one on earth is worth it to me! People who are worshipped breathe, eat, and put their clothes on same as me. They breathe the exact same air, they may eat better food and they may have finer clothes, but it doesn’t make them God. There are many gods, but only one God.

I think it’s ridiculous to see how people are worshipped and praised. Individuals fall out, hoop, holler, and cry over other people when many of them doing this foolishness don’t even love themselves. They fall in love with these people, but don’t know what love is about. They attach themselves to people who probably wouldn’t give them the time of day.

What’s even worst and sadder is the fact that these people who are worshipped think they are gods because it’s the pedal stool they are put on by society. They act as if they are different because they have the means to do different things. No they aren’t different! They live, die, and experience all of the things everyone else experiences in this world. No status or amounts of money will change it, no one is exempt from none of it! That’s why you see the same people being worshipped committing suicide, depressed, jumping from relationship to relationship, mutilating themselves, etc. etc, no one is trouble-free. Reality is no amounts of money or notoriety, changes what’s on the inside.

The hearts of men and women is what is causing our society to be in the shape it is. People are doing any and everything for fame. People are doing any and everything to be a part of the world. A person can be rich with money, but not rich where it counts which is spiritually. If you’re not rich spiritually; money and all of the worldly possessions means nothing! Someday people will have to depart from their money and possessions. How a person lives now determines their final resting place (Heaven or hell). It’s that simple!!

Some individuals spend a lot of energy and time worshipping and idolizing other people; yet  have no investment in self. They make other people lives their business when it’s not. They make the people they worship their gods. Bottom line is the people they worship still eat, poop, have all kinds problems, and then someday die like everyone else.

A lot of individuals who claim to serve God are also worshipping people and things. People must be vigilant and careful who they are worshipping, because it’s idolatry. It is against God and His Son Jesus! Choose what you want to choose, but know that you can’t serve Jesus and worship individuals or things. No and’s, if’s, or but’s about it!

Another Senseless Killing


Many of us have heard about the recent killing of a teacher by her husband of one month. He killed her and then killed himself. This man didn’t wake up deciding to kill her, he had thought about it for a while. I’ve written many posts about people ignoring the signs. It’s no joke, it’s real. People are losing their lives, because they are too caught up in their emotions and feelings to see the signs.

I heard the relatives of the deceased teacher say as soon as the couple were married they saw the true him. The relative stated the guy changed. I don’t believe it for one second. He made not have shown his true colors to her family, but I bet he showed them to her. I’m sorry, I just do not believe there aren’t signs of the truth. I believe there are always signs no matter how subtle. The man who went into the classroom to kill his wife had a violent past which included domestic violence (sign). If she knew, why would she get into a relationship with him? If she didn’t know, I’m sure signs showed his tendencies for violence; yet she still chose him.

As I’ve always said, a person can only fake for so long, the truth will always surface. Many abusers have a way of manipulating and coercing. They know how to deceive and make their victims believe they are sorry for what they did (UNTIL THE NEXT INCIDENT). Women have to stop ignoring the signs. An abuser knows what to say and what to do. They are fighting their own demons. They want to control and dominate their victims.

I talked with many people after getting out of bad relationships who all said when they look back they could see the signs, but at the time of going through they FAILED to see them. Too many people lose their lives, because they do not adhere to the signs.

I’ve said it before and will  continue to say it; if a person is afraid to leave a relationship they have stayed too long. If a person feels trapped, they have stayed too long. The ONLY way to avoid unhealthy relationships is by NOT getting into them in the first place. People must learn to see past their emotions. It doesn’t matter how good it feels a person must see past their feelings. If it’s not right, what made you laugh will surely eventually make you cry.

Women and men who allow their feelings to lead them in and out of bad relationships need to look inward. They are seeking something in others they don’t have in self; which is love. When a person really love his or herself  they WILL NOT allow their feelings to blind them. They will walk away from drama and unnecessary mess. They will not give their power to anyone else and they will adhere to the signs. They won’t have any problems with being alone until the right one comes along. They are NOT depending on anyone else to live or for love and happiness. If you’re not happy alone, you won’t be happy with someone else, because your issues compiled with their issues is a time bomb waiting to blow.

Some individuals have their on issues and because of their issues of insecurities, lack of esteem and confidence, not loving themselves amongst other things; they allow people into their lives who they THINK love them. They bring bad unhealthy people around their families putting them smack in harm’s way. They fall for any form of love to get some form of love. Unfortunately this has caused many women and men to lose their lives.

It’s great to be loved, but first you must know what love is and what it isn’t. It’s NEVER abusive, ever! The problem with some people is they become lost in their feelings. They dismiss the treatment they are receiving and the many signs present. They feel good sporadically but they don’t understand they’re in an unhealthy relationship. They allow those good feelings to make them oblivious to the truth! They believe they can change the person, they believe it won’t happen again, they dismiss family and friends telling them what they see, etc. etc. This all happens, because these individuals are blind to the truth and they want what they want; even when it’s no good for them.

Be careful and guard your hearts. Don’t allow people into your lives who will hurt you. Open your eyes to the truth. It’s great to be in love, it’s great to be loved, but make sure you know what love is and definitely what it isn’t. Make sure you aren’t seeking something in someone because of something you’re lacking or never had. If you are you may find yourself in bad relationships and oftentimes it’s a repeating cycle. These types of people have often been in similar relationships with similar type people. If a person plays roulette long enough in any aspect of their life, eventually the unfortunate happens. Many people don’t understand the things they harbor inside can lead them into making the worse decisions and choices ever! In many cases it has caused individual’s their lives. Open your eyes and see the truth for what it is, even if it means getting the heck out of a relationship before it gets any deeper.





Gaining Bodies, but not Souls


I already know some people won’t like this post, that’s good! If you don’t like it then it means it’s touching you for some reason. I’m going to tell the truth, period!

I’ve seen it over and over again in today’s churches. Leaders of SOME churches of today are not trying to win souls for the Kingdom. They are trying to win souls for self gain. It’s the truth! I rarely hear leaders of churches invite people to be saved. Being saved is the first step. You can’t move forward without being saved. Romans 10:9 tell you what you need to do in order to be saved. A person doesn’t have to go to any church to receive Jesus! This is why it’s extremely important to read the Bible for yourself.

In today’s churches the problem with many people is they are following their leaders and not the Word of God. They are focusing on the person rendering the message and NOT the actual Word of God. Too many people are caught up in pleasing and satisfying their leaders at all cost. The Bible does speak of taking care of our leaders. However, to the extent church members are taking care them are way beyond what is required. Sadly many churches are ran strictly as businesses and not for winning souls.

In churches of the day it’s like the world; anything goes! People are walking in with anything on, these women and men don’t have a real connection with God therefore their hearts are not convicted enough for them to see they are inappropriately dressed. In a post last year I wrote “come as you are” doesn’t mean with boobs out, dresses jacked up high, see through clothes, tight revealing clothes, sagging pants, etc. etc. It means broken hearted, down, depressed, sad, or whatever is ailing you; bring it to the alter and leave it there.

The leaders of today’s churches are selling things in their churches when clearly in the Bible Jesus said this was forbidden. Jesus Himself went in and turned over tables when people were selling, etc in the church. Leaders are allowing all kinds of foolishness to gain money and more money. This isn’t of God.

I’ve even noticed that leaders rarely ask do people want to join the church. They don’t care whether you join or not, they just want your money. It’s not about winning souls for the Kingdom or making sure people have a church home, it’s about if you like it keep coming and bringing your money. Jesus isn’t pleased with this!

I believe this is why people are falling for everything and standing for nothing, because they aren’t being lead according to God’s Word. From what I’ve seen, leaders teach what they want from the Bible and the rest comes from them. They always bring tithing from the same Book (Malachi), which is under the law of the Old Testament and not applicable today. People are too brainwashed to know what the truth is concerning tithing. They believe what they are told, because they don’t read for themselves or have a personal relationships with Jesus the Son or God the Father.

Every leader isn’t from God and I would go out on limb and say most leaders of today aren’t called from God. You can tell by how they lead their flock. You can tell by how they accept anything in their churches. You can tell by how things are ran in such a business like manner with all of the bells and whistles in place. Today, the smaller churches want to be affiliated with the mega churches to some degree and many are. People are going to church for notoriety and being a part of the click; not to be a part of the Kingdom. How foolish is this! The clicks will go away the Kingdom is forever!