Gaining Bodies, but not Souls


I already know some people won’t like this post, that’s good! If you don’t like it then it means it’s touching you for some reason. I’m going to tell the truth, period!

I’ve seen it over and over again in today’s churches. Leaders of SOME churches of today are not trying to win souls for the Kingdom. They are trying to win souls for self gain. It’s the truth! I rarely hear leaders of churches invite people to be saved. Being saved is the first step. You can’t move forward without being saved. Romans 10:9 tell you what you need to do in order to be saved. A person doesn’t have to go to any church to receive Jesus! This is why it’s extremely important to read the Bible for yourself.

In today’s churches the problem with many people is they are following their leaders and not the Word of God. They are focusing on the person rendering the message and NOT the actual Word of God. Too many people are caught up in pleasing and satisfying their leaders at all cost. The Bible does speak of taking care of our leaders. However, to the extent church members are taking care them are way beyond what is required. Sadly many churches are ran strictly as businesses and not for winning souls.

In churches of the day it’s like the world; anything goes! People are walking in with anything on, these women and men don’t have a real connection with God therefore their hearts are not convicted enough for them to see they are inappropriately dressed. In a post last year I wrote “come as you are” doesn’t mean with boobs out, dresses jacked up high, see through clothes, tight revealing clothes, sagging pants, etc. etc. It means broken hearted, down, depressed, sad, or whatever is ailing you; bring it to the alter and leave it there.

The leaders of today’s churches are selling things in their churches when clearly in the Bible Jesus said this was forbidden. Jesus Himself went in and turned over tables when people were selling, etc in the church. Leaders are allowing all kinds of foolishness to gain money and more money. This isn’t of God.

I’ve even noticed that leaders rarely ask do people want to join the church. They don’t care whether you join or not, they just want your money. It’s not about winning souls for the Kingdom or making sure people have a church home, it’s about if you like it keep coming and bringing your money. Jesus isn’t pleased with this!

I believe this is why people are falling for everything and standing for nothing, because they aren’t being lead according to God’s Word. From what I’ve seen, leaders teach what they want from the Bible and the rest comes from them. They always bring tithing from the same Book (Malachi), which is under the law of the Old Testament and not applicable today. People are too brainwashed to know what the truth is concerning tithing. They believe what they are told, because they don’t read for themselves or have a personal relationships with Jesus the Son or God the Father.

Every leader isn’t from God and I would go out on limb and say most leaders of today aren’t called from God. You can tell by how they lead their flock. You can tell by how they accept anything in their churches. You can tell by how things are ran in such a business like manner with all of the bells and whistles in place. Today, the smaller churches want to be affiliated with the mega churches to some degree and many are. People are going to church for notoriety and being a part of the click; not to be a part of the Kingdom. How foolish is this! The clicks will go away the Kingdom is forever!