Protecting the Children


People don’t like to deal with or face this sad truth. The title is protecting the children, but this also includes little infants and toddlers as well. People are raping new born babies and toddlers too. The world we live in is full of evil and sick minded people. It’s a dark, dark world. People don’t wake up the way they are, they are made into what they have become through experience, learned behaviors, and pure choice. These people willfully and freely choose to make bad choices and decisions. They continue to live as victims who are victimizing others. The reason they are still victims is because their behaviors are fueled by memories and thoughts of their past experiences which they have programmed into their current existence. They do the unthinkable in thinking their deeds are secret.

It is a sad disgusting shame how many people in this world are sexually abusing children. There are way too many adults giving it away for free for people to be molesting, raping, and committing incest with children. It’s sad to say a lot of this happens within families. Not all, but a lot of it happens within families.

Fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, and cousins are committing rape, molestation, and incest against their own relatives. People don’t want to talk about something so important. People try to keep it a secret (hush, hush. NO, people need to talk about it! These children are being mentally messed up and many grow up to become messed up adults like the ones who victimized them! This vicious cycle needs to stop!

There aren’t hardly good strong laws to protect the children, because many of the top people are taking part in these horrendous acts. It’s awful! Many children don’t get a fair chance in life, because they are defiled and demoralized by people who should be protecting them. This is what happens when adults don’t deal with the person who stares at them from the mirror. Smashing or cracking the mirror doesn’t fix the problem.

I can’t begin to tell you the children I’ve met who have been molested, raped, or were victims of incest by those who were supposed to protect them. A child can get past anything if they receive the appropriate help. In life when people don’t get help for their issues they continue in life compiling problems upon top of problems. People grow older but are unfortunately stuck in previous developmental stages. These types of people lack maturity even though they grow older.

If no help is received affected children become affected adults who do to others what was done to them and the cycle continues. This is why millions of people are into child pornography and many other horrific acts against children. They were more than likely victims at some point in life. Instead of changing their course in life they continued being victims who now victimize. The BIG difference is what they are doing is by CHOICE.

People want to avoid this topic, but avoidance doesn’t make it go away, it doesn’t fix the problem, and it certainly doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist. I still wholeheartedly believe children should be taught the signs and behaviors of perpetrators in order to be aware of their approaches and tactics. I believe it should be a curriculum in school. That’s only my opinion. Many children won’t learn it at home, because it’s happening at home.

Pedophiles, sex offenders, or whatever you want to call them are embedded in all walks of life. They are neighbors, family,  friends, friends of the family, and others.  They are of all races, they are of all genders and ages. They are embedded in all populations, cultures, and positions possible. They are in the prominent sectors and less prominent sectors. They are groups of people who are intentional in seeking their victims.

Children are innocent, they don’t deserve to be victimized. There are other children who victimize children, because it is what they experienced and it is what they were taught. Hurt people hurt people, period! This madness must stop!

Good parents must be careful who they bring around their children. Parents must be vigilant of who are in the lives of their children. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Talk to your children. I don’t care how trustworthy someone acts it doesn’t mean they are. Protect your children!

Parents committing the act (shame on them). They need to seek help for their ways and learn to cope with whatever happened to them. Stop destroying the lives of their innocent children. Stop doing to their children what was done to them. As parents you’re supposed to protect your children NOT hurt them.

Societies all over the world fight for a lot of good things, but they also fight for a lot of foolish things that don’t matter. Why don’t they fight as hard or harder for protecting the children in this world. Without children there are no adults. If children are continuing to be victimized what types of adults do you think society is getting?????? They cycle continues. This day and time the world is a terribly scary place to live.