The Cloth From Which You’re cut Doesn’t Define you


Many people are in bondage and they are in bondage because of how they choose to live. There are many who feel because they were raised a certain way it defines who they are. No it doesn’t! You aren’t your mother or father and you’re not the environment for which you were raised. No matter what anyone says or have said none of it defines you UNLESS you chose for it to.

Good or bad we are all products of our environments, past, parents, etc, but none of it defines us unless it is what we choose. Stop believing you have to be this or that, because your parents are/were. Stop believing you can’t do this or that, because your parents didn’t/did. Stop believing you have to be what your parent or parents became, because you don’t! Stop believing you can’t be better than the environment for which you were raised. Stop allowing your past to define you and your future.

People who allow these things to bother them or stunt their growth or potential are people who are in bondage. They are holding themselves mentally captive; they’re not allowing themselves to grow and prosper into all they can be. They believe they are what others say they are. You are ONLY what others say you are IF you believe it!

Live your potential, follow your dreams and goals; don’t let anyone or anything make you feel you’re not worthy of the best. Break those generational curses and chains! You have power and control over your life decisions, don’t let what you’ve been told or what you’ve gone through hinder your growth or potential.

Each day you get to live is a chance given to make a change! Change doesn’t start with anyone other than yourself!!


Disasters in Four Corners of the World


Wake up people! We are going through perilous times and it’s not over. There are things happening all across the world; destruction all over. There are earthquakes, storms, fires, etc happening all across the globe in all four corners of the world. God’s Word is being fulfilled. I’m sorry for anyone who do not believe!

It’s sad people choose to believe in conspiracy theories, science theories, their leaders whom by the way they have made their god’s, laws of attraction, and all kinds of things, but they don’t believe in God the Father and Jesus the Son.

No matter the research or the theories there are mysteries man will NEVER uncover, discover, or understand. That is the way it was meant to be, when it’s time to know we will know. Until then, people can guess and hypothesize all they want.

The Bible says “faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.” Which means we are to walk by faith and NOT by sight. God is forever revealing things, but man want to downplay it or ignore it all together. Man put their trust and beliefs in everything and everyone else, but God. God’s Word will come to past, people can either believe now or later. The difference is later will be too late!!

No matter what you see or hear fear NOT, for Jesus is with us! Stand on the promises of Jesus and know that He is the Son of God; the Father and they have it all in control, despite how it looks. The way people in the world are these days there has to be a shaking up.

God gave us His ONLY begotten Son and people in the world has spit in His face. They have gone right back to the ways of Sodom and Gomorrah and the days of Noah; acting as if Jesus wasn’t ever sacrificed for us. It’s very sad!

We may go through some trying situations, no matter what; let nothing or no one shake your faith. Keep on the full Armor of God and pray without cease. Through it all God will show us all He is the “Great I Am.”

Taking Advantage of People During Disasters


I’m writing this to say “shame on these businesses and agencies.” People are being taken advantage of during all of these disasters. You have people not knowing what is going to happen with them, they’ve lost all of their belongings, while businesses are taking advantage by raising prices on everything. It’s a sad shame people are taken advantage of during crises. Some people are so cruel and greedy, they are all about money. They allow their greed to take over during critical times. Everything people are doing will come back to them doubly. You can’t be selfish and do these types of things and think it won’t come back to you. It will in some form or fashion!!

Greatest Legacy and Legend is Jesus


You read it correctly! Jesus is the greatest of all times, hands down! When I look at some people in this world it never ceases to amaze me how focused people are on self. People make everything about self (the me, myself, and I). It’s all about how much a person has, their statuses, their money, etc. It’s all about leaving a legacy and being called a legend (alive or dead). The fact of the matter is when you die from this earth, that’s it! Who you were or what a person has will not matter after a person dies. It doesn’t matter to Jesus it only matters to man. It is why the Bible says “don’t set up your treasures on earth.”

People still don’t get it; to include those who call themselves Saints of God. Many are saints of their gods whom they truly worship, but not God the Father and His Son Jesus. The greatest Legend by far is Jesus Christ whom by the way is also the best and greatest Legacy any man or woman could leave for their children or the world.