It’s Unbelievable to the Unbeliever


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “no one is that holy.” I think it’s a sad shame I hear this from the mouth’s of people who call themselves God’s children. The ONLY reason so called believers would say something so foolish is because they are really unbelievers. They “profess with their mouth’s but their hearts are far from the Lord.” They say all of the right things, but they are “putting on a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof.” They are fake Saints. People must stop pretending for man, because man has to stand before God! If you’re going to live HOLY then live HOLY, stop fronting, because it’s going to get you a for sure seat in hell.

If people don’t stop playing with the Son of God and God the Father they will be turned over to reprobate minds. This basically means God has given a person up to self; your will, your way; to continue to do what you want to do. While He gives chances to get it right, people need to take heed. Being turned over to a reprobate mind is an awful thing and the consequence is death if a person doesn’t change their ways and get right with God.

People can choose to live right if they want too. Those who have turned away never was really connected the way they claimed to be. This is why there will be a “great falling away” of so called God’s children. These people will be easily deceived. It’s the devil’s business to get us all off course if he could. He wants to destroy us all in ways he hopes keeps people from choosing Jesus. He makes things look good those things are nothing but death and damnation.

Your heart being in the right place, doesn’t mean you’re doing right! Everyday people do good for a form of show, but they don’t mean for one second what they do. It’s all a form of show and performance for the eyes of man to see. What about what God sees?

Everyday people say God knows my heart, they are EXACTLY right. He does and no matter how people pretend He knows they are FAKE! He sees through those smoke screens. Forms of Godliness will not get it! It’s like an old gospel song says ninety-nine and a half won’t do!

My experience has been when you give so called people of God a message about Jesus they have an attitude, they get offended, they’re mad, they talk about you, they are afraid to speak up, they say no one is that holy, they say you’re judging, they say no one is perfect, and a host of other things. I will tell you why. It is because these so called Saints are not who they pretend to be; period!! They talk it, but they sure don’t walk it! They’ve played church for so long they’ve become replications of True Saints. They’ve learned the behaviors and actions of True Saints and now are able to mimic them. Silly, God knows the truth!!!

People who don’t believe they can live a holy life are NOT true believers. No way they can be real in their walk. People who are real in their walk, they aren’t just hearers of the Word they are doers. They live to please Jesus for real; it’s not a game to them, because they know playing with God leads to destruction.

To live holy becomes a lifestyle, it becomes second nature. People who don’t believe are so called Saint’s who can’t fathom the thought; living holy is possible. It is possible!! People don’t want to give up their ways or this world. They don’t want to stop putting everything before God. Why??? It’s because they don’t REALLY believe! You simply can’t act the way you used to act, do the things you used to do, go the places you used to go, speak the way you used to speak, even dress the way you used to dress(many don’t want to believe they need to dress differently, women still want their dresses up their butts, boobs out, and skin tight clothes, but if you’re really changed your hearts will be convicted when wearing that type of attire); and be a new creature. No way on earth! People want to mesh everything together making excuses as to why they are doing what they do. An excuse is all it is! I didn’t say be separated, Jesus did! You can’t intertwine walking with Jesus and the world in no shape, form, or fashion.

Everything about a person changes when they become a doer of the Word of God. Nothing is the same, because true Saints know they aren’t their own, they belong to God. They are new creatures living for Jesus the Son and God the Father. So to those of you who are continuing to make excuses, one day you won’t have a chance to utter another excuse.


2 thoughts on “It’s Unbelievable to the Unbeliever

    • #1 Let me clarify this further, thanks to a reader’s question. I gave myself completely over to God, which includes Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Together they make one.
      Through the Holy Spirit I am able to walk Holy and live a life pleasing in the sight of all. The Holy Spirit is indeed my guide day in and day out. It’s NOT my doing at all. A few examples: I gave up anything displeasing in His sight. I put God first in my life above all else. I mind what I do, how I speak, act, etc. I have no secrets, because He sees all I do. I ask for a renewing every single day and forgiveness for anything I may have said or done that’s unpleasing that I don’t recall. Bottom line is you must be conscious of what you think, do etc and first acknowledge Him in all things. It becomes easier day by day, then before you know it it’s a lifestyle. My focus is Jesus the Son and God the Father, period, everything and everyone else is next. I could say more, but it will be a whole other post. However, if you want to talk contact me at I will respond. I think it’s very important to add that I don’t give thought to or entertain things against God. I want to go to Heaven, I done all I needed to do when I was in the world.

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