Anointing and Emotions; Gifts and Talents


I wrote about this a couple of years ago. Time goes fast it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Therefore, I wanted to revisit this topic. I’ve mentioned before that I am a gospel singer/songwriter and the things I see and heard by people who profess to be Saints of God made me want to revisit this topic.

A lot of people think because they can sing or speak well they are supposed to be pastors, etc. This isn’t true. The only people who are supposed to be pastors are those who are called by God. As Saints of God, we should all be messengers, but definitely NOT pastors. In my personal opinion, I believe that is one of the biggest problems in churches today. People are preaching God’s word who aren’t called to do so. If a person is called from God they will be qualified to do what they do, they would stand on the Word of God, and they will certainly TRULY live the life. A lot of pastors are about their business, but not God’s business and it shows in how they run their churches and by what they allow in their churches. Too many people who are becoming leaders in the churches of today are elected by man and NOT God. This is a big reason a lot of shenanigans are taking place in churches today. Worldly people are becoming pastors allowing worldly things in their churches. People who are sincere and going for the right reasons can’t get what they need, because too much of the world is now inside the churches of today. This isn’t the work of God!

I’ve seen many people who sings beautifully and it touches you. However, it is NOT the anointing! It is emotions! People are able to relate to the words of a song which moves them to tears. It is not because of the anointing of the person singing the song. How can a person be anointed when they are doing everything against God. Sounding good and being able to motivate a crowd doesn’t mean a person is anointed by God. It appalls me when I hear people say he or she are anointed singers, when they are hypocrites! I’m only writing on what I’ve seen personally. I know the lifestyle these people lead and therefore I know no way it’s the anointing. I’m not judging, I’m telling the truth!

The same with gifts and talents. People use the words loosely, but don’t have the true understanding. A person may be gifted by man’s definition of what being gifted means, but it has nothing to do with spiritual gifts at all. In the Bible it speaks specifically of 9 Gifts of the Spirit and 9 Fruits of the Spirit. There is nothing wrong with people saying someone is gifted, however people need to understand it is a talent they are very good at, but it isn’t a spiritual gift.

I won’t list the Gifts of the Spirit or the Fruits of the Spirit. I think if a person doesn’t know what they are, this is great opportunity to study the Fruits of the Spirit so to apply them in your life. Pray for the Gifts of the Spirit and walk in them through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We can either go through life ONLY receiving what is being taught in the churches or we can develop our own individual relationships with Jesus the Son and God the Father. We must know Jesus and God for ourselves, and the Holy Spirit will keep us as we walk daily in the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. Your leaders can’t get you into Heaven and they can’t save your soul. Stop worshipping the creature and start worshipping and praising the Creator. Individually we must develop a personal and daily relationship with Jesus the Son and God the Father, then allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide. Remember the Word says, the ONLY way to the Father is through the Son!

Study the Word of God for yourselves it will enlighten you to what is and what isn’t lining up with God’s Word in churches today. Unfortunately a lot of what is taking place in today’s churches isn’t lining up with God’s Word. No matter what or who, the journey is an individual journey. We all must individually stand before God for ourselves, no one can do it for us!